Rep. Roy: Dems ought to stop playing politics with human beings

Rep. Roy: Dems ought to stop playing politics with human beings

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30 thoughts on “Rep. Roy: Dems ought to stop playing politics with human beings

  1. Playing politics on human beings is how Democrats play checkers. The ones that are magnetized and too big to be accidentally swallowed.

  2. There's so much Treasonous crimes committed by demonrats today that their History in the pass can't be covered. Let's talk about Clintons in Little Rock Arkansas Mena Airport Operations. All the pedophilia industry sponsored and controlled by Hollywood and Crooked Hillary's friends from hell to Washington DC. Lets talk about what these slaves of lusifer has done against the children and Young boys & girls for decades. There are thousands already arrested making Prison time across our nation. SicilianpizzaGate is a well investigated case about to get exposed for the poorly educated ones that thinks is a theory.
    Escape from Satan's hell management. He is a Loser

  3. Please God take care of this woman and send your Holy Spirit to her, in Jesus Name, 🙏 Amen.

  4. Congressman Kennedy is simply wrong on this issue. Hell nobody wants tariffs on Mexico but we gotta do what we gotta do. Hopefully, Mexico will become reasonable in the future (the near future rather than the distant future) and we can then, once they stop the games, then we can get things set up the way they need to be.

  5. Crisis on the border extremely bad for USA but pathetic swamp rats dems continue to play politics with the bs mueller crap. Time to vote them out.

  6. She should bring a bill to the floor, but the Republicans also need to negotiate so a balanced bill can come forward. Stop just demonizing the Democrats for not just giving everything. Take some responsibility. Negotiate!
    It's not politics for you to wholesale dismiss the Democrats on this complicated topic? Hypocrite.

  7. I have an idea. For every illegal alien that comes here from Mexico or other country south of the border, one acre of land in that country should be given to each American!

  8. John Kennedy, Are You A Republican Or Democrat ? If your Answer is Republican, Start Acting Like One !!

  9. USA loses more money on Illigals then tariffs, Theres has to be a balance in our GOVERNMENT. Secure our borders point blank .

  10. In MEXICO, YOU cross illegally YOU GET SHOT! WE need to adopt this and ANYONE BITCHING about it "SHIP THEM OUT of AMERICA!!" NASTY NANCY " I WANT ALL YOUR TAX INFO!! including UNDER THE TABLE PAY OUTS!!" DO a large line of FENTONAL the mother ship is waiting for you, please be on it


  12. True!! Nancy Pelosi is the biggest obstacle to working on the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION border problem. She refuses to do anything!!

  13. Says the republican who is okay with taking kids from their parents. This administration will forever go down as kid snatchers. Trump is only making it worse. You think damaging the economies of central american countries will make less people leave looking for a better life? I agree with one thing this guy said. "when the house is on fire you don't run around the house asking how much the tax will be" This is true for the border and true for climate change. But then he bitches about dems not working with anyone when Mitch McConnel won't put anything on the floor of the senate!

  14. Has anyone asked Pelosi why she won’t secure the border is she waiting for Trump to lose in 2020 and then she’ll deal with the border and get the credit

  15. I wonder what Piglosi would do if her "next door neighbor" tried to move into her house? Would she open her front door and give them a room? I think not, she would call the Police, i.e. Border Patrol.

  16. Maybe she (pelosi/political office democrats) should leave her keys to her house on her steps…

    Kennedy, no amount of money gained is worth allowing humans to be chopped to bits or trafficked whole…

  17. Haha, Trump said that the Irish are England's Mexicans. Classic.
    Why does this dude look like he has a secret that he's not telling us? Check his hard drive.

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