Republican Dog Whistle Politics

Republican Dog Whistle Politics

endeavor on a campaign as a shiny
neutral dog whistle as not to get shame us off the roof of romney’s car in recent days running is sort of
sitting in a hammering the president carter jobs the economy but instead over his other dis foreign life as a child just yesterday he was romney hinting that president
obama is foreign and not online america experience was in
bed vertically carefully at the very last where he says it’s kinda buried by by the uh… by the uh… delight in
supplies dot i add the word is foreign just listen in the past people of both parties
understood that encouraging achievement and china
courage in success encouraging people to live themselves as high as they can
encouraging margin than ours celebrating success instead of attacking
in an integrated makes america strong that’s the right course cut his courses extraordinary alert extraordinarily foreign and out dot anyways ridden out off the
prompter right that’s it is very intentional and here was ronnie last week saying
pretty much the same thing no i’m sorry here’s john sununu a runny
sir did john sununu uh… talking about the president for we have no idea how the american system pontoon and we
shouldn’t be surprised about that because they spent his early years then
haha y smoking something spent the next seven years in indonesia moshe and douglas whistle politics just
like most people can hear a high-pitched dog whistle the dogs can average americans don’t see any hear
things like you just saw as appeals to racists but the races themselves later loud and
clear other wack jobs like david duke politicians generally don’t just come
right out and say what their extreme base the racists the
hateful the mentally twisted say cuz among us bondage dick and politicians just can’t
come out and say what the city it’s one here they can just suck up to the races by
throwing up a lot of black people are lazy or suck up to religious bigots by saying that all moslems of terrorist
or suck up to the paranoid homophobe spice and the gays a pedophile so
instead they talk in code the republican dog whistle church saying the president obama’s
policies are foreign might some benign the general electric but to a much smaller target a group of
individuals like that the people ready far-right box of old news viewers basically the crazies who actually think
the president was born in kenya yes that’s a majority black boxes or who are
uncomfortable with a black man in the white house characterizing the president as forum has a very clear meaning it’s the republicans are whistle and mit romney isn’t at all afraid to
get the money these whack jobs and tell them what they want to hear all being
followed because the paralyze the races in the
big it’s actually show up to about our nation is a long history republican
dog whistle politics richard nixon proudly called it his southern strategy to win the white house the nineteen
sixties plane the fears of races in the south who were angry about l_b_j_ signed civil
rights voting rights laws and the reagan campaign was brilliant at
it they had a reagan kick off his
presidential campaign in nineteen eighty by going to the small town of philadelphia mississippi town it was
only famous for one bank the klu klux klan’s murder of three civil rights
workers who were registering african-americans
to vote back in nineteen sixty four to iran arranging a speech they’re
talking about states rights though is racist yeah exactly what he was talking
about states rights has been arguing used to
rip actually slavery racism says his country was founded and worked for reagan too he won the south and because of that
each of the presidency in nineteen eighty republican dog was was dusted off again
in nineteen eighty eight used by george a study of bush to defeat michael dukakis here’s the infamous willie horton ad
running is to carcass that year moshe and dukakis on crime moshe supports the death penalty for
first-degree murderers new caucus not only opposes the death penalty he
allowed first-degree murderers to have weekend passes from prison one was willie horton who murdered a boy
in a robbery standing in nineteen times despite a life sentence or can receive
ten weekend passes from prison orton fled kidnapping young couples stabbing
the man and repeatedly raping his girlfriend weekend prison passions
dukakis on crime now to the general in the ad is eating
the carcasses soft on crime which is pretty ironic since it was two qac as-is republican
predecessor who changed a lot a lot willie horton
get out of jail and dukakis who ended the practice long
before the election but even though the at was a lie to the republican racists the dog
whistle was loud and clear if you want to go white then vote republican the races turned out bush beat dukakis even though it’s getting pretty obvious
in some knives even embarrassing when john mccain for example corrected a
woman the audience who said that obama was an arab member republicans still always fall back on
dog whistle politics when things are tight circling using two dozen eight which
type of president baba all routes harris to use again to the us eleven at the
tucson massacre when she came to the media blood libel a dog whistle term it has very clear
maintain anti-semites and just this year newt gingrich blew
the republican dog whistle in south carolina by telling the racism at st the president obama was the food stamp
president and suggesting that certain lazy people should get a job innocently said black americans superman
jobs not forces you also said orchids lost one last look
at that and propose having them work is janitors
in their schools can’t use the that this is the rude at a
minimum as insulting for all americans but
particularly to black americans announced that work for gingrich he won the state as saddam iran is below in the
republican dog whistle no surprise there republican so love the stuff the
michelle bachman once a serious republican candidate contender for the
presidency is out there hustling his parents theory that the deputy deputy chief of staff
the secretaries day like lynn is a secret agent a moslem brotherhood bachmann sky before the republican
members of congress to pick up the dog whistle to call for investigation as
state department and since the cameras mentor nine for a
few weeks republican again rich random bottoms defense as the state department you know what what’s the state
department heidi bahi i’m just gonna blow through this
gingrich is helping promote this insane theory apply the clip of cambridge and then it
would just about out of time here in this segment it’s this this in this there is totally
nuts the people who are who are yale on for a are the races they
haters and up in the parented if the united states a president of the
united states is a muslim terrorist sympathizer by the way don’t tell us guys they’re
obama killed in lot there has been explored that’s what parts of our news never
mentions that little bit history we’ll be back twenty seven minutes past

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7 thoughts on “Republican Dog Whistle Politics

  1. And today Romney went to a Chicago suburb and accused Obama of gutting welfare reform and upholding a "culture of dependency". Geez, it never ends. That speech today wins my "States' Rights Award".

  2. keep your welfare , i work , and i seriously doubt their will ever be anothe democrap in office ever again, oh and….yes black ppl are lazy, that been fuckin proven, i dont mind a black man holding the presidental office, but lets be fucking real, how many empty promises has he made and not followed threw , and yes look what happened with those EBT cards when "they" ( thats republican talk for black ppl)… ah fuck this .. waste my time lol
    yall kicking yalls self in the ass now huh

  3. Yeah sure, that's why African-American democrats live in the ghetto and African American republicans are highly respected by their white neighbours.

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