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  1. Was trying to think of three animal films : Lady and the TrampChip and Dale and this version of *The Rescuers*. Fortunately the woman said it was from 1955 and then I was able to find the first.

    Honesty and loyalty to you all! #rescueaidsocietytheme #therescuers #nineteenseventyseven

  2. I was really sad today. Suddenly remembered this song. Clicked. So happy to relive those good days gone by. I always used to sing along with them with my hand over my chest thinking I'd rescue someone someday. Sigh

  3. This is not "Mouse UN" it's a mutual aid society. They were popular in the early 1900s. These are volunteer detectives/investigators. The Coast Guard started off as volunteers in small boats rescuing crews of sinking ships. The Red Cross also started off this way.

  4. I had a gf tell me Miss Bianca is such a Hungarian female stereotype. And a lot of it is pretty subtle. "Putting perfume on at the door. I do that all the time." She's also not oblivious the attention like most other Disney women. There's no public event that calls for dressing down.

  5. I enjoy the fact that things like Austria and Vienna having separate delegates implies that the international politics of Mouse society are vastly different to our own.

  6. I have noticed factual errors in this sequence.
    Africa is a continent and not a country
    Latvia was part of the Soviet Union at the time
    Vienna is a city in Austria

  7. Could it be possible that Disney already forgot about Bernard and Bianca? I sure hope to see them again in 3D (cameo appearances or their own TV series), with new voice providers to imagine.

  8. Anyone else wonder if any members of the Rescue Aid Society could be descendants of the mice who were friends with Cinderella?

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