PROGRESSIVISM IS CANCER! :: Glenn Beck IRRADIATES It's Nazis & Commies From 1939 To Marxist Obama!!

PROGRESSIVISM IS CANCER! :: Glenn Beck IRRADIATES It's Nazis & Commies From 1939 To Marxist Obama!!

of your Republican or Democrat you know something in your gut that something is very very wrong and that we're being pushed by the fringes left and right well today let's talk a little bit of history on why I say the progressives are the disease in this country the threat to our system of government and our Constitution that means that the progressives that are on the left and the right not the ones you know Democrats or Republicans that are down here by our Constitution by our founder the ones who are here I don't care if it's a you know the Republicans or the Democrats but the ones that move on this scale from freedom to total government here we go with history the year nineteen thirty-nine the Democrats had the White House there were two political thoughts that had been around now for a while they were being tried in Europe who for the very first time in our history we were now trying to emulate we're looking at Europe and saying WOW we should be like them even the New York Times and Time magazine there's there's time magazine that's Mussolini they're looking at him and saying whoa this guy's got it down even our own president looked to Mussolini and fascism said this man may actually be a genius this may be the system of the future the lesser extent it was the same with Hitler but he kind of went bad a lot faster but there was also another movement progressives on the left look to a new system being tried in the Soviet Union and just like today they were so willing to excuse the horrors of this new utopian system to the extent that the New York Times sent a reporter over to the Soviet Union and of the massacre that we showed you a couple of weeks ago in our documentary on the Ukraine this reporter for The New York Times reported quote you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet the Soviet Union killed seven million people wow that's some that's some omelette huh both the Communists who are on the left they say you know these are communists and the Nazis are on the right that's what people say but they both subscribe to one philosophy and they flew one banner one had the hammer and sickle the other was a swastika but on each better read the words here in America of this social justice they talked about economic justice rights of the workers redistribution of wealth and surprisingly i love this democracy i started to show this to you last night this was from a handbook from 1938 from Rhode Island describing democracy progress in democracy it sounds great and I looked up democracy in the book and here's what it says democracy has always played an important role in the history of Rhode Island time and again the people of the state of repudiated attempts to nullify or curtail it in 1938 where again faced with the proposition shall democratic government continue in rhode island we communists are ready to join with all liberty-loving people in defending democracy democracy is the rule of the majority and it can only operate in rhode island as well as our Constitution permits it to operate but our Constitution is now a hundred years old and fast out living its usefulness vote communist got it these communists knew they couldn't win over night so they decided the best course of action was to take progressive steps little baby steps towards there what was it did Van Jones play the Van Jones clip what did he call it one of the things that have happened I think she often chew progressive is that we don't understand the relationship between minimum goals and maximum goals but that's the process remember Van Jones a modern-day self-proclaimed anti-capitalist revolutionary communist he's advising the President did you know that that actually happened before we had advisors in the White House advising the president the United States communist served in the White House under FDR this is before you know it wasn't cool to be a communist before they had to call themselves progressives one of them was Alger Hiss Alger Hiss he was an attorney who worked on several areas of the New Deal communism was very very popular in our grandparents day they didn't tell us about it but I don't know if it was because they were ashamed that they didn't see the death and destruction at the end of that road or what maybe it was just the people they were they didn't tell us all the great things they did either so let me show you this footage it's a footage that I found in a film vault get ready deposit here Sarah I found this in a film vault a few weeks ago when I was out in Los Angeles look at this guy look at this look at the way he's dressed okay pull back out stop freeze freeze look at this American flags this is George Washington the Nazi symbol the Hannah this is New York this is New York City this is the brochure this is the actual brochure from it on Americanism here it is it's a it's a salute an American rally for George Washington's Birthday exercises and if you look here you can barely see it but it is the swastika the other video that i showed you roll this video please the other video that is a part of this is actually taken from the summer vacation here it is this look at this this is in the Hamptons the Hamptons New York the summer playground of the uber-rich Nazis in America these are pictures of wind Nazis filled madison square garden in 1939 they were all these things were happening all over the country these were the people that were opposed to FDR and the new deal and the communists hang on there are people right now who are watching this jealousy yeah I told you those Republicans they're all Nazis well that's where this came from okay and there are people who are now on the right saying yeah I told you all you people on the left yo you Democrats are communists let me tell you something there are Nazis in America and there are communists in America but not all Democrats are communists not all Republicans are Nazis because while there are Nazis and communists you're leaving out the one word that gives it all context progressive social justice economic justice okay well this is father Coughlin this is the guy that the left says I am but I'm just a guy who was just out there going for the Nazis he was he went for the Nazis he did not see spookiest dude you've ever seen we don't have the banner on the documentary will show you the banner there is a banner on the podium and this is I guess a mock-up of it social justice social justice you wouldn't have you would have this at the Tea Party the tea parties are for small limited government the movement of the Democratic opposition in FDR's day was carrying a sign social justice these were progressives progressives social justice this was social justice we look at the chart when the fascist movement was discredited by Hitler and Mussolini most of our grandparents got away from it and they came back down around here when Stalin was exposed for the monster that he was we started saying oh boy that's bad and our grandparents got away but some didn't some didn't they went back and they put a mask on they went back undercover working for their socialist utopia because okay well these guys screwed it up but this system works no it doesn't no it doesn't and they outwardly reject the revolutionary words they just work for social justice economic justice the rights of the worker just a little bit of progress see our founders put us here for a reason with a very small government it's dangerous when either side when Bush says hey Patriot Act let's keep going you know I was for it I was for it because I was dumb enough to believe in sunsets do you know what these guys who were against the Patriot Act do you know these guys have just done they've removed the fence that's why these guys are freaking out it doesn't matter which side gets us here when the right or the left move this close to total government it's not a good thing we must go back here before progress before the progressives put us back to the place where that silent George Washington approved back to limited government and away from all this nonsense and nightmares

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7 thoughts on “PROGRESSIVISM IS CANCER! :: Glenn Beck IRRADIATES It's Nazis & Commies From 1939 To Marxist Obama!!

  1. @Baculus Not at all. It's illuminati who are on both sides, so they'll separate and destroy the country and take everything for themeselves. Tea party and etc. infiltrated by them. So u better unite and take your country back or it will be too late. USA is still the land of the free and the brave, and I believe in this yet, though I'm not in USA.

  2. Instead of calling Glenn a fear monger, stupid, nut, fool, etc. why don't you ever argue against his points in the video? People never have legitimate points agains 90% of the things he says. This is why his ratings are far superior to other hosts on cnn and msnbc. He will continue to pull in larger audiences even after he leaves FNC.

  3. For those of you (that includes Media Matters) who try to dispute the fact that one aspect of Nazism is social justice. Go the American Nazi Party website and read their own words. Of course their philosopht includes only white people. But they say it themselves.

  4. I hope he means what he saids! when one flip flops it is hard to know if it is new found knowledge or old time games? But this issue of freedom is a game we can't afford to LOSE!

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