Re: We Need Communism

Re: We Need Communism

So yes. Hello there Sceneable, we’re members of the
YCL, that stands for Young Communist League. Who am I talking to? This kid. OH! Yes, we’re watching your video right now.
…and yeah. Oh my god, this kid is great! Did you decide to make him an honorary member? Uhhh…. Anyone want to say anything to him? Long live the revolution! Stalin did nothing wrong. *laughter* So yes. Stalin did a few things wrong but it was all
ok because he’s a communist. You’re going places kid. Yes. And see, if you join you get one of these
YCL pins with the communist flag on it. And that, that is the sacred flame of communism,
of class consciousness. So we encourage you to keep doing what you
are doing. And yeah. We’re in Kelowna right now.

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17 thoughts on “Re: We Need Communism

  1. Communism doesn't work. Only capitalism entices technological progress, and economic growth, while working with human nature being based off of the principles of the world we evolved to survive on. You want proof? The western world. And the only reason China is so prosperous is because it is slowly becoming capitalised, as its middle class begins to outweigh its lower classes and the state starts to create internal consumerism and exporting to other consumerist countries.

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  3. Hello comerades! I like your group. YCL, I disagree, Stalin killed and that was evil to me. But I love Communism still. I will pump out more videos. Check my channel, new video.

  4. Young Cuck League. Fuck Yeah!
    Would you hire me as a head of Gulags2.0?
    I promise I'll hate any demographic of your liking.

  5. Why the fuck is that one person wearing a nazi symbol on his jacket. Isn't National Socialism or Fascism the exact opposite of Communism?

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