Republican Party Steps In To Pay Hope Hicks’ $500,000 Legal Fees

Republican Party Steps In To Pay Hope Hicks’ $500,000 Legal Fees

According to new reports, Hope Hicks, the
former communications person, staffer, whatever the hell she actually was with the Donald
Trump administration, she has received close to $500,000 from the Republican Party for
her legal defense as being embroiled in all of the Donald Trump scandals, even though
she’s no longer involved with the Donald Trump administration. She has received $451,780 from the RNC. The Republican National Committee has paid
that much money to defend Hope Hicks and pay for her lawyers so that she might be able
to keep herself out of prison. Here’s the thing, that money is coming from
donors all over this country who just want to support the Republican Party. They may not even be Trump supporters. Maybe they like Paul Ryan. Maybe they like Mitch McConnell. Maybe they just, you know, like Republican
ideals, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They give money to the RNC hoping that maybe
it’s going to go to a candidate that they like, but instead it’s going to pay the legal
bills of these people who may have committed criminal actions as part of the Trump administration. Hope Hicks is not the first or only person
to be receiving this money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars from the
RNC over the last 12 months has gone towards paying the legal fees of members of the Trump
administration. Not only are they screwing over the people
who are giving money to Republican Party, they’re also starving needy candidates of
necessary campaign funds to help stave off the potential blue wave that may be coming
in November. Now, to be honest, I love this. I hope the RNC doubles down on it. Let’s not just pay $450,000 for Hope Hicks’
legal fees, let’s pay 900,000. Let’s get her even more lawyers. Let’s get her the best lawyers. Hell, let’s throw in like $80 million and
try to make some kind of Frankenstein of Johnnie Cochran to come back from the dead to represent
her. Throw in all of the money that you have ever
raised to represent these people from the Trump administration. That would make me happy. You know why? Because then you’re not going to have any
cash left on hand to go run your stupid ads against Hillary Clinton, who’s not even running
this year, even though that’s what most of the campaign ads Republicans have put out
this year are about. Instead, you’re going to blow all your cash
for people who are in no way going to be able to shake this criminal investigation that’s
going on. It is a lost cause. But if you’re willing to throw your money
down that hole, I’m not going to stop you.

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100 thoughts on “Republican Party Steps In To Pay Hope Hicks’ $500,000 Legal Fees

  1. Our taxes at work , liars.
    Lock her up too. In the same cell with Trump, will make the buffoon really secure, and throw a baby blanket for security.

  2. Cheddar news reports in an MSNBC video Michael Cohen is still being paid by the GOP. See the video link below.
    Dean On Cohen Meeting Russian: Trump “Infected” GOP With “Swamp” | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  3. Hope it wipes them out, hey trumptards…send in all your money and food stamps!!! Forget your meth addictions, dumpy and his criminals need your money!!!!!

  4. Republicans need our help now more than ever. Remember, .75 cents of each dollar you donate, will help one of these criminal traitors pay their legal fees for their crimes against America. The party really needs help, so dig down deep and donate all you can.

    And don't forget boys and girls, an Educated Republican, is a Democrat. So continue to push for easier access to affordable education so our children won't catch the Republican affliction.

  5. The RNC should pay every U.S. citizens legal bills! $500,000 for legal bills or to keep her mouth shut?

  6. Trump is bilking the RNC & making fools of the Republican Party. They are just too damn stupid to realize it. HILARIOUS!

  7. $350,000 for sex with a pornstar, now $500,000 for the office skank. Can't conservatives get pussy without having to pay for it? Sad!

  8. Maybe if she didn't tell a little white lie ,she would not of been in so much trouble..but really that much for one interview with Mueller?

  9. lol trump donors paying for the WH legal fees. So are we with taxes, but at least we didnt give the “billionaires” money for nothing.

  10. No matter how rich you are there's got to be a stopping point where you know that enough is enough. The republicans are not only spending this country into a hole, it's also affecting the donors pockets.

  11. Farron, I think there is an important distinction here, she wasn't embroiled, she's an accessory @ least. Are they getting paid to lie also? Don't give RNC any ideas!! LOL. Mueller's lawyers are better!

  12. I wonder if there might be something behind those money spent on those Trump people . Maybe trying to buy their silence?

  13. They are trying to keep her mouth shut. That's all. They whole trump are in need of legal fees. The good evangicals and NRA + other people who are convinced by the domestic terrorist organizers like fox news prop up lies Sanders spouts out like crazy everyday ensure helping traitor trump drain this country of everything that made it great. He will leave with a scorched earth policy. He doesn't care is the country goes full blown civil war if he thinks he can win a dicatorship.

  14. That money is coming from the rich whose taxes went down considerably, creating a huge debt for our children to pay off. Trump isn't going to pay anything he can get somebody else to pay; for instance us!

  15. can someone explain to me if this are normal legal fees ? I mean if I need a lawyer to defend myself would I end up with a 1 million bill ? I know lawyers are not cheap but damn even for rich people it isn't that cheap

  16. Reason 3001 Republicans are fucking retarded. They have shit in common with the donor class and the politicians. All they are is a vote to them. Fucking retards.

