Republican Party Wants Guns in Kindergarten

Republican Party Wants Guns in Kindergarten

the republican party is now pushing for
guns in kindergarten classes the colorado republican party want to pass
legislation that would not only allow guns in schools including kindergarten
classes but it would allow concealed weapons in
all schools from elementary through college so i guess this is turning the
educational system you know the three r’s louis this would be like before ours
obviously reading writing riff that sick and rifles see i think that would’ve been better if
you laughed i would’ve appeared to be a fun airline emerges will not funny uh… i think it was paid more attention
to the show he would find it funny it what i think what’s going on intact with
with with these days an issue that’s can lose was gonna on
trying to read what’s coming up on this piece of paper
it’s it’s very distracting who is that if you think is the beginning of the
show we had complete internet outage today i
have to drive somewhere too our scripts and newspaper everywhere to
regroup and in on the internet uh… yeah will not today anyway here it is clearly very
distracted by papers so this is an agatha twisted response to the school
massacres at columbine and virginia tech and it has led to the argument from some
conservatives that we actually need more guns in schools to fight against armed attacks now of course uh… i’d about a dozen state
legislatures last year took up a variety of different measures that would allow
guns on college campuses some even considered lifting these bands at k
through twelve public schools florida stopped the discussion of this
uh… after the emotional testimony of a father whose daughter was killed at florida
state university when other another student accidentally shot a rifle this is not a good idea the idea that
the more guns we have in the system the safer everybody’s going to be from the
lone gunmen it’s not really a good argument we can find anecdotal evidence
where one person having had a gun may have created a situation that would
have been better i think what we need to look at all so as we saw with the jerrad
la fleur uh… gabrielle giffords situation is do you really need a clip that holds thirty rounds of
ammunition or is ten enough for that type of weapon uh… may be that that is enough and
that would have had uh… that would have forced terrible offered
to have to reload which is exactly what he was taken down right inundated throw
evidence of but going someone having a gun in a certain
situation uh… perhaps saving lives i think if you put a gun in every
classroom in the country uh… i think will end up having more
anecdotal evidence that’s just that alone many more people to be killed or
potential each is really bad situation i think you’re right and you know what
this is actually time for uh… progress is to take back the language
we’ve talked about taking back the language on marriage equality as opposed
to gay marriage we’ve talked about taking back the
language on uh… of women’s rights as opposed to pro-abortion which is a
complete farce this is another one of those example it’s it’s not gun rights this is not about gun rights this is
about attempts to expand deadly weapons access and usage fact gun rights expanding deadly weapons access and
usage that’s i think is really much more
expensive than reality break the individual was ninety gaining
or losing any rates here now we’re going to weapons

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29 thoughts on “Republican Party Wants Guns in Kindergarten

  1. If there is a shooting, and everybody has a gun, they will all draw their guns… and shoot who? The guy with their gun drawn?

  2. Dammit Luis! I don't even know how to spell your name, and for not even TRYING to laugh at that joke, you deserve it!

  3. 1. people that vote republican are afraid of their own shadow.
    2. republicans want to dumb down the population, keep them from getting a education.

    Who wants to get shot at school? No one!

  4. In most cases increased access equals increased use.
    Be it access to candy, alcohol, drugs or guns. Not saying everything should be illegal, but the notion that increased access will lover unwanted usage is oxymoronic.

  5. So, everyone is safer if everyone has a gun? Maybe the US should pass a law that requires everyone to own a gun. It stands to reason that if everyone has a gun, that less people will be killed by guns. Right? Everyone can actively protect themselves against each other, knowing that they can easily kill each other, thus lowering the overall tension and creating a more positive and peaceful atmosphere in god's America.

  6. if school shootings was a common event, then yeas, they would have an argument for guns in school. But the biggest thing the these people forget, kids/teens don't know what the hell their doing more then half the time, that's why we put them in schools, so if you give them guns, they will use them, and a lot of people will get shot over stupid shit.

  7. Because we all know that the constant fear of dying in a hail of bullets makes a fantastic learning environment.

    Let's replace teaching evolution with target practice!! Derp.

  8. I am all for gun rights. In fact, my family owns guns to protect us from others and for protecting us only. However, having guns within schools is a terrible idea! People will die… all because the juvenile delinquents that will be possessing the weapons won't give a shit about the people they kill. Also, can anyone say crossfire?

  9. Lol! Gotta keep the kids safe! Never know when one will steal another kids blocks and you need to bring out the glocks!

  10. @xJoeEDangerouslyx lol.. I simply stated that I thought guns in school were a bad idea. I did not say that I thought the government had the right to infringe on the second amendment.

  11. @MsRobotRock Yep, because I and any other normal person would totally kill someone for saying something I don't like. And I'm only being half-sarcastic! People have instincts. Back when they were apes, they would kill each other over slight annoyances. Now it isn't too different.

  12. @WigglyMalmsteam I think the world is safer if anyone can have a gun than if nobody is supposed to have a gun. Doing that would decrease the supply of guns, making them much more valiable, and making smuggling guns into a profitable business. Like with drugs. I think where we are now isn't that bad, and if schools don't want kids to bring in guns, thats great. But I think if there is reason to believe that you are unsafe that you should have a right to a firearm, even at school.

  13. Hm, lets see. The USA has the softest gun laws of all western countries, bad gun control, easy access to guns, worships guns, has a culture of glorification of guns and violence, some states allow people to carry guns. The USA also has by far the highest gun crime and also the highest homicide/murder rates of the western world. Your chance to get shot in the USA is approx. 40-times higher than that of a, say, German.

    End of story.