Republican Senator Finally Admits Why His Party Won’t Stand Up To Trump

Republican Senator Finally Admits Why His Party Won’t Stand Up To Trump

Republican Senator Bob Corker let it slip
this week why members of his party refused to stand up to Donald Trump. During an interview with the Washington Examiner,
Bob Corker said that when he’s out on the campaign trail, when he’s talking to people,
they’re not asking about issues. They don’t care about what’s happening in
the world. They’re only asking him, are you with Trump
or not? And they want to hear that he’s with Trump. And the same is true for Republicans all over
this country. It’s no longer about the issues. The Republican base, the hardcore alt-right
part of the Republican base, a small fraction of it, just wants to know if you’re loyal
to Trump or not because that’s all they need in order to vote for you. And that’s why these spineless, disgusting
Republican pigs refuse to stand up to Donald Trump or to demand deeper investigations into
what this man has been accused of doing, whether its with the sexual assault, the harassment,
the defamation, the collusion investigation. They won’t touch any of that because, if they
do, they could lose a very tiny small little fraction of their voting base. These Republicans, by Bob Corker’s own admission
here, are more beholden to the alt-right, to the one percent of one percent of right
wing voters than they are to the American public. Donald Trump is inflicting very real damage
on this country. That’s undeniable. And he’s doing it with the help of the Republicans. He couldn’t do everything that he’s done without
their complacency on this. But he’s doing it anyway because they’re going
right along with him. They don’t want to stand up to him. They don’t to tell him that his idea for a
border wall is stupid. They don’t want to tell him that you can’t
ban Muslims from entering the country, not because they don’t believe it or because they’re
against it, but because they don’t want go against him, because then they have to go
answer to those crazy people in their base, the crazy people who stand up and say, “Why
did you go against Donald Trump? Now I can’t vote for you because I’m an idiot
voter.” They’re afraid of those people. That’s what this is about. Bob Corker’s little admission here is about
more than, you know, just policies or what his base is feeling right now. It’s about what’s going to happen to these
morons when they go back for re-election this year and get their asses handed to them in
the midterms, because moderate Republicans, the few Republican people out there that don’t
believe in the crazy things that the alt-right believes, they just don’t want government
interference in things. They’re not going to vote for these crazy
Republicans again. They’ve already said that according to polls. Democrats across the board have an eight-point
advantage in generic polls heading into the midterms. And, yeah, that advantage has slipped a little. But it’s still eight points. Republicans understand that. They know they’re in trouble but they refuse
to do anything about it, because doing something about it means you have to stand up to Donald
Trump and then, god forbid, you’re going to lose all those racist voters from the alt-right.

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100 thoughts on “Republican Senator Finally Admits Why His Party Won’t Stand Up To Trump

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  2. That is pathetic! I will never be with a politician, EVER! They either do right by the people that they represent or they are voted against.

  3. Then i say once we kick Trumps oramge ass out of the white house his worthless useless racist alt right buddies should get forced outta this country. DEPORT THEM ALL!!!

  4. I think that, instead of voters walking away from the polling place with an "I voted" sticker, we should give the alt-right losers an "I'm an idiot voter" sticker as per Farron's quote. No need to to ask for which candidate they voted; it's always so easy to pick them out from a crowd.

  5. Because they removed their knickers and there in lies a smooth patch of nothing there. Like a frontal taint. Ie – spineless, ball less, mincy lil taints.

  6. These F…kers and their Neonazi supporters wouldn’t bleak an eye if trump. Walked outside and took a dump on the White House Lawn…………………..

  7. this only supports that I've been saying for years now. The republicons only care about themselves and their rich masters. They will sell out this country if it will benefit themselves and they already have done that. Repubicons are spineless cowards that just want to line their own pockets with as much money as they can stuff in them. The GOP is the enemy of the US.

  8. I hate to say it but all this says is that the majority of Americans are monumentally stupid and cannot think for themselves.

  9. Trump is the bull in the china-shop of reason & progress. Republicans are riding that bull while it disperses its calling-cards all across America!

