Republican Lazio on Death of Moderates in GOP

Republican Lazio on Death of Moderates in GOP

now where where all the mater
republicans got well looks like rush limbaugh told them to do you be rough talk a memorandum off through the republican primaries they
were largely trounced by tea party kenny’s houma them for not being cure
ideologues but did that work well yes and no there
probably is cleaned house literally usually is there somebody of no
compromise for the most extreme tea party
candidates almost all lost christine o’donnell ten bucks john racy joe
miller’s in trouble in alaska of course called pellegrino got killed in new york now the man who lawson valley omega
g_o_p_ primary former republic guys who requests a go joins us right here naked i paid out
you’re going to be on a and that so what they do whose yet another trounced right now her
haircut never let’s put it this way that now how
do you know one of the priority and i was sixty four percent of upright but he
lost in the general election by twenty seven points out so this is the obvious question is the
voters in the primary make a mistake what do you can win as a republican some
of these what they call blue states large urban
areas diverse population unless you you’re relatively moderate you can speak
to some of social progress and a strong economy both at the same time attempting
or not the tony obviously for republicans in new york while the rest
of the country so somebody republican gains in new york we had corruption
trial at the crux of trial investigation scandal ten billion dollar deficits for
as far as the eye can see most dysfunctional state legislature in
america and n_y_u_ this out of it had been time where you can really make the
case for change what you have to have the right messenger and you have to have
a issue based campaign have credibility i think new york republican spell but test on
fortune this time saliva is a similar problems because if you consider within that context a
moderate republican right but you know the primary was devastate any
news whose of you know a big sign but yet they lost their jobs so i feel like
you’re stuck but i don’t think the key you want to
get anything you’d have a shot at a primary i think it’s very tough on so
that the system is tracking more moderate any surprises the people that
have the ability to consensus build and bring about solutions to this sort
of claims on the right to left some of it is because a reapportionment when it comes to legislative districts some of it is just because of who
controls the respective parties and we think we want that at the time of the
primary but when it comes to actually governing pretty disappointed with results because
you’re not getting the input from logical sensible reasonable people on both sides safe
love mike castle of losing in delaware was a pretty simple they weren’t excellent legislator
someone who could bridge the divide philosophically and get things done
there’s a guy who could survive a primary you know is a former governor
former multi turned congressman have the modern spin weeded out of the
republican party are are there almost any left annexure on both sides to be
fair on the democratic side away you had districts that are very
urban in many cases you don’t even have a republican challenger those oza folks don’t feel whole lot of
political accountability and so they can go out and do whatever
they may need to do in general in excess of side with the far left and on the republican side of the the
risk is always that you’ve you’re over and particularly rural districts the
u_n_ collecting relatively conservative people and the people in the middle had
been packed have really had a hard time in both parties what kinds of have
respectfully disagreed because i think there’s a lot of democrats who i would
consider corpus democrats honestly that invites the ben nelson seven by of
course i could be there anymore but that nelson is et cetera that police are in favor of
tax cuts and cutting spending it set up fighting the democratic party is not
shared with them whereas other apartments i got no no no
i have a sleek in congress can point to a single moderate republican them if you
look at all of them are going to be fair uh… some electro you’re under the law
had a great friendship with her when i was in congress but the idea that’s that that was all of
the problem he has a good select with eighty percent of the vote because that is something wrong the
system that we don’t have a healthy well there are two issues that now i
hear you next gerrymandering necessarily issue no issue we’ve always had to deal
with red but that that is a second issue which is the polarization which rush limbaugh on
the right is leaving many say hey you are going to run these guys are often a
he’s against and another vice its enemies one no
right i mean he’s won the day while there are some people the follow that
there are the people that that the gulf all that you know hard to say although
she was in the general election that meg whitman for example in california was
the right wing comps an issue with pro-choice candidate you know relatively
progressive on the mcgill testing of california schwarzenegger you can argue
was modern i think is very conservative thinkers but he also gave green energy etcetera
etcetera and did they can send up i mean the rush
limbaugh’s of the world a set of anything is the worst kind of trader
yeah and it seems like that’s the momentum on the republican side doesn’t
hurt the republicans to be a national party they’ve gotta have answers on the
environment on climate change on infrastructure on job creation democrats the same needed me to have
already is and how you build a stronger private economy both sides we talk about ways in which
they can reduce spending even in some sacred cow areas like the department
defense to do things efficiently take up your rock receipt didn’t things in a way
that this morton keeping with the current risks that america faces this is
going to blow up on the republican party eventually fifteen really vp run these
extreme guys in the and they win in their incharge now out when they go to legislate mason out
like department that he should know we don’t want to you know if part of the
environmental protection you see we don’t want to say the actually do that are they really risking enduring
american people this significantly if people get ahead of the american people
if they misread the selection as a huge mandate five npr but they said they suffer the
same restless and i know people said this before forty years democrats for control the
house republicans came in for twelve years they got thrown out democrats for the
four years this is a very volatile political situation it’s not just
america by the way it’s worldwide when you have high unemployment than people
think that governs not addressing the core problems of faith the people of
facing the real world they throw people out awfully quick like and republicans
or look at this as simply a second chance this is a center right mission here too far to the right or too far to
the left you see what happens once again i
disagree at the center right but and i agree with cambridge or just as we are reaching
back to you

