Republican: I’d Support A Racist For President

Republican: I’d Support A Racist For President

>>Would you still support him as president?>>I don’t know, that would be a-
>>You have to think about it?>>Really tough question.>>You have to think about whether or not
you would support a racist? Really?>>That’s Chris Kobach, a 2020 Senate candidate,
a former Kansas Secretary of State. He is very well known for stoking racial tensions,
and I’ll get to those details in just a minute. But Chris Cuomo had him on his program last
night Cuomo Prime Time, to discuss Donald Trump’s racism and bigotry toward freshmen
members of Congress, particularly the progressive women of Congress, which we’ve been talking
about all week. And Chris Kobach, of course is a racist himself,
so of course he’s gonna defend Donald Trump and you’re about to see that in this next
clip.>>Okay, well first of all if you look at
the words themselves, when the president said I think people are focusing on this members
of Congress should go back to their crime invested places from which they came right. So where are those places? Well, AOC’s case, it’s the Bronx. In Talib’s case, it’s Detroit. And in Omar’s case it is originally Somalia. Those are all crime-infested places. And in Somalia’s instance, there’s terrorism,
too. So, it’s a fact. To simply state that fact is not racist.>>So->>Cuomo closed his eyes like he was trying
not to hit him.>>You’re so, that’s so funny because I have
an earpiece obviously, so I can communicate with the control room throughout the show. And Brett Ehrlich was like, Cuomo’s face.>>So, you guys are on the same wavelength. So Chris Kobach watching this segment before
my appearance on Cuomo show yesterday was frustrating because I wanted to be part of
this conversation. But look, Chris Kobach is well known for his
race politics.>>Yeah.>>In fact, so well known that even the editorial
board at The New York Times wrote a scathing op ed about him when he was running to be
Governor of Kansas. So there’s the headline, Kris Kobach is the
GOP at its worst. In his race to be Kansas’s next governor,
which luckily he lost, Kobach represents the ugliest part of today’s Republican Party. He also sounds a lot like the president. Now in that piece, they also said the following. He’s best known for having been the vice chairman
of President Trump’s ugly voter fraud commission. Spawned in 2017 to root out the millions of
illegal voters who Trump’s ego pathetically and falsely claimed had cost him the popular
vote in 2016. Now that commission as we all know disbanded
shortly after because there was absolutely no evidence indicating that undocumented immigrants
were voting in the general election. No evidence at all. What a waste of time and resources.>>It’s so weird they couldn’t find it when
there were millions of them in California alone. It’s so weird.>>Its’ so crazy. I mean Trump is so thin skinned. Can’t accept the fact that 3 million more
people voted for Hillary Clinton as opposed to Trump, which really highlights our issue
with the Electoral College. But anyway, jump in John, what do you what
do you make of all this? Why are they? Look, I’m glad that Cuomo is is giving a voice
or giving a platform for Progressives because that hasn’t been happening on cable news ever.>>Yeah.>>But at the same time, I mean, Chris Kobach
was the second well known racist that was given a platform on CNN that day.>>Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, I guess he’s in a tough position because
Kobach is a horrible, horrible guy. His track records absolutely terrible. He will not rest until there’s not a single
black vote cast in a major election. That’s the only, I mean, I’m sure he has other
aspects of his ideology, but that’s what he’s going for this is to stop non-white people
from voting. But, I mean, he’s had multiple high profile
runs, he’s a member of the GOP. We’re in a terrible position where some of
the most horrendous people, like he was a narrow second to Richard Spencer and how disgusting
he was. But he’s a relatively influential member of
the GOP so, I guess there gonna have him on. He’s gonna be running again, if he fails there
he’ll probably be brought into the Trump administration there’s a second term. That’s who he is.>>Yeah, and I will give Cuomo credit because
he’s not the typical cable news host who just sits there and allows a terrible person to
lie and say whatever he or she wants to say. He does push back. There’s a little bit of that in the next clip
we’re gonna show you.>>But he says, I’m not a racist. Then it gives guys like you cover to defend
him. But let me ask you, what would you do if the
President said I am a racist? That’s why I said it. What would you do? Then I then I would not defend him because
there’s really no excuse for racism in America.>>Really, would you still support him as
president? You have to think about it?>>I don’t know that would be a really tough
question.>>Think you would support a racist, really? I’d have to know who is running against him.>>A racist?>>Look-
>>An admitted racist, you would have to know more?>>You’re making-
>>Chris, come on man. It can’t be that partisan.>>These are ridiculous hypotheticals because
of the->>It’s ridiculous that it took you that long
to answer.>>So I liked the way that Cuomo handles these
types of interviews because he does push back. At the same time, i want to do even more pushing
back given what we know about Kobach and his record. So in that last clip we showed you, he said