  10. Bill Maher said repubs in Congress are tied to the Trump voting base like a dude handcuffed to a dead hooker. I think it's a gd anology

  11. The GOP is like the frog in the hot water. They give away control to Trump little by little, until at some point they realize what is happening and then realize they have no means left to change anything anymore., The water is already almotst boiling, and Trump has gathered enough "clean" coal to take it over the egde.

    Trump was successful twice not to declare a national emergency to overrule the Parliament. Granted, today he backpedalled, but nevertheless.

    This backpedalling from the tariffs (for virtually every country except China) is just another sign (no: proof) how weak this government is, how unreliable for anybody. Anything you have negotiated and agreed upon can be revoked the next second and reinstated a moment after.

  12. I thought when we elected President Obama that we finally became a modern enlightened country, well we did for 8 years. Then the Racists reared their ugly heads and trump was right there to spread hate, division, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and his like minded bigots bought into it. Trump did not win the popular vote, he is not what this country wants or needs. He is a Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath, (Dr. Bandy Lee, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump". He needs to be removed from office before he kills us all, he is a danger to America and the world as a whole. He is a BOIL on the ass of humanity and must be lanced immediately.

  13. This tells me 2 things. As usual our politicians are gross. 2nd Trump's most loyal supporters are a direct threat to the country.

  14. They're like Pilate, in ya'lls bible, washing their hands, hoping that will keep them from suffering the consequences of their actions, oh, excuse me, their inaction!
    Ya'll should remember, 'karma can be a real bitch'!
    Enjoy it!

  15. There is another side to this. Trump has usurped the GOP. Say what you like about Republicans in general, but what's going on here is a perversion of the party. In fact, anyone who gets involved with Trump winds up twisted somehow – that's what happens with psychopaths. There is a very real danger that if moderate Reps make a stand now, they'll be ejected and replaced with Trumpist candidates – a great many of whom will win, due to sheer political tribalism. That's how minority takeovers have happened throughout history, from Alcibiades to Putin. Purge the moderates, grab the tribal vote and throttle dissent.
    Think that's overanalysis? Ignore ideology – Trump does. He's nothing more or less than an unthinking authoritarian demagogue. Lessons from history, people. Men like Trump, whether they dress right or left, are extremely dangerous.

  16. in other words, the rethuglicunts are happy to risk a civil war when the democrats remove the orange moron, and the white supremicysts rise up in anger.
    republicans, DO YOUR DUTY, if you speak out and confirm that dump is in fact the morally corrupt traitor the whole world knows he is, then maybe, you will save a lot of lives (those that are YOUR base), ignorance is their crime, is the GOP prepared for your BASE to be killed due to your inaction?

  17. Repuglignants used the Southern strategy. to create this ignorant, fearful, hateful, submissively authoritarian voting cults; their joke is on those Repuglignants now, since their base now forces them to submit to Turdump the alpha beta ape (Putin is the alpha).

  18. It's time for the Democrats too step up to the plate, no more old politics…We need Fresh new Progressives that will fight for our rights.#ProgressiveAwakening

  19. I'll tell you the snowflakes come out of the woodwork at any sign WE might waver. These Republicans who do not support the President will not be back and can join the Democrats on their way out of D.C.

    There will be no blue wave and after November DEmocrats might as well stay home as their obstruction will be done for.

    What follows in the comments are the hopes of the left that will not come true.

  20. John Bolton named as National Security Advisor. He is a dangerous man.War Hawk he will get us in a shooting war in no time at all. This is a bad thing.

  21. Corker at least is somewhat honest but the republicans or conservatives whatever they are called are dangerous too.

  22. Stormy, Karen and Melania. How many woman was he seeing at the same time. One could say he was dating several and said , I'll marry the first one that gets pregnant with a boy

  23. We finally see the republicans for what they really are. They have never cared about the American people. Now they’ve signed their own death warrant by allowing the fat orange moron remain in office and continue to damage America and the world. There won’t be another Republican President for a very long time…..well…not that we have a president now.

