Professor Jordan Gans-Morse talks about Strobe Talbott’s visit

Professor Jordan Gans-Morse talks about Strobe Talbott’s visit

Having Strobe here was a really unique opportunity. Not only was he a high-level diplomat and a prominent person in the D.C. think-tank world, but he was literally the person who was in charge of making Russia policy for the majority of the 1990s. And that would be exciting under any circumstances, but this is the period when the Soviet Union had just fallen apart all the way up to the period when Putin comes to power. We actually use his memoirs, so in some ways, it’s even more distinct and interesting than a text he had written, in that it’s actually his own personal life that we use. To have somebody who the students regularly read, to be able to directly take that experience, read about things he had gone through, and then ask questions to his face about what that meant to him or why he made a certain decision or what he would or wouldn’t have down differently, that’s very very unique.

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