Question Period: Parliament returns for a new session – September 17, 2018

Question Period: Parliament returns for a new session – September 17, 2018

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99 thoughts on “Question Period: Parliament returns for a new session – September 17, 2018

  1. Trudeau suffers of verbal incontinence a well known mental illness. He talks, talks …… himself, to say nothing or to lie. He answers questions as a trapped psychopath…

  2. How could they use Terry Fox we all know they take the money and spend it on fees and taxes also administration what a joke

  3. Canadians want truth and freedom from the debt bank system and take back our country start using the wealth of Canada to back our money make us strong again.

  4. I wonder if all the Trudeau sycophants at the CBC realize that he has become the brat everybody loves to hate on the World Stage. The man is an absolute joke. He's tried to be everything to everybody and he's nobody to anyone.

  5. Why don't you just stop them from crossing into Canada? They are breaking the law and everyone in Canada knows most are not genuine refugees, by allowing this he is putting Canadians at risk and subjecting taxpayers to massive costs. The Liberals have failed us on all files, they have hurt our Vets, our homeless, our sick, and greatly increased the debt and taxes, our country's GDP is barely 1.6 which is terrible for a country with an educated productive workforce, and vast resources. Hopefully the Liberals will soon be gone.

  6. The Conservative leader is a joke. Every time he speaks he reminds me of a little boy who's shouting, "Hey, look at me! Aren't I smart?"

  7. Great. Supply management protected. Canada's economy is screwed. No US rrade deal means I'll be forced to relocate my family and small business to the US. Great job politicians, you're "popular" now. Keep standing United behind stupidity.

  8. Every time the part time Drama teacher sits and sticks his earphone in his ear with such a lovely flourish, it begs the question, 'which official language does he not understand'?

  9. trudeu is the best and more liberals and progressives will join to disolve the conservative biggot machine ,,we need real canadian values representation especialy out west ,,they have been exposed to to much negative influence over the years.

  10. Conservatives shouldn't even have to argue with libs to do what's best for all Canadians!! Terrible disgraceful representation of Canadians.

  11. I am so tired of hearing about the Harper government. Ugh! You’ve got your own history Liberals. And you’re failures! In every sense of the word!

  12. Thanks for posting this @CBC. It's nice to see these snapshots of Parliament at work, without any real filtering. I can see my MP at work!

  13. If Canadians do not do everything in their power to get this lunatic out of office ASAP, there will be nothing left to safe

  14. There's not going to be any nafta agreement, pipeline building, corporate investment, healthcare reform, tax reform, infrastructure spending or electoral reform as long as we have clowns like these acting like they're paid to argue instead of work for the tax payer. #MAXIMEBERNIER2019 #PPC2019

  15. Trudeau gives $2000.00 (child tax benefits) more to families, working or not! Seniors and disabled are living below the poverty line! I've heard income adjustment for seniors (so they say) and for disabled they are gunna make sure the money goes towards making everything accessible! Yep I'd rather have that then pay my bills and eat! Thanks Trudeau government, your the best! (FU)

  16. cbc, is as big of a waste of tax payer $$ as most of the 338 bobbleheads in the not so "honourable" house! ethics? what ethics? goes for the politicians and media alike. here, here! so disgraceful! order,order! what a joke. those scumbags think the world of each other, standing ovations for the bobblehead puppets. not a wonder this country is in trouble! big trouble! the little fembot forgot to look at alberta, or take into account that they now count part time jobs in the equation. puke, for ten years, ah, er….

  17. I think there's a family of a little girl who was the victim of a sexual assault and murder, that might disagree with the turd on not only the ILLEGALS, as well as unvetted refugees of convenience that he claimed responsibility for by the way.

  18. Let us remember Marrisa Shen 13 year old murdered by a crazed refugee but not a word from the PM he should be thrown out and stripped of hid pension.

  19. Did he take those number in India??? Or did he make a mistake whit is spending??? Worst pm ever. Always putting the blame on harper what a joke..

  20. Can we work together please ? Kindly understand that refraing from name calling and addressing eachother appropriately and perhaps making suggestions to eachother supporting Canada and Canadians . This is not the current protocol is it ?
    Leadership requires out of the box thinking and joining eachother in brilliant ideas spun from all sides !!! Sorry but this is a place that is negative rather than positive and it is an arena that demonsteates the worst in most of these Canadians other than the speaker ! Shame on Canada for letting eachother downgrade insult and slash eachother and particularly the current victim on the chain. Help eachother, change this venue !!!!
    Jobs out of the box , hemp, hempcrete, hemp fabric, hemp paper and a whole spin off, of industry for this country as a whole. This allows for sustainability and for trees to not only thrive but to provide us with non exhaustive air conditioning, fresh air, calling for rain and a global envirnoment that is better and healthier for this earth.
    Should I hear about global warming I will say please look at the hydrological table , it clearly describes the issue and should our country not choose wisdom over profit then fear would be our mentor.
    Let inspiration be a better mentor. Certainly watching some things in the news can indicate to Canadians that growing organic food is really a market that our much clean good soil can provide for not only Canadians but to those who can use it.
    A small percentange given to countries who are having difficulty from the new endevours could help prevent immigration from other countries by supporting those who really wish to remain in their own countries.
    Solutions are at hand and this house of commons is not productive it seems very destructive and has opperated in this fashion since the seventies.
    Let's not point fingers about drama , what do you see hear ?
    In regards to national defence, the old way was always the best most esteemed and highly regarded by not only Canadians themselves but every country globally . This peace keeping mission was meant freedom for countries and great love and warm regards. We get more love and kindness by giving kindness and understanding waelth is richness in spirit which we give wholeheartedly when parent governments set valuable example !!!!


  22. Parliament is a joke, question period is a joke. We pay a room full of actors huge sums of money to open their mouths and never say a god damn thing. In fact actors probably do more than these fools. It's a display for the public and theater at best

  23. Hunter Tootoo "5 times I've raised this in the house and the answer is always, we're taking our time to get it right"

    puts sun glasses on

    "I just have to wonder, how long it takes this government to get it right"


  24. I suppose that you claim to be Christian, so if you are what scriptures do you believe, hmmmm the ones that king Henry had changed so he could get divorced, well we will have to wait and see

  25. Interesting to watch British, Canadian and Australian parliaments and notice their similarities and differences.

  26. Why should Canada have to worry about Indigenous people and the environment when it wants to build a pipeline? It has nothing to do with either!!!!!!!

  27. question again why i need to pay person for make my taxe and you work after for check the job i pay one for do why is not just gouvernement do the taxe at people and yhis person have choice to pay someone for see is taxe is good

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  29. Wow! This bears an uncanny resemblence to the question period we have here in the UK. We've taught you well Canada. Although here in the UK we don't call it the Question Period, we just call it Prime Ministers Questions or PMQ's.

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