  24. VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The High is not happy with America. Far 2 many false prophets/Evangelicals misinterpret Holy Scriptures on purpose and if the people don't start to seeking God's face and stop listening to false prophets many will fall and believe the tricks and lies they so widely spread. The Evangelicals who follow Trump were never with God from the very beginning.

  26. This complicit behavior proves that most evangelicals are not true Christians. God never approved of agreeing with whatever.

  27. I don't think they are worried about the flock, they are worried about the money. The only thing they all agreed on were the payoffs. I wonder if the base knows its not going to last forever, well not there's. Rich get richer and the flock gets fucked

  28. Can’t believe how stupid some Americans are, a stupid base led by a very stupid man. I thought “Idiocracy” was only a movie.

  29. The r compliance with this demanding, misinformed and bigoted minority will lead them right over the edge of the cliff in November 2018. I hope their alt-right fringe folk follow them.

  30. Since when do they do anything to help trump?? Corker is a traitor from the start. You present a false narrative like CNN,msnbc. Same tripe. Fuck you.

  31. Hey Hey there Mr. Ring of fire, how dare you insult our American Pigs. How dare you compare pigs to the Republikkkns, pigs have given America more than the Republikkkns have ever or will ever give to benifit all of us. Arnold from the Green Ackers is rolling over in his grave. Leave the Porky Pig out of politics. Thats that's that's all folks.

  32. Just wait and watch the Dow Jones tomorrow Friday the 23rd and you'll see just how much Trump has done for this country.

  33. Once again it is highlighted that the Republican Party is not a party of support for the United States but for the thieving ways of Trump and associates. Their brand of treason and criminal corruption is becoming more and more out in the open for anyone that pays attention. We must VOTE them out and LOCK THEM UP!!!!

  34. It's all about power and Trump is their meal ticket. The Republicans are a criminal mob, they have been since the 1960's.

  35. The out right of the republicans , those racists , are about 33% of voters. That’s one third of Americans voters . Go figure!

  36. I happen to support Trump, why? Something called economic growth, stock market Jobs,. Never mind your wimpy thoughts these are tangible results. Not bullshit If you don't like so be it but bullshit walks and money talks!!! People getting bonuses and worker participation on the rise. Trump supporters and his whole agenda is different than the swamp where you belong. He represents people that have been wood,screwed and raped by DC. Who is bringing back jobs? These are results not talking points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. We the people must all pull together and get out there and vote trump and his fucked up administration out of office because none of them give a damn about the American people which they are suppose to be working for.

  38. You lost me after you called elected republicans as pigs. Calling others as morons disingenuous you. You are trying to stand for lofty ideals, but by insulting those very people is very disingenuous. I am not an American and have watched you quite often in the past and will give you another two strikes and then you are out!

  39. But there are republicans against Trump. Where are they when it comes time to stand up? Are they afraid to vote Hitler out?

  40. All these Republican bastards will be voted out come November we will get our country back then will put a freeze on everything orange s*** Trump will try and pass God bless this beautiful America

  41. I’ve only been saying it since the beginning. Republicans will not impeach trump no matter what. Trump was right when he said he could kill someone in the street and come out untouched.

  42. He's held sacred. Trump supporters are just pathetic. Now we also got a political circus in Mexico as well, smh. 😑

  43. Corker and Alexander both deserve each other and trump, SAD people. Money and power before service to the people of Tennessee and America.

  44. Thanks for breaking it down. I thought Bob Corker was one of the bunch who are retiring. The real ass-wipe pieces of shit are Sasse, Cornyn, Blunt, Gohmer. Portman, Cruz, Barrasso, McConnell, Thune, Shelby, Scalise, Burr, Capito….these people have no conscience whatsoever, lack the fundamental characteristics of humans, and are simply evil sons of bitches.

  45. Mr. Upchirch! You don't understand? You've never been in a fire fight is why you will never understand, so stop talking 'bout things you know nothing about.