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61 thoughts on “Republican Lazio on Death of Moderates in GOP

  1. The moderates in some areas have left the Republicans. They just can't handle the nutbats. So the Republicans vote only for the extremists, and no moderates are left.

  2. You know if I was ever to vote Republican then this would be my guy, I like him, where were these guys the last ten years?

  3. @MjXllcommando It seems obvious to me, when you're mad at one party in a two party system you vote in one party and the other one out. It's a pattern commentators have been discussing often since the election results. It's the inevitable consequence of a two-party system.

  4. cenk needs 3 quick facts to rebut the "center right" claim EVERYONE USES. Anyone that says "center right" on his program should hear, "the country is CENTER LEFT because of this, this and this. change the narrative. you never even hear CENTER LEFT. we hear "center right, far left" 5 million times a day. what people hear is sane right, crazy left.

  5. @calimar28 and when the economy tanks again, they make christianity the only religion in the us, and there's no social security left for you're aging white male platform i'm sure you're still gonna be circle jerking your kkk friends, aren't you?

    for a party that hates gays, you sure do have a bunch of fags as constituents ;D

  6. i would ha bisky cenk straight up to the presidential office so he can ha bisky obama back into shape to fix the ha bisky.

  7. Really good interview. Shame it was so short. Would be cool to have time to explain to him why the majority of people in most countries are left of centre (a lot just don't vote either).

  8. I love that if Cenk cannot physically bring his TYT sound machine to MSNBC, then he will just do the soundbites himself! Now all I need is for Cenk to drop a Mike Singletary soundbite in an interview.

  9. @pinochet222 Cenk always says that the nation has shifted to the right. I don't understand how your nation isn't center right.

  10. @Spacemarine420 Regardless of how Americans describe themselves, for people like me looking in, all we see is the political action they take. I hope you guys can get that issue sorted out.

  11. The republican ideas on the environment:Deny, deny, deny, um….. toxic sludge is good for you. Carbon dioxide is not pollution…

  12. @Vampified You get that sense because those are the ONLY people making their case but polls show that most people do NOT feel that way and the people that DO feel that way only feel that way because of a fundamental misunderstanding of our politics…. The left in this country doesn't know how to tell the rest of the country and the world, as it seems, what their positions really are and what we want….

  13. @upplsuckimcool16

    They communicate perfectly and Americans DON'T WANT IT!!! Don't treat Americans like idiots.

    Smart Americans kicked out the Reps in 2006 and 2008 and smart Americans voted them back in on election day 2010.

