28 thoughts on “Ralph Nader and Ron Paul on The SITUATION ROOM

  1. thats, your platform? I like Nader but not because he appeals to sheep. Your making him look bad. "COULD" ie. pink could be red

  2. 2 great men are sitting next to each other in this vid. I hope Ron Paul wins the presidency in 2012 and puts Nader in his cabinet.

  3. Why does Ron Paul run on the GOP ticket? BECAUSE HE KNOWS 3RD PARTIES NEVER WIN. He could run for congress as a Libertarian. Or on the Constitution Party ticket. He doesn't. You want to preach principles? Then put your campaign (and your money) where your mouth is, Mr. Paul. If you're so disgusted with the 2 party system-then get out of it.

  4. I like how even when sitting next to Ralph Nader, someone who both share the same ideas about 3rd party's, Ron Paul says that he's not going to vote for Nader because he doesn't share the same principles. Two great men.

  5. @chaosthethird Well, his corporate bosses need to get their two horses into the lead. I think the most ignorant fucking thing he's ever said was when he turns to Ralph and goes "You're not going to win, you *know* you're not going to win, so why are you in the race?". What an asshole.

  6. 6:56 In answer to the question, "Who is the lesser of two bads?", Ralph Nader answered immediately: "The lesser of two bads is not good enough for the American people. We need the best." A great response from a man truly governed by his principles.

  7. You don't know what happened. You feel there is a conspiracy but chances are, conspiracy isn't as simple as OUR GOVERNMENT DECIDED TO BLOW OUR BUILDINGS UP. Unfortunately, it's deeper than that – our gov't hasn't treated the world too well, so the world hit back – like Ron Paul's "blowback" theory. But I will never believe our gov't did 9/11. They can still be blamed, but cuz of their policies, not because of their direct involvement. And now I'd rather have Dems instead of Reps in white house.

  8. So you're saying Nader is a dumb fuck? Why be so mean to the man who clearly saved America from the threats of the terroristic Iraq for example… if it hadn't been for Nader, Gore might have been elected and we wouldn't have gone to war… thus allowing terrorists to win! Nader saved us. So be nice πŸ™‚

  9. You're reading too much in to it. If it had been Bob Barr sitting next to him, he'd have said he wanted to take votes away from McCain.

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