  46. This is way off as the party is betraying him in anyway they can be it hearings, a special counsel and a full media campaign to remove him

  47. Since this video aired, McMaster out and John the warmonger monster Bolton is in. He is as hardcore as they come.

    Will the GOP remain silent when our maniacal president follows the advice of psycho Bolton and nuke N Korea?

    These animals have to go before they blow up the planet.

  48. +The Ring of Fire – Polls suggest Trump has a greater hold on the Republican electorate than you seem to think. It's not the 1% of the 1% within the GOP that support Trump: "89 percent of Republicans said they approve of Trump’s handling of his job as president. And the share of Republicans who 'strongly approve' — in the mid-50s for much of last year — is up to 61 percent." These are shocking and worrying numbers for any of us opposed to Trump's policies. Nationally Trump's approval rating is around 40%.

    In spite of, or perhaps because of, the information available to the public, 2 of 5 Americans support Donald Trump. My guess is that anyone not named Trump would have been run out of Washington by now on the strength of half the scandal and evidence of corruption he's piled up in a single year.

    If we can count on infighting between liberals and progressives to weaken the Democratic candidate (and I'm pretty sure the only thing we can count on in 2020 is that left will tear itself apart), and if we can count on Republicans to suppress voter turnout (also very likely), then Donald Trump has an excellent chance of waltzing back into the White House for another crack at the job.

    And for those already scripting Corker's hagiography:
    Corker Reconsiders Retirement, but He Must Win Over Trump to Do It

    1. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, has rebuffed Mr. Corker by telling him that he must secure the president’s support to re-enter the race…
    2. Mr. Corker and some of his Senate allies are aggressively working to win over the White House, embarking on what one West Wing official described as a sudden charm offensive. The senator has avoided any criticism of Mr. Trump in recent weeks and on Monday met with Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter.
    3. Mr. Corker’s hopes for a rapprochement with Mr. Trump illustrate the degree to which loyalty to the president is becoming a central litmus test in Republican politics.

  49. The owners of the U.S. already have a 'fix' for the people's vote! They'll pay rooms full of stupid MF's insignificant amounts of money to destroy the votes that are in the best interest of the people. This is coming…guaranteed! The people are slowly realizing what the left has known for decades, that republikkkons only do the bidding of their owners for insignificant amounts of money – without giving a shit about destroying ALL that the U.S.A. used to stand for!

  50. have missed the point..It is about issues…that is why they are asking the questions. I know where your loyalties liberal hack hypocrite…Corker knows america is siding with Trump issues

  51. But who do Bob Corker & co. think the alt-right voters are going to vote for? Is it just an issue due to primaries going on?
    Could it be that BC&co.'s calculation is:
    "Let's get voted in the primaries by pretending we're still with DT and we can dump him after that happens"

  52. Those of Trump's base that can read and understand the spoken language get their view of the world from Fox News and the National Inquirer…..don't expect any movement from this bunch.

  53. The Republicans are a group of cowards with no backbone. They are afraid of a man who is a bully with no balls himself. He is just a fat gas bag.

  54. The Ring of Fire, why do you repeatedly reveal yourself to be biased and ignorant of facts? I would think you'd want to keep that to yourself.

  55. The Republican base does not believe in democracy. They would be quite happy for Trump to declare military law and suspend presidential elections.

  56. Unfortunately you could say the same thing about some Hillary voters.

    Only 8 points lead for Democrats? Although if Democrats win 80 seats, you will have one party system, and that's even worse than Your currently stupid 2 party system. If I was American, and could vote, I would vote for Bernie Sanders – He's got great policies, and something rare for politician – integrity and principles.

  57. We should all be happy with Trump… He signed a spending bill that increases the national debt and GROWS BIG GOVERNMENT!! Guys clearly we are not being governed properly, we NEED BIGGER GOVERNMENT!! We are getting exactly what we had before, our guy Barrack doubled the debt and grew government, that is exactly what is happening here! Don't be sad, we need more government in our lives to help us make decisions that are in our best interest. Whatever you do. Lets not talk about this again, because clearly this is what we all want!