  17. Probably they got leftovers ($$$$) from the Saudis, or Putin, or NRA donors???!!!!
    Or his millionaire friends now from the tax break or public tax money,
    Always criticizing the Clinton's but this nasty cronies are 10 times worst

  18. Farron Cousins… Everytime I see that motherfucker he reminds me of Uncle Fester and the Addams family theme song ! It's a rememberable song ! And the lyrics describe his program perfectly ! 😂

  19. It is absolutely beyond the realms of comprehension why the RNC should pay Hope Hicks her legal fees and reprehensible that mr millionaire who bragged to the voters how much money he had ,so much money he didn’t need it. Ergo she should pay her own legal fees or with the king of Braggadocio paying for them, he has no need for money. I hopes he has the same compassion’s and grandiose thoughts to the the others in the GOP. If the answer is no then once again you have been shafted if you are so short, fat and ugly? I apologise for using those words to judge a persons character by. An interesting CONONDRUM for the GOP to ponder, how do they qualify for assistance from king of Braggadocio. So sorry that you are missing the one requirement that may have assisted you and those outlandish legal fees, YOU DONT HAVE A PUSSY, and girls if you
    good luck because but unless you look like Ivanka or Hope you are up s**t creek without the proverbial paddle.

  20. Not nearly as much as the Democrats are ripping off from their base to protect their rigged primaries and money laundering Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton…how is it that Democrats are more stupid than Republicans now?


  22. If a single Republican makes Stormy Daniels look bad, I want to ask what 500,000 makes Hope Hicks. Remember DJTJr who is also getting his legal fees paid.

  23. Replublicans wasting money in ads about wishing the pervert a happy birthday…

  24. That's it, RethuglieKKKlans. Blow all of the donor money you've gotten on defending whoever the Gross Trumpkin wants defended. Use up all of the cash that you were going to use to further brainwash people into voting against their own interests and supporting more tax breaks for the rich and further destroying the middle class, the environment, and every other act of evil that you Greedy Old Pricks so love to commit. It'll make it all the easier to boot each and every one of you out of office come the midterms.

  25. TRUMP IS RECKLESSLY AND TREACHEROUSLY ENDANGERING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY. His unhinged daily attacks undermine the institutions we must rely on to protect us from our enemies, internal and external. Trump's rabble believe his damned lies about a “deep state”, while our ex-allies dare not risk sharing vital intelligence with us. Trump is a traitor, betraying his country to save his worthless hide, aided and abetted by many GOP ass-kissers.

  26. I would like to see the bill. She did not stand trial. She did not spend weeks in a grand jury room. Even at 500 an hour, and don't kid yourself most very good layers do not make that once you employ them for a 100 hours or so. Over a 1000 hours for a few hours of testimony to say what you know, which is apparently nothing? Even if you do know something, how long does it take to lie? They are making a killing with this. Somewhere in there, the person being questioned is being compensated because after all it is like being at ' work', only pays ten times as much.

  27. I know that if I have given money to either party (with medications being over$1300 – this quarter is closer to $1500 if not more per quarter AFTER insurance, even if I want do political giving I can't) I would be pissed that my money was being used for any legal proceedings.

  28. If Trump was a billionaire, it would be peanuts for him.. Those amounts of money (Daniels 150K..) he could easily have paid them cash.
    I have a feeling that he's not really as rich as if wants us to think. Maybe he invested a lot of money in properties that have zero resell value ?

  29. If you allow legal fees to be imposed on political figures just to prepare their defence, your democracy is already dead. Any political figure can be quashed by any oligarch with the money to waste on frivolous suits. The TAX PAYER should pay for this, and also pay for the defence of despicable sexual harassing politicians. The alternative is far worse.

    Just consider the term "Legal fees". It is an obscenity. How can anyone have to pay for legal defence? How can we allow a system where people with millions for lawyers are typically acquitted for crimes that everyone else is typically convicted?. Legal fees are punishment without trial, and a punishment that specifically targets the poor and middle class while being trivial to the megarich.

    ..and we have all seen the rich (especially Trump) using the threat of suing to shut people up before it comes to court, because normal people cannot afford the fees to even prepare a case.

  30. I have a comment how about finding the truth you all have nasty comments how about a break from trashi g anyone be for America help to makr this country better it your land its our land from sae to to sea just give a dam!! Stop the insult and srart the that a boy for thhe good we have done?????

  31. Another absurd example of how the Globalists' owned media twists the obvious. Attacking the victim, which means stepping on the less powerful, which means the 99.999%.

    So absurd. Complaining about the cost and how anyone is defending themselves rather than the money spent to attack a member and therefore all members of an administration. Didn't the nominated VA Secretary decide not to run because he did not want to fight off attacks? Look what has happened to General Flynn only to find out the claims against him were based on lies over what he said while being deceptively investigated/interrogated?

    If the cost of defending oneself from unlimited funding to attack an office holder or anyone associated with them becomes prohibitive the only ones left in office will be the insanely rich. Who is insanely rich in government; the crooks.

  32. In addition to Hicks, there are other payments by Rs for legal fees. May be approaching $2-$3M. Am sure supporters in few dollars here and there category are thrilled. Costs a lot to litigate corruption, lying and play to pay bribes.

  33. What…. is Cohen busy? GOP is now President Trump's slush fund. GOP donors are sucks, markers…

  34. What did she do to need a half million dollar defence fund??
    Good job Republicans. You're now all complicit to this crime.
    Keep it up, retards.

  35. Watch as soon as she testifies will sing and bring them all down . something about her very shady from the git

  36. Trump supporters contributions to the GOP.

  37. "Hicks allegedly dated Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski while he was still married to Alison Hardy.[39][40][41] She later began dating former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter." – She passed herself around…..

  38. What?? The billionaire can't pay this out of his own pocket. Oh, he is a lier and is not a billionaire. What a fuck nut. FU45.

  39. They can pay legal fees but tried to tell President Obama he was spending out of control trying to help the middle class and the poor. Kmsl…… where are y'all getting this money from all of a sudden? Lol….. hipocrcy at its best.

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