Reporting during the 2019 Canadian federal election

Reporting during the 2019 Canadian federal election

The election is the Olympics for political reporters. Especially when you’re traveling with Justin Trudeau. The pace that the Liberal leader the prime minister campaigns at is insane. For me it was my first federal election campaign. The pace is something else. I think the only way to describe it is crazy. Salimah Shivji, CBC News, Halifax. Toronto. Montreal. You know there are mornings you wake up like what time zone am I in? What city am I in? What hotel is this? Where am I? You’re just completely exhausted and bewildered half the time. I’m David Cochrane with the liberal campaign in Edmonton Saskatoon Windsor, Ontario. I remember I was doing a live hit for news network Oh my god, there’s my bus leaving! I should probably go catch the bus. And all I could think of in mid-sentence as I was trying to tell my story live on air was that oh dear I’m gonna be left behind in Mississauga. [Host] CBC’s Salimah Shivji running to catch her campaign bus in Toronto. Look they’re even backing up. Yes. Tonight, a photograph jolts the federal election campaign. [David] I was on my laptop working and I got an email and a picture of Trudeau in that Arabian Nights costume came up on my computer I was like oh my god. And we stood up on the bus and we turn around and in the back of the bus the prime minister’s PR staff is there. There’s a guy named Cameron Amada. We shouted Cameron and before we even asked a question he stood up raised his hands and said he’ll address it at the airport. He’ll scrum on the plane. You’ll have time to file. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m really sorry. After going through that was sort of the low point of the campaign. The low point of his political career. Trudeau had to come back on board and then share the space with the people who’ve been screaming at him about it just 20 minutes earlier. So it was it was pretty awkward, it was pretty tense. And it really kind of derailed the whole strategy of their campaign from that point forward. It’s been a core tactic of the liberal campaign to this point to try to paint Andrew Scheer and his party as racially intolerant. And now it’s the Liberals who are scrambling to contain a bombshell as it’s their leader who champions diversity and multiculturalism who was photographed dressed in brown face and he’s done it more than once. Being on a campaign bus is is weird. I mean obviously the parliamentary reporters in Ottawa we know each other we see each other on the hill all the time but you’re in this confined space . Gets a little bit sort of like you’re part of a fraternity or sorority. It’s like a family in a way. A crazy family because we’re all a little bit nuts. But especially an election campaign like this one where it was so close, so vital so many people were paying attention. It makes you realize just how important what the leaders say is. How important your job is to communicate what they’re saying and to tell those stories and tell them right.

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