  58. Trump has never respected anyone in his life. I believe that even his parents HE never respect them. The students went to Washington and the SOB went to Florida to play GOLF as saying "I WIPE my ass with all of you, PEOPLE I don't give a F***K" If Obama had done that the Republicans in the WH were asking for Impeachment HIM.
    I'm very happy because AVENATTI is going to kick HIS ass BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BASTA SOB!

  59. how can the republican base refuse to acknowledge issues that adversely affect them? They pretend to believe the lies of FOX and the alt right, and twist themselves into pretzels pretending the country is better. So how is puerto rico? How is Houston after the flood? how about the infrastructure? Your water is getting worse, and the pipes are leaking every week.

  60. One phrase. Electoral college. Which you got dead wrong and haven't right about a Damn thing since 2016. Dem here. No, it's not the fringe. If it was. The repukes would have impeached him already. Then there's the other problem. No one's suffering you idiot.

  61. The repubikkklan party can't stand up to tRump because tRump is a white supremacist and the republkkklan party is the party of white supremacy. Like the saying goes " a house divided against itself cannot stand ".

  62. Did the other democrats stand up to obama when he ran the debt up even higher than the previous president, NO!

  63. No surprise there. The fact that a man like Trump was even able to capitulate a majority of voter base in 2016 is a feat that can't be ignored. No matter how you look at it, that's something that many politicians would want to get behind if not become themselves. Too bad, Trump hasn't learned anything from it. Tell the people want they want to hear and they will worship you but keep lying to them and eventually they will turn on you.

  64. Niether party is anymore than a club. Like when we were very young, immature, dumb, children.
    Did'nt almost everyone belong (or was ostracized from) the club or treehouse kids or skaters or a thousand other us against them things only children could invent?
    The people we elect must think the public is made up of morons who can hardly count to 10. How insulted we should ALL feel for the disgracful candidates we had to choose from in 2018.

  65. The author of this video is a disingenuous hypocrite.

    No mention of the fact that during the mid to late 90s when President Clinton was under special counsel investigation that 100% of all federally elected Or appointed Office holders who self identified as democrats refused to be anything less then 100% loyal to the Clintons because President Clinton was very popular among democrat voters who viewed any investigation into the Clinton to be a vast right wing conspiracy and democrat in office knew that to do anything less the circle the wagons to loyally protect president Clinton was political suicide. Not a single democrat voted to impeach clinton in the house and not a single democrat voted to convict him in the senate and democrats both ordinary citizens, public officials , media pundits , and celebrity endorsers alike were 100% in the you are either with Clinton or a party to the cast right wing conspiracy.

    But the author of the video doesn’t mention this because he’s a disingenuous partisan hack who could give 0 fucks about being fair in his analysis. Instead he wants to act like democrats are virtuous and only republicans have ever experienced the circle the wagons phenomenon.

    Except that alot of prominent republicans have actively sought the truth before politics. Flake, McCain, Rosenstein, and yes Robert Muller.

    I defy you to find in the context of the 1990s any democrat who put country before politics. Answer: none. Democrats back then and during the Obama years were loyal and always protected their own, even if it wasn’t the right thing to do.

    Only recently has party loyalty started to crack with new progressives looking to disrupt the old democrat guard and the metoo movement. Before? Democrats never attacked and always would cover up for their own.

    And I’m sorry but I’m one who does think that if you join a political party and are committed to its agenda then you do need to protect party leadership , as the role of parties is to further their vision of government and shape policy. Yes party before country because the party that stays united to protect its interests and agenda gets to control government and becomes it such that loyalty to party is loyalty to the version of government you want. Politics is war and those who wage it ruthlessly while protecting their own interests win. Democrats knew this all too well. Republicans who employ this now only learned it from watching the democrats. Democrats should come clean on their own sin history of putting party before county before casting the first stone.

  66. Why you leftist, communist f;n pig, You slime bastards go ahead and keep bashing Trump, and you better start being afraid of what you are causing for yourselves. We are the majority, and we are pissed.

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