Real Journalist Shreds CNN On Air Over S-y-r-i-a Coverage

Real Journalist Shreds CNN On Air Over S-y-r-i-a Coverage

everybody I'm here with grandma would the political vigilante hey grandma are you I'm good thanks for having check out grams show on youtube political vigilante right now we're talking about Syria and the media's coverage of Syria now you've seen we showed you Brian Williams and how he literally nutted in his underwear while he was talking about the beauty of the rockets that were going to kill people in Syria we are guarded by the beauty of our weapons and that's what he said by the way it's ubiquitous coverage on the establishment media they all love the war we did another video if you watch the story we did about how the top five newspapers in the United States a Wall Street Journal New York Times Washington Post USA Today and the New York PO they all did 18 stories on the war on Syria time the serious strike that prompted all eighteen positive not one anti bombing story or opinion piece or editorial or anything eighteen positive in that's our newspaper do remember how they screwed up getting us into Iraq they wouldn't let that happen again you remember how they screwed everything up how how the New York Times my favorite fake news stories were the ones about the Iraq war the New York Times would post on their front page above the fold written by Judith Miller which came directly from the lips of Dick Cheney and were complete bullshit and then we got a war they're doing it again eighteen positive store because Chomsky was right that the establishment media are lapdogs to power any dictator would be thrilled with the conformity of the United States press and so here is a brian Stelter he's the he hosts reliable sources on CNN and we've showed you brian before he's a very nice guy he likes to bring on glenn greenwald every once a while to explain to him how journalism works and but glenn does that to everybody he explains it to chris hayes who needs a refresher course every once in a while he does it on CNN all the time he'll do it on wherever you bring him glenn will teach you about how to do journalism so here is brian Stelter and he has a question for now this is Jeremy Scahill from the intercept and he looks mad he's a little upset about how the establishment press has been covering stuff so let's just go ahead let's jump right into it Jeremy I just to remind you about CNN the guy who hosted this show before reliable sources the guy who hosted the reliable sources before Brian was a guy named Howard Kurtz and he had to leave the program after it was revealed that he filed one too many stories that were unreliable then he became the middie media critic at Fox which is an existential joke all on its own they have a media critic at Fox hey did yes you know he doubles as the sensitivity trainer for the White House so here let's watch this there we go there is awareness of what's been going on in Syria but for some reason maybe people are desensitized what what is your view of the coverage first of all I love this this the says has the media failed and covering Syria that's the question well yeah I don't know let's this is my favorite thing about the news like we gotta get both sides well let's first of all let's check Graham let's look at all the negative stories they've written about the Syria war Oh there hasn't been any oh and remember we'll just oppose those against all the pro war stories oh that's all they have it's hard to tell that I can't really do an analysis it's like it's like what they have someone who's like is the earth flat you know and they bring a Flat Earth personnel a question it's still we got it we don't know this then they think that the question mark is somebody over there going well this is good journalism that's what this is we're asking question we're asking the tough questions Jimmy we're gonna get to the root of this we're willing to have the hard conversation yeah so here we go so he asked the question let's start from the top again Jeremy I think there is awareness of what's been going on in Syria but first there is not oh you know what's you know why there isn't an ounce of scintilla of awareness with what's happening in Syria because guys like will Blitzer and you have been bringing us the story Brian and you've been with reporting it exactly the way the government wants you to report it which is incorrect why are we in Syria because we care about people because we care about the people Assad is butchie's butchering his open that's why we're there because we care about people again if we cared about people we'd make sure they had clean water in Flint we don't care about people we would make we wouldn't have went into Iraq and killed a million people we wouldn't sell cluster bombs to eat to to Saudi Arabia that they drop on fishing villages in the poorest country in Africa we wouldn't do that we don't give a shit about people why are we in the Syria that's the question wouldn't know never gets asked or answered but okay back to I know I'm gonna stop and start this a million times there we go Jeremy I think there is awareness of what's been going on in Syria but for some reason maybe people are desensitized what what is your view of the coverage well first of all let's look at this in the big picture Donald Trump has given greater latitude to the military to conduct strikes with almost no regard for civilians just in the March in the month of March Brian US and Allied forces have killed more than a thousand civilians in Iraq and Syria according to the nonpartisan independent group air wars Trump is funneling weapons and intelligence to the Saudis that are being used to utterly destroy Yemen at this point the United States has been engaged militarily in Syria for several years now both in the form of special operations forces and increasingly conventional boots on the ground but also just scorched earth bombing particularly since Trump took office and I have to say Brian that Arwa Damon is a fantastic reporter I have great respect for her but I think when we talk about this CNN needs to immediately with all retired generals and colonels from its airwaves you know Fareed Zakaria if that guy could have sex with this cruise missile attack I think he would do it Brian Williams seemed to just be in in true love with the cruise missile strike and in a despicable way invoking Leonard Cohen's name I mean that the media coverage has been atrocious particularly and this is across the board on every Network particularly when the strike is happening it's like they're they're in awe of the cruise missiles and look no further than Hillary Clinton Bill Kristol and Donald Trump once again being on the same team when it comes to these kinds of wars the elite of both parties just all get in line and they absolutely love a cruise missile strike Jeremy I think what I liked about that the most a all that truth happening on CNN and I would like to say thanks to Jeremy Scahill who will never see on CNN again that was that's got bets pretty much his last appearance I can't believe they didn't cut his fucking mic oh hey I'm amazed – I'm amazed they didn't cut his mic I'm amazed they let that happen and like hats off to him and he said you want me on CNN you're gonna get me on CNN this is why I go to the intercept you know this is why I reference a lot of their articles on my show because it's that it's a thousand civilians and and as we've talked about in other videos how many how much has CNN covered those thousand civilians in the month of March that the America has killed in the Middle East I don't see any of those videos in you wait a minute you didn't grim you didn't see all the pictures of the thousand people we killed in Syria all right and I've watched I yeah but you have to go to it's by the it's on the it's I think it's on a telephone pole on Sawtelle where it crosses San Vicente there's a picture of the people we kill but I think I got blown down and it's now behind an alley or something yeah but it's there covered it so manuylov how brian Stelter cape to take no reaction on his face through that whole thing he was like oh shit I can't let anyone know that uh-uh-uh-uh-uh he was stoned face did you notice that like e1 can you say that's the thing whatever one it was when you start throwing these statistics at people I've done this I've watched people do this on the news I've said this to people