Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘It’s Bad.’ | All In | MSNBC

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘It’s Bad.’ | All In | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘It’s Bad.’ | All In | MSNBC

  1. 0:34 ohhh and that's music to the EARS of Trumpophiles…. right before they play Trumps favorite song…

  2. Steve Miller is a reprehensible Jew. Shame on him. Amazing how he can stand as a white nationalist and then claim to be Jewish. Excuse me? #TimeForMillerToGo

  3. Wow your not a total D bag God I used to love your appearances back in the beginning .perhaps there is hope for you after all Keep up this good work it’s a good look for your future best wishes ✌️

  4. She and her socialism cronies are the threat to America our way of living. Government is not the solution. It is socialist like AOC that is stomping all over our constitution and freedoms and rights not President Trump.. She is a joke. Her policies are dangerous. Let's just join Venezuela lol!! She is a product of our brainwashed education system.

  5. People understand reading history is more important then you think. Bill Clinton’s approval rating went up after he was not found to be impeachable. Senate then was democrats, therefore not impeached. Approval rating went up.

  6. The "latina pinata' '" WON in N.Y. because as someone said: A TWINKIE could have won the race in N.Y. as long as it was deemed a democrat.

  7. Hearing this intelligent woman speak in this interview gave me a feeling similar to what reaching the surface of water after a deep dive and taking a gigantic breath of air.

  8. Never once has this brilliant honest young woman disappointed me. She is amazing! When I think about what could be accomplished with a House and Senate full of people like her…………

  9. "The perception of beauty is a moral test." Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is the real IQ test.

    The number worshipping counting corpses who have occupied America think ugly (heavy) words like sanction, starve, torture, murder and bomb are beautiful (uplifting) because the counting corpses are ignorant (dead). The vampires (ego/greed) commit crimes against humanity (hearts/love) because the vampires are not human.

    It is also why the counting corpses have made an anti-love antichrist called Count (ing) Dracula (Trump) their god and our president.

    In a nation bristling with brilliant (uplifting) poets, artists, musicians, mystics and creators of joy…it is tragic that we have a system that floats the most absent of love (greedy) vampires to the highest political offices…while pushing the highest mystics with the most love (like Jesus) to the bottom.

  10. "qualifies as a concentration camp" "child separation" why did this nonsense come up once our president entered office and not when the Deporter in Chief was in office like this hasn't been happening for many years already?

  11. Wow, great interview, she is wonderful, very articulate with great values and ideas. She will go a long way to restore faith in the Government.

  12. AOC has achieved flow! What a wonderfully refreshing political interview of what's going on in DC. Free of frustrations, she is focused on the way forward. She sees her colleagues with opposing political views as human, and everyone as a possible ally instead of a possible enemy. With people like her being covered prominently in traditional and new media, I hope attitude like this spreads.

  13. Love, respect and total confidence in everything she is saying. I used to be able to say that about Hayes, Maddow and Odonnell but sadly when MSNBC was bought this last time, they clearly sold out their journalistic integrity and the voters trust when they stopped doing serious investigative journalism in favor of a safe corporate media 7 figure salaries. We are now forced to find out the truth about our own government corruption through YouTube and foreign or independent media. I will never vote for an establishment candidate or anyone taking corporate donations, openly or using subterfuge like Warren or some of the other lukewarm Progressives.

  14. Back when before she won, some fb woman challenged me to donate to a woman. So I had seen her on the Jimmy Dore show and I knew exactly who to donate too. Months later, she has become fully aware of the pressure that Bernie has gone through for decades. She endorsed Bernie after his heart attack, while he was in the hospital, a move that will forever cement her place in progressive history. She did what Elizabeth Warren didn't. She has visited Iowa, I seen her talk to conservatives, I seen her when to play her strengths and seen her wanting to grow. I have no doubt, she will be president one day. She will break the glass ceiling, she can break a concrete ceiling too.

  15. She will never be President! Alexandria doesn't lie constantly, bang hookers, boast endlessly about herself, know how to tweet meaningless garbage 100X a day , so unqualified.

  16. In 50 years, AOC will still be beautiful, gosh!
    Also, should she choose to continue to serve our country, we will benefit from her fighting spirit.

  17. 1. "Beclowning themselves" is a brilliant coinage.
    2. Miller's abuse of his Jewish background ignores the incarceration of Roma, Slavs, homosexuals (mostly men), Jehovah's Witnesses & dissident Catholics, political rivals; & the destruction of large numbers of handicapped folk. It's no accident that the green triangle (the mark of a career criminal) became the camps' functional equivalent of a police badge.

  18. It's mind-blowing to see how people can't see this girl is just a complete fraud. She'll never go on a Conservative talk show because she'll be exposed . Go back and watch her on CNN with Jake Tapper and see who she really is when asked about her cheesy sounding Green New Deal. How do you attain a degree in Economics and not know how tax cuts work or what a "false economy" is?

  19. I loved when she said Punto. Btw just because Stephen Miller is Jewish doesn't mean that he isn't a white nationalist. His actions speak for itself.

  20. of course aoc is right to say that stephen miller has to go. but she is naive at the same time. for the very reason that people hate miller trump loves him. so miller never will go before trump.

  21. "White nationalist?" That would be democrats… who want America's economy to be run like all-white Scandinavian nations.

  22. It's nice to see a politician answer the questions asked of her. The GOP hasn't answered a question in 3 years. They just lie and deflect.

  23. Everyone’s intelligence drops 50 points when we listen to brain dead crazy eyed AOC. Even as a bartender she’d be too stupid to listen to while drinking at the bar. You have to be brain dead to fall for communist/socialist lies. Just look at Cuba, Venezuela and Russia to see where communism/socialism will take us, if socialism is voted in. Remember AOC is too stupid to know what a garbage disposal is, yet she wants to run our lives, our health care and our country. Vote her out of office in 2020!!

  24. Wow, Sparkle Pony wrote a tweet! How ordinary. She also wrote scathing tweets against other Democratic Congress members.

    I don't get the "cult of personality".

  25. Obama: a president who became criminal!
    Clinton: a criminal who became president!
    “Democrat voters that elect corrupt politicians are not victims, the Demacrat voters are accomplices."

  26. I appreciate her explanation of processes, because especially our young voters may miss the whole picture. She is just overall doing such a great job, thank you to all of the voters who gave her to us.

  27. Right or Left. When AOC talks people listen. Because, she actually discusses what legislation is being discussed and passed!!

  28. A jewish white nationalist and talks of weaponizing identity from a person who hangs her hat on being a minority and woman not on her political and intellectual prowess. AOC is Gold.

  29. She's decoding the narrative in America and helping people to understand what's all about and what's everyone was hiding for a long time in mainstream media…
    And she's helping me improving my progressive English as an ESL self learner coming from another continent

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