    Obama's policies are failures and a massive waste. We get it, we just don't want it.

  14. I don't agree with him on much but Lazio would have won the office in Albany on relatively easy path. If the Tea Baggers keep pushing out moderates they will never gain and retain power in coastal blue states.

  15. whenever someone uses the term "far" before they say right or left, they always are trying to make someone sound worse than they really are. there are very few far lefts, but many far rights.

  16. Is it really true that it's a center right nation, or is that a mantra like the 'liberal media' and 'Christian nation'?

  17. @Neanderthalcouzin bingo. This is how confused the electorate is. There are polls where a majority identify as conservatives. But then you ask about issues, and issue by issue they are majority liberal. But since they last 20 years the conservatives have made liberal into a bad word, you now have people that won't identify as that because of it.

  18. @bungerman1000 That sounds about right. For a long time I was even hesitant to say I was a liberal person because of the demented, ignorant, pathetic school ground bullying that occurs in the media, by pundits, and so on. But I realized 'hang on…I don't actually agree, remotely, with what these (predominantly religious) conservatives are even saying', and I thought '…and furthermore, I am liberal on this issue, that issue, and that issue'.

  19. @bungerman1000 The truth is, in many other countries liberal is not vilified and used an insult like 'queer'–which is Ann Coulter's schtick. It just isn't. A hell of a lot of highly educated scientists, thinkers and people in politics are liberal. In fact, the best people I know are. When pundits rant about liberals, I sort of look at them as essentially the same as cock-eyed klan members ranting about Jews and wogs. They're just a phenomenon.

  20. @bungerman1000 Finally–I see them the same way I see hardcore creationists: ignorant trolls. Falling for their schtick goes down with education and intelligence. You know that game 'every time (fill in the blank) says (fill in the blank) drink!'
    Well, every time you hear a pundit or related person say 'liberal' in a hyperbolic put down, go and read something new, challenge yourself, and/or travel somewhere outside the US (in lieu of funds, stick with first option). All that BS will fall away

  21. @marktsheppard sadly its only former elected republicans who are willing to talk honestly about their party. not to say that had lazio been re-elected he would have been ranting about obama's supposed $2 billion trip to india, he simply would have not done the show.

  22. So the fmr Congressman is no longer running and he sounds like a person instead of a bot, I wonder if there's a connection?

  23. @Neanderthalcouzin it depends on what statistics you look at if you ask people strait up if they are liberal they say hell no but if you ask people questions on specific policies there is a decent populist support for many "liberal" policies

  24. @bungerman1000
    The majority IS conservative and their issues are conservative! Liberalism is a dying breed and we need President Palin to completely cure and heal America from this cancer of the left!

  25. @pinochet222 And the genius thing about it is that they think the SAME about us…. I don't understand how though… No actually I do… it's becuse they don't even pay attention they watch too much television… I mean I look at my mom and she is the antithisis of what's wrong with American people…

    I call it 10th century logic…. Look up the sun goes down therefore the sun MUST go around the earth! It's a logical statement born out of lack of education/understanding…

  26. @NDstephan you do know the north wanted the whole 3/4ths thing not the south and seceding is an was legal new york even talked about doing it in the early 1800s

  27. @dangerouslytalented Two facts about the next Congress:
    1) 42 percent of House Democrats belong to the Progressive Caucus, representing ultra-blue districts.
    2) Republicans won most purple districts, at the expense of moderate democrats.

  28. @xaviqaz That is because democrats have lost enthusiasm, and stayed at home. The ones who went out and voted were the ones who had been ginned up by Glenn Beck.

  29. I supported Lazio in the Primary. When I saw the headline "Paladino Pulls Upset" the headline really should have been "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?"

  30. Fort Sumter was a military base for the Federal Military, the Federal Military is not supposed to station troops on State Property hence every military fort used by the Feds is actually owned and maintained by the Fed Governent, Ft. Bragg, Leonard Wood, etc. all owned by the Feds and not subject to State Jurisdiction

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