Ramaphosa’s New Cabinet Insight

Ramaphosa’s New Cabinet Insight

Deputy President David Mabuza, and Minister
of Women in the Presidency, Bathabile Dlamini, will reportedly be excluded from President
Cyril Ramaphosa’s reconfigured Cabinet, following this month’s general elections. The Sunday Times reported, that sources close
to the president, said he was willing to risk a backlash from African National Congress
structures, which supported Dlamini, who is also the president of the ANC Women’s League,
by overlooking her for a Cabinet post. According to the publication, a deal was apparently
being brokered, that could see Mabuza deployed to Luthuli House, as the governing party’s
highest-ranking full-time functionary, with ANC Treasurer General, Paul Mashatile, set
to move to the Union Buildings, as the country’s second in command. Those close to Mabuza claimed, that he was
extremely reluctant to return to the Union Buildings, saying he preferred to rather consolidate
his power base in the ANC, particularly in his home province of Mpumalanga. Unspecified health concerns, were also cited
as among Mabuza’s reasons to exit his current post. Sources also claimed, that Environmental Affairs
Minister, Nomvula Mokonyane, was unlikely to return to the national executive. ANC national executive committee members,
expected to be in the new executive, apparently included new faces like, David Masondo, Ronald
Lamola, and Zizi Kodwa. ANC elections head, Fikile Mbalula, is also
set for a return to the cabinet, this time as human settlements minister. Ronald Lamola, a member of the ANC’s top
governing body, is being considered for Rural Development and Land Affairs, a position currently
held by Maite Nkoana-Mashabane. Energy Minister Jeff Radebe, looks set for
a return to the justice ministry, and Jackson Mthembu, is likely to be deployed to communications,
the Sunday Times indicated. Masondo could take over one of the key ministries
in the economic cluster, the paper reported. Ramaphosa will reportedly meet with the ANC
Women’s League on Sunday, to give assurances that there would be adequate women representation
in his new Cabinet. The league had called on the president, to
ensure that he appointed a Cabinet with half of the office bearers being women. They had made a similar call leading up to
the ANC’s nomination of premier candidates, but their expectations were not met. The ANC Women’s League said, it was deeply
disappointed after only two of the eight provinces the party governs, would be led by women. There was mounting pressure on Ramaphosa,
to choose wisely, when putting together his Cabinet with economists, and political analysts,
warning that the country’s political future hinges on the decision. The ANC president recently told investors,
that he would pick men and women in his Cabinet, who would help achieve his goal to grow the
economy. Speaking at an investor conference this week,
Ramaphosa made it clear, that his new cabinet will be made up of competent individuals,
who will focus on growing South Africa’s economy. It is widely expected, that the cabinet will
be reduced from 35 departments, to around 25, or even fewer. This could lead to a merging of the departments
of sports and arts, and culture, with Zizi Kodwa, potentially a minister or deputy there,
the Sunday Times said. Considering the party’s controversial list
of MPs, the president may be hamstrung, internally, into putting familiar faces into positions
of power. While Ramaphosa, has already taken aim at
corruption, by sacking some compromised ministers and officials, and empowering investigations,
much of his party still hasn’t gotten the message, Bloomberg recently pointed out. Several high-profile malefactors have been
re-elected to parliament. Ramaphosa needs to keep them out of his cabinet. He also needs to make sure that those responsible
for engaging in past acts of corruption, are held to account. To that end, the president must ensure that
the National Prosecuting Authority has the resources it needs. It also said, that the president should replace
the Public Protector, who has not lived up to the high standards set by her predecessor. Ramaphosa must convince unions, staunch ANC
backers, that there is more to be gained by expanding opportunity, and competition than
by maintaining the bloated payrolls of Eskom and other state-owned enterprises. For too long, the ANC has corralled votes
by effectively ring-fencing the privileges of the minority of South African workers with
formal jobs. To provide the ANC’s promised better life
for all, Ramaphosa should put his country before his party. If Ramaphosa does so, both may come out on
top. Ramaphosa was expected to announce his government
after his inauguration on Saturday 25 May 2019, at Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria. Please check in the description box below,
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  1. dlamini she still gonna sleep again well we are paying her mashabane yooooooooooooooooooooooooh nkore we don't have youth in cabinet only the old blood who know the privacy in Parliament ramaphosa ur now failing the country or the people of south africa

  2. My President, clean the cabinet, ee want to see corrupt people in jail. that's what people want to see happening. fresh young blood also be seen. God bless you, give you wisdom to lead this country. I n Jesus Christ name. bring prayers I'm schools. Amen amem

  3. Action accordingly Mr president Cyril Ramaphosa ,they can do what so ever but finally you are the greatest President with no crime we are with you and we will support you for ever.

  4. Ramaphosa is a good president for South Africa who will bring massive changes in our land,God bless Ramaphosa

  5. Another five years of corruption, theft, murder, rape and lying, and more lying. Vote ANC, together we can do more crime.

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