that there is no excuse for racism in America, except he is racist himself. And the efforts that he participated in really
bear that out. When it comes to fear mongering about immigration,
again I’m going back to the New York Times editorial board and the piece they wrote about
him. Mr Trump is a newbie compared with Mr. Kobach. Starting with a failed run for Congress in
2004, Kobach has regularly sounded the alarm that illegal immigration and widespread voter
fraud are destroying this nation. Indeed, he has suggested that fraud played
a role in his congressional defeat. His crowning achievement as Secretary of State
was a law passed in 2011, requiring people to prove their citizenship before registering
to vote. Or rather, it was his crowning achievement
until a federal judge this year struck down the law as unconstitutional. In the course of that case, Kobach so violated
basic courtroom rules that he was held in contempt and among other humiliations, order
to take six hours of legal education. This is an individual who went to Yale Law
School and had to be punished for the fact that he was violating basic courtroom rules.>>The classic nature versus nurture dilemma.>>He also got a kick out of indulging the
dark fantasies on his talk show, such as the 2014 caller fearful that the immigration policies
of then-President Barack Obama would lead to the ethnic cleansing of whites. So people would call in and he would entertain
the idea that Obama was trying to ethnically cleanse Whites in America. So what did you think he was going to say
in response to Trump? Of course he is going to defend him.>>I will never understand how a party and
this side of the political spectrum that implies that they are strong and the lefty guys are
weak are terrified that they’re all going to be murdered. Like if I came on the Damage Report every
morning and I was like, we gotta lot of news we’re gonna get to but first of all I think
badgers are coming for me. You would not think of me as an alpha male.>>Yeah.>>But these guys are terrified always that
every person that looks like me is gonna be murdered.>>I think that’s a likely outcome. To be so crippled with irrational fear is
not a position of strength.>>Also, just going back to the first story
we did today where we talked about Staney Hoyer.>>Mm-hm.>>We need to follow the rules and we can’t
call the president racist because that’s against the House rules.>>Mm-hm.>>Is that what you’re afraid of, right?>>Because Staney Hoyer might start killing
white men.>>Right, exactly, that’s the point that I’m
trying to make.>>He’s an intimidating man.>>In this age of unbelievable and almost
unmitigated weakness on the Democratic side, really, you’re gonna try to make the argument
that Democrats are pushing for ethnic cleansing?>>Yeah, they are. So yeah, and he was also going to take all
your guns and how did that work out? Like all these like bold predictions if they
don’t come true, it doesn’t matter. They don’t learn anything. The thing about that interaction that I found
a little bit frustrating is one of the reasons that that I didn’t talk about this morning
was. Although I’m really torn on this. Sometimes when something is so clearly racist
like Donald Trump’s rant, you want to take it you want to mash into the face of the people
who refuse to accept the racism as a thing and that’s driving American politics because
they refused to accept that. But I’m also on the flip side like, it’s never
going to happen. There is never going to be a thing that is
said or done that is finally going to make that night Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro,
all are gonna be like they got us, that’s racist. It’s never ever going to happen.>>It’ll happen. You want to know when it’ll happen?>>When?>>If a US president says something negative
about white people.>>That’s true, but I’m talking about-
>>Can you believe the racism?>>I’m talking about actual racism, but yes,
I get what you’re saying. Because the thing is it’s fundamentally disingenuous
when we ask Chris Kobach or insert whoever, was that racist and he responds with no. When what he means is, I don’t care about
racism. It’s not an issue. Is it a coincidence that all these people
who just happen to never see things as racism also don’t think that it exists, and if it
does exist, it’s not an issue? To think that that’s that biasing their response,
they will never admit it because they don’t care. Chris Kobach’s a professional politician with
decades of experience. And if you watched the body language and the
way he responded to Chris Kobach’s questions there. It was like you were asking a little boy something
and he couldn’t help but do tells he was lying. When he finally responds, he starts smiling,
because he knows that what he’s saying is not true. And then when there’s the follow up, he looks
up in the air and sort of sighs like, are we really going to go through this? Sure I wouldn’t support him. Because it’s not true. He doesn’t care. Of course he would support Donald Trump if
he was a racist. The percentage of Republicans would support
him would maybe go down by a percentage point if he came out and said I’m a racist. It wouldn’t matter at all.>>You’re absolutely right.>>All of this is ridiculous.>>And I understand why people like Chris
Cuomo and even myself at times will try to get them to say that. Because we care about this issue so much that
we just want to finally have it break through for them. But it’s not going to happen. Not because they don’t accept that it’s happening
but because they don’t care if it’s happening.

