‘Rebecca Louise Law: The Womb’ Visitor Experience

‘Rebecca Louise Law: The Womb’ Visitor Experience

it’s incredible just what she’s
done with flowers dried flowers and then just her beautiful emphasis on life yeah
really liked it I have a membership here at Meijer Gardens and I have the “add
a guest” and I said I have to bring my friend and we need to share this
together this is probably my fifth time to be here and I just am stunned over
and over here it’s a very emotional beautiful experience the whole idea of
the womb being a safe place a place where you sheltered and cocoon and
nourished I loved pregnancy and so I think I
connected a lot with that I don’t know what to say other than it’s really cool
just the beauty of the flowers the craftsmanship that she in an hour said
she put into it just amazing really beautiful um pinecones, flowers
it looks like an ocean I like the heartbeat sound that it played just very stunning yeah
it really is a very emotional experience yeah you just don’t walk through without
a response I don’t right right I hope to come five or ten more times yeah so
grateful that you know Meijer Gardens brings in things like this

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