personally when you say this is how many civilians we're already killing they kind of huh or regime change doesn't work they're kind of like oh yeah oh that's right we did this before it what didn't work who are we gonna put in their place oh we killed a thousand people in a month where are those pictures where are those pictures where are those pictures where are they well out well if we showed those pictures people wouldn't be on board for us starting World War three and I don't know if you know this we only have six media outlets and none of them want to hear the truth about Syria they they're all for war 100% why war sells baby war gets ratings war sells papers war gets clicks baby that's why war gets fucking ratings and go anything well it's gonna say this when they show like so that they'll there there's their the lightest coverage they'll get of of any sort of dispute is well Russian and serious and then I say state TV is claiming they didn't have chemical weapons these motherfuckers are the most corporate state TV I've ever seen in my life we don't we don't need state TV they do though they do it just as if it was state it is they Glenn Greenwald said he goes it's how soon as there's a war they immediately become state TV immediately and then they are and that's what they are it's it's pushing the narrative of the corporate state which is just war war war we need oil so I want to hear him say this one more time because it was pretty awesome there is awareness of what's been going on in Syria and how could this guy bisa and so do you think Graham when a guy like Brian do you think he doesn't have the information that you and I have about Syria or do you think that he does have it and he just goes if I acknowledge this I'm out of a job and I'd be out of a job forever it's like if he said hey 9/11 was an inside job he's out of a job he'll be out of a job if he says something like that about Syria or if he tells the truth about Syria he must know he must have seen Ken swans reports he must know that we well it's a no it was printed in Washington Post that CIA admitted their most of their money is being spent training al Qaeda and Isis and for Syria and arming them so this is not so he must know that right the only I don't know that's that's a fantastic question does he know and he's just like nope is he doing that thing that I think a lot of Americans doing in the media it's like if you found out you had a relative that you really loved and cared out and they were like a serial killer or a pedophile there's a part of you that might just go nope yeah no they didn't know Joe Paterno graduated a lot of guys that's we're gonna like Bill Cosby's kids yeah right what do they do at Thanksgiving they got to pretend I got to pretend I know so that's what that's what brian Stelter is doing right I guess I guess he's just like boldface denial cuz he doesn't want to admit it or it's what you say he's like he has the information he knows it and is like well I'm gonna lose a job or he's just doesn't even want to get that and it's just this crazy group think everyone in the in the at the pool and the pre-production meeting is all just like yeah and everyone you assad's bad and they all just Cheerilee didn't jump I don't know it's insane though it's I feel like I'm going crazy when it's like well that's how I felt before the Iraq war like I'm going crazy or the world is crazy turned out the world was crazy and they're and they're willingly crazy so it's happening again and that's I feel like he does I feel like mr. scahill does here that's how I feel like what the f do you guys not see and he's basically saying to Bryce oh do you know how far up your ass is your head you run a media scrutiny program where you scrutinize the media and you say most people know about what's happening in Syria you don't know what's happening in Syria and your and your somehow are kind of come out and comments about other people are covering Syria what are you out of your mind do you see how this is worthless do you see how worthless no value cNN has the only value brian Stelter show on CNN has is to forward establishment and the plutocrats agenda that's all this is exactly what my Chomsky said exactly it's not even close and I don't either he's an unwitting idiot or he's just like everyone else and he's afraid for his job and he'll go along with starting World War 3 to do it to keep his job just like Rachel Maddow will do just like Chris Hayes will do just like Wolf Blitzer does willingly we'll at least that's why these guys get hired these guys aren't aren't guys out there breaking down doors breaking open stories and holding this establishments feet to the fire and that's why they get a show on fucking TV they get a show our TV cuz they will go along with the plutocrats agenda that's why because they are are willing to do whatever it is wittingly or unwittingly if you watch broadcast news these guys are William Hurt these guys are Brian Williams they'll do whatever you want please keep me on television that's who thee and that's why he gets hired he didn't get hired Brian stell did get hired cuz he was a hard-nosed journalist he got hired because they know he wasn't gonna rock the fucking boat they got hired the same reason Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are hired that's exactly right you know when when when who I think was Marco Rubio was on Seth Meyers talking about I don't know about climate change Seth Meyers ha ha ha ha joke joke and they'll make a joke about Trump's hair or whatever like that or like some sort of build a wall joke because this is the meanest they'll get but they're not gonna be they're not gonna go for the throat none of these guys are gonna go with the throat they're all playing ball and that's when you give somebody seven figures guess what they'll play ball yes and by the way that show fully advertises all the advertisers can't wait to buy more ads on the CNN bullshit a minute this that didn't get the D monetized because it had Syria and the title Syria in the title you can see it says Syria but there's still running ads on that but they won't run ads for us here and if you saw an ad on this video hooray for us that Aquash it click it watch it let it play through because that it's somehow it snuck through and we're doing everything on our end that we can do to sneak through our videos so anyway they're they don't they'll let bill advertise on that but they won't advertise on this because they don't want us to tell you the truth about anything so that's what we were appealing to you and you guys have really supported the show so we have our links underneath patreon become a Premium Member t-shirt Amazon lots of ways you can help support the show these motherfuckers thank god they exist because that's why I exist if he was actually doing in his job if they were doing their job I wouldn't have to be I could go out and do something else I could just go back to being a comedian and sit around all day oh god I miss those days yeah go to the movies hang out you know if I big thought was when I was a comedian where am I gonna have lunch that was my big task yeah what am I gonna have lunch and then to fit fit in a workout go ahead lunch and then go do my set oh what a wall with such a life give it take a shower about 6:30 at night then you drive over to the club around seven ish you know gets maybe get dinner at the club I get dinner at the club I get there at the club I like you a little bit before the show I like a chicken finger before I do a set then you hang out with the other comics after the show or go to another club and hang out with your just hanging out and what are you with comedy you just fuckin laugh and giggle and and gram at the whole time though you're writing you're right I'm working I'm working I'm working I'm writing and actually you are I tell people cancel your cable subscription and donate to patreon shows like this one in mine that's what you do that's what you do cancel your cable and and come over come on go to the political vigilante come to the Jimmy Dory show it'll still be if you support it both of our shows and young turks it'll be cheaper than what the fuck you're paying for this CNN cable bullshit oh by the way if we only had cable news we definitely would have an even more right-wing government so yeah it costs you it cost you if you don't support these shows it's gonna cost you yeah