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100 thoughts on “Republican: I’d Support A Racist For President

  1. I'm pretty sure at least half the people who voted for Trump and can't wait to vote for him again did so BECAUSE he is a racist. Calling him a racist isn't going to hurt him one little bit- look at the crowd of people at his rally chanting "Send her back!" Does anyone think those people would mind it if Trump came out and said, "I'm a racist and proud of it."

  2. So a whole country is bad and full of terrorists and the whole of all these cities is crime ridden. This guy is so racists , he does not even know it.

  3. It's not that they think all white people will be killed, they believe all white people will be forced to breed with colored people.

  4. Something is wrong with his nose. Doesn't anyone else notice. it's like….it's white around the nose…and red on his nose.

  5. This tactic (running these stories) is not going to win the White House for the Democrats. They need to gain working class voters, not amuse PhD candidates

  6. One thing i cannot understand is why CNN keeps bringing these liar and racist trumpeters all the time. Paris denard, kellyann cunway, kayleigh mckanon and now kris kobach..isn't it enough that they get their voice in faux news?

  7. Remember: Kris Kobach did such a poor job in Trumps phony voter fraud commission that the judge overseeing the case sentenced Kris Kobach to go back to law school and retake some classes.

    FYI: he later got in trouble for trying to use tax payer funds to pay those classes.

  8. All republicans are racists. We need to stop giving them a pass. The guy just admitted what they all think…."So what if he's racist. I'm still going to support him." We need to not pay republicans any respect because they don't give any back.

    Unfortunately not true. The racism rhetoric has become normalised enough now that this would actually be a promotion spot for him. Trump's base want racists. When people in power positions let on the fact that they support racism Trump's fans will flock to them.

  10. Trump is the death of the Republican Party. They will not recover from this nonsense. Democrats will win the presidential election in 2020 and all republicans will be voted out of office soon after.

  11. The US has some of the most abhorrent/corrupt politicians in the World. Unsurprisngly, it also has the most convoluted/corrupt elections system (eg. presidential electoral college, disproportionate senatorial representation, gerrymandering).

  12. Just to add perspective for the white progressive liberals… I'm a black man, and I find it kind of strange that so many people think the worse thing you can call these conservative white men is racist. America has a strong tradition of pervasive, normalized racism. And these are conservatives (traditionalist). They support the days when white supremacy was the law of the land.

    This is "real" America. And these conservatives love it. It's warm, like home. It's like a racist apple pie to them.

  13. Thanks to trump, America is showing it's true nature and it is very ugly one. This is like a one night stand and in the morning when you look at who is next to you you find a chimera!

  14. Would you support Bernie if he came out as a racist?
    Ofcourse liberals would not even bother acknowledging that question bc it's so stupid. Same way Omar didn't even answer the question if she condemned AlQueda and Antifa. Does not dignify an answer. There are just some questions that are so outrageous it's a waste of time. Would TYT spend a whole segment denying that it was racist?

