Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a PARALLEL REALITY & Manifest FAST! (Law Of Attraction)

Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a PARALLEL REALITY & Manifest FAST! (Law Of Attraction)

Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a Parallel Reality & Manifest Fast! (Law of Attraction) Your Youniverse Meditations take a few moments to make yourself
comfortable in either a lying or sitting position
and close your eyes taking a few deep breaths and use your consciousness to
invite your body to relax as you inhale imagine you are bringing
in peace and relaxation to your body and as you exhale see how you release
all tension and frustration use your consciousness again to mentally
scan each part of your body starting with your head and moving down to your
feet and as you do this request that each part of you let go of all stress
and tightness and that each one of those parts begins to fully relax fill your head neck
face and shoulders letting go and relaxing fill your torso upper arms your forearms your hands and your fingers releasing
all tension and becoming totally relaxed since how this relaxation moves down
into your hips your thighs your calves feet and toes and notice how each time you release a
bit of tension you expand your awareness further out past the vehicle of your
body “Quantum Jumping” “Guided Meditation”: Enter a “Parallel Reality” & “Manifest Fast”! “Law of Attraction” “Your Youniverse Meditation” continue to breathe deeply as you fully
let go and immerse yourself in total relaxation and then just spoke us on the rhythm of
your breathing and my words now that you are totally relaxed I want
you to use your mind’s eye to imagine that there’s a window just a few feet in
front of you pouring in through this window is a very
strong bright white light this light is so bright that you may
imagine that for some people it could be almost blinding but as you look into it
you only feel comfort in fact it causes you to feel light and
relaxed in your mind use your consciousness to
step towards this window and the light and feel how as you get closer to the
window you have a sense of total peace keep moving towards the window and once
you’ve reached it see yourself opening it and then step through it as you do you find yourself entering a
tunnel filled with this bright white light the slight warms you it makes you feel
safe and secure it envelops you with the feelings of
love peace and tranquility now use your consciousness again to turn
and look back through the window you just step through and see the physical
body you inhabited just a moment ago as it were when you begin this meditation this is your earthly vehicle it is the
tool you use to interpret and experience physical reality through the physical
sensations the spotty that you travel in collects
data for you and then gives you the experience of your physical life but your consciousness is much broader
than this vehicle and this vehicle is only one option available Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a Parallel Reality & “Manifest” Fast! (Law of Attraction) “Your Youniverse” Meditations “The Secret” there are other vehicles available for
your use just beyond this window and those vehicles have different options
that make the interpretation and experience of reality in your 3d world
work differently as you viewed this vehicle that you use
in your daily experience through this window
notice how the bright white light keeps it safe and secure for you and you can
travel with your consciousness a bit further it will wait for you just as it
is I’ll turn back towards the source of
this light and keep moving through the tunnel looking straight ahead while
feeling aware of the motion and movement of your consciousness and as you move further along allow your
consciousness to begin to see the other vehicles you could travel in for your
earthly experience your infinite mind is capable of
reaching into the infinite choices and possibilities available so just use your
consciousness to do that now see all of the options available for you some of these vehicles may look very
much like the current physical body you use and others may have variations and
features that you can visibly see these bodies each have different tools
that allow you to experience reality in different ways take your time looking
around at the available options and use your consciousness to determine the
nature of each of these vehicles as you do this you may be able to notice
that one of these bodies stands out to you this body seems to display all of the
qualities and tools available to assist you with the experiences your
consciousness chooses to have in physical form it may have many of the
exact same features as your other vehicle but notice what is different
about it that appeals to you so much does it appear to radiate ultimate
confidence does its appearance tell you that this body is only capable of
successful outcomes the physical appearance may have some
differences that appeal to you or it Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a Parallel Reality & Manifest Fast! (Law of Attraction) Your Youniverse Meditations could be that it has more internal
features that align with happiness freedom or adventure maybe this vehicle has a different set
of beliefs than the brain and your other vehicle beliefs that align with the
desires your consciousness has for your physical experience it could be that its overall healthier
and more vibrant just examine this body and determine
what lets you know that this tool will be the most helpful for you in your 3d
experience what lets you know this stand outside of this upgraded version
of your physical vehicle use your consciousness to move around it
examining all that it has to offer and once you feel as though this is the
vehicle that will assist you in creating your 3d experience in the exact way you
the consciousness of you chooses use your consciousness to step into it and
try it on for size how does it feel when you step into it what is different about it does it offer you more hope or
excitement can your consciousness feel the
experience of an increase in confidence when you look through the eyes of this
vehicle can you see and experience reality differently what lets you know that your conscious
experience is different what features does it have that allow
you to sense and create your physical life differently stay here for a few moments to get the
feel of this vehicle and use all of its sensory perceptions to make that
experience vivid and real if you would like to try out a few other
physical bodies from this space to use for your physical experience you can
move freely around and take inventory of what you like most you can also come back here anytime you
choose to find the body that will give you the experience that your
consciousness would like to have in its physical reality once you are completely satisfied with
your new vehicle choice turn your consciousness back towards the window
you came through and begin to feel yourself moving towards it as your consciousness moves back towards
this window using the tool of your new “Quantum Jumping” Guided Meditation: Enter a “Parallel” “Reality” & “Manifest Fast”! “Law of Attraction” “Your Youniverse Meditations” vehicle notice what is different about
the experience and use your consciousness to fully embody this
vehicle and feel all of the new things that offers you as you make your journey
back once you’ve reached the window you came
through at the beginning of this meditation step back through it with the
new vehicle you have chosen and as you use your mind to walk back over to your
other body realize that these two bodies have the capability of merging with one
another in fact when you do this the new vehicle you have chosen will upgrade the
other vehicle with all of its advanced features and you will experience reality
differently with your consciousness because of this you will see through the
new eyes you will hold on to and work from the new beliefs you will think the
new thoughts you will sense and feel the new feelings and you will act and behave
in a new way all of these things will be in perfect
alignment with the physical experience your consciousness has chosen because your consciousness is the real
you it has the ability to create any experience it uses and with this new
vehicle it has chosen reality will fall into alignment with that at this time you may choose to return to
your usual level of wakefulness and alertness or you can just gently drift
off to sleep if you choose to awaken now feel your
body and mind becoming more aware of your new surroundings and the new tools
you have to use through this new vehicle and if you decide to go to sleep just
let the relaxation deepen and know that when you awake you will have the
opportunity to experience a new reality through your new vehicle when I counted three you will be at your
desired level of relaxation or alertness one to three Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a Parallel Reality & Manifest Fast! (Law of Attraction) Your Youniverse Meditations