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  2. All MSM is propaganda that aids in dividing everyone into voting blocks so we do not form a citizen coalition to take this country back for the people

  3. No problem supporting Jimmy, but The Young Turks are too dishonest and blind in their politics. Jimmy seems way too honest for them, and I believe that is why he branched out to eventually get to do his own thing–glad he did.

  4. Jimmy, you need to try this, there are quite a number of individuals who have been to the east of the Ukraine, there are even a nuber of first class takes still on You Tube showing the Daily Killing in the area, there are no holes bared in these videos and you ARE going to see limbs that ha ve lost contact with their owner and heads.
    All this from a war that yet again America was clearly very much the instigator, to the starting tune of five billion dollars, at least that is according to Victoria Newland in her phone call.
    That was nearly five years ago, and the same pictures are being recorded by these either very brave people or just plain crazy for five minutes of fame.
    The best part of this is you get to see the weapons used, which nine times out of ten carry the mark of the U.S. who is poring weapons into Kiev faster than a bath tap, and with equally speedy results in the Dombas area, but we never hear much from you on the subject despite there having been Observers from Europe who after visiting the area made the point that in fact the were no Russian troops at all, NO Russian tanks, and this is very easily shown by the direction of fire, its all going one way, how there is anyone left there is beyond me, but have a look for yourself, this is a group of people whos only crime is to ask legally for independance.

  5. Even though you are not on the Trump Train, yet. I can see you coming. I so respect you, but i don't always agree with you. Very brilliant for a democrat!

  6. American military is not in Syria, the Russian military has killed hundreds of thousands of people in Syria using chemical weapons, Putin even said himself that Russian military is testing new weapon systems on Syria

  7. Jeremy Scahill is great, his article on Chelsea Manning's torture in 2016 is a depressing read. Check it out:

  8. Saying fox is a joke? Who failed on the russia hoax? Was it fox? No.
    The main stream media is the crooks. Fox is the only one telling the truth.

  9. I noticed that there was no mention of the drone that lost control last month an killed a bunch of own men I guess that will be explained to their wives an mother's that they were killed in the line of duty while eating a BurgerKing Chemical burger !!!

  10. All those in the know in DC have the hidden knowledge that Brian of CNN is a professor of Deep State freemason thinking ! Show a little respect to your superiors, please !

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