  15. John is 10000% right and yet we'll still try to get it out of them to admit they're racist knowing , both parties, that they full on are

  16. Who the hell is this Kris Kobach, and why is he so intent on supporting the hatred that is the Drumpf Administration?!

  17. I am sure Trump thought about all those facts before he uttered his hateful words. Trump is known to be a deep thinker.

  18. Why is it that racism does not exist but anti-semitism does?? At least according to dip shits like this on the right. Can someone explain this for me?

  19. Trump isn't a racist in the common sense. He worships power and been born rich. If someone has a lot of money and influence, Trump doesn't really care whether that's a Korean, Chinese, Turk, Russian, or whatever. He would've done great with Idi Amin (if that man could have hold himself back killing Trump because of that thing with the »shithole countries«), I guess, despite Idi Amin had been a black man.

  20. What is that old saying "The Coward dies many times, the Brave, but, once", republicunt must die several times a day, they're always so fearful…

  21. Lol if they support a racists then why do they always cry about people being mean and racists towards them don't they know already how it ends??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  22. That is Chris Cuomo, the man who defends Antifa terrorists. Why is that racism is the big bad thing on the left and not, say, communism. I would support a racist over a communist.

    Do you realize that you are racists. You make judgements on cases (like Trayvon Martin shooting) on basis of the race of people involved and not on basis of facts.

  23. These racists that don't have a platform and aren't on TV shows Como is always given them a platform he thinks because somebody's a racist there an expert wake up Como stop being an ass

  24. This racist idiot believes that s bla k and black and brown neighborhoods are crime infested shit holes. He is so ignorant.

  25. Why is this the only story that feels like it's sticking? It's been a full week now. Instead of one day

  26. Didn't you hear! The Nazi Party changed it's name! It's called the Republican Party now! It has the same racist agenda! No need to make any changes! White people can't resist racism! They love racist and racism so much! They don't even try to hide it anymore!

  27. The Amygdala and Hypothalamus are very influential in eating disorders.The Amygdala reacts as a Hebdomekontanal structure.

  28. The shit that lifts my wig is that the Democratic speaker is in part responsible for the attacks her members faced from this racist Republican president because she helped make them targets. Didn't be say some of this shit related to him defending Nacy.

  29. This would be me interviewing Chris Kobach.

    KOBACH: What the President actually meant was that these ladies need to focus on the “cities” in which they came from.

    ME: Really?… Well, that’s interesting because I always thought that the best way someone could make a difference in their communities and cities in which they come from would be to…Uh…I don’t know….RUN FOR CONGRESS; YOU DUMBASS!

  30. Trump in office is the prescription to America's race relations. Choose sides. No more hiding like a coward.

  31. I want a standing 69 with Ana K. And I'm a Turk, which validates my opinion. Oh I'm young too so my opinion is double validation. Anyways I also want to stick it in her dumper. What else what else…

  32. Why not shut this argument down quickly by fact checking?
    He said send them back to New York, Cincinnati…

  33. This reminds me of that idiot, Ben Stein who called Barack Obama the "most racist" president in history. Never mind the presidents who actually owned slaves. The only "racism" these idiots on the right want to acknowledge is their perceived "racism" against them from minorities.

  34. Wow! Why is that just now that DT is President we want to call out racism! Every white man that ever was President was a staunch racist! It’s not fair to just single out these 2 guys! Like you said if DT admitted to being a racist his support would
    only drop by a percentage point at best!! Truth is America is based and built on white supremacy!! Facts!!

  35. The whole reason people are voting for republicans now is because trump made it ok for them to be openly bigoted. Thats it, they care more about being racist than any policy, even ones that involve their health. Theyd rather DIE than not be able to be bigots out in the open.

  36. Something is wrong with you when you put your hate for people of color before your own interests of your family. It’s called mentally ill!

  37. Kris Kobach, creator of Interstate Cross Check used to wash people of color from the voter rolls, Racist? You bet!

  38. In fairness, asking Kris Kobach if he'd support a racists is like asking him if he would support himself. Kinda a no-brainer for him there.

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