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53 thoughts on “Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a PARALLEL REALITY & Manifest FAST! (Law Of Attraction)

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  2. The law of attraction works in our favor! Let’s keep manifesting and make our dreams come true. Love to all 🙏🏾💙

  3. I just heard the quantum jump video from yesterday and looked for the guided meditation and there it is. Awsome. Thank you so much. This is a real life changer. 🙏

  4. Hi Jessica. I suffer from chronic anxiety and these type of meditations give me panick attacks. What can I do ? The idea of the "out of body experience" terrifies me

  5. ‪Young Hispanic rapper from phx az🌵🌞‬
    ‪Spitting bars on my new music video‬
    ‪The song got a meaning and the video got a dope message ‬
    ‪Tryn take my family out the struggle.‬

  6. Makes me think of entity attachment. Like, i wonder if this is the process used? Also, i wonder, how does the alternate "me" feel about this walk in? Where does the other consciousness go, do we trade places? Cool idea and food for thought anyways, thanks for the vid!

  7. Two things I'm trying to manifest . A better outcome on a legal issue and a reconciliation with a friend whom I had a huge fight with . Are these 2 things possible?

  8. Jessica you read my mind!! I have been looking for a guided meditation for shifting and here it is! Thank you so much!!

  9. Thanks so much for the awesome video 🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, and Manifest way faster!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  10. All I saw was a girl in a pink dress tell me to follow her. And once on the other side, looking into the window it looked like an ordinary window with like brick around it and bushes but that's when all different kinds of images kept popping up but ended at the wolf.

  11. Run from thrse demonic doctrines people. If you astral project out of your body into the Spirit realm without a divine escort, you risk your eternal life. Don't play games with YHWH, your soul hangs in the balance! Seek the Truth, seek true enlightenment through Jesus Christ. Shalom.

  12. damn this is what i was looking for yesterday, nothing is coincidance the universe works in perfect timing, now im ready to change reality completely, thank youniverse

  13. Hey Dr. Connor, I'm kinda at a loss for words at the moment. I tried this last night but found my mind kept wandering on other thoughts, although positive thoughts, it was difficult to stay in the moment. This morning was a bit easier though. I will keep you updated on my progress. Peace and blessings my friend, talk soon

  14. I've never been able to completely get into a meditation until this. Thank you 😊❤️❤️😍❤️😊😊❤️

  15. I found myself looking into a sky of Leannas, like stars. And even with so many choices, I felt so full of love for the vessel Id left behind. I ran back to it, and i feel so much love for this Leanna that I am. Even with all of her flaws. Thank you for this

  16. I have manifested a beautiful hard paying job attending to my every needs and necessities! I am blessed and forever grateful for all the challenges the universe has faced me with. I can see a beautiful, bright foreseeable future progressing from my job and my studies.

  17. This is by far the best guided meditation I’ve experienced. Tried it yesterday, and I’ve spent all day energized. Reality Transurfing is my favorite topic when it comes to LOA.
    Thank you so very much for this.

  18. This was an amazing experience, but it showed me how stuck I am with my old self, I can’t let go of my pain and hurt, looking back at my body through the window I see soo much hurt and depression in my body that I don’t want to go back in it but I feel so bad of moving on from my old self because I feel so bad for it, as if I feel bad for me, and feel like I’m leaving me. Even tho the other body’s look so amazing, I can’t find a way to let my old self go. Ughhh I would hate to live the rest of my life like this. The other bodies look so peaceful and loving. I hope I can find videos like this one.. I hope you all can break from your depression and anxiety, because no one should have to live like this!

  19. Wait just a second here.  All good up to a point Open the widow,  Comforting Light,  See other "vehicles,  Choose one that has the attributes that would benefit me on my journey  BUT…….IT   HAS   SHORT   HAIR ! ! !     YIKES ! ! !

  20. This is one of the coolest meditations I've ever done. I'm pretty new to meditation but this is the first time I've meditated for 30 minutes straight. Most I've made is 10 minutes

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