Revealed: Trump Aide’s Leaked Emails Show Alleged Bribery Plot | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Revealed: Trump Aide’s Leaked Emails Show Alleged Bribery Plot | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Revealed: Trump Aide’s Leaked Emails Show Alleged Bribery Plot | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. So were trying to impeach a president who's looking into proven corruption with the next possible president? How does this hurt me as an American citizen other than it's tying up congress on passing trade agreements that do affect me. Who in their right mind doesn't see through this democratic media propaganda as a hoax and complete evil and wrong to the taxpayer? How can so many people be so naive? Sad.

  2. One of Trumps main problems is. He can't keep his big mouth
    shut. Probably, that's why he went bankrupt four or five times. Giuliani is exactly the same. Birds of a feather.
    J. Calveley

  3. Here's what I don't understand. Why are the Republicants fighting this?? They all KNOW he's bad news! He can't be trusted with ANYTHING. He has lied, and lied, and lied some more. He abandons the kurds, paving the way for all the autocrats to come in and pick it apart giving Putin, Erdogan, and Al-Assad exactly what they want and we got? NOTHING! Our allies are shaking their heads and watching to see what will happen and it he is a allowed to stay TRUMP won't have to worry about where to hold the G7 because they will kick us out, too! The Republicants are standing back and letting this ONE-MAN WRECKING ball destroy everything America stands for – even going so far as to call the constitution "phony!" They are learning all of his bad habits – the childish tantrums , Lindsey Graham has gone round the bend with his fingers in his ears, eyes clenched shut,and yelling "Neener-neener-neener" at the top of his lungs. They can't speak like Adults and have to be rude, talk over people, and just generally act like a bunch of preschoolers!! They make all of these ridiculous claims about how unfair it is and they're not allowed in the SKIF and yet 47 of them have a right to be in there. They get the same amount of time and questions as the Democrats, but the Democrats don't correct these falsehoods so it makes them look bad. Why doesn't the Democrats remind them that they – the Republicants – changed the rules in 2015 to give the minority less power, and this was when the House was controlled by the Republicants. Now it's their boy in the hot seat so boo-frickin-hoo!! By letting them spew this nonsense nonstop of course people are going to wonder! I guess I'm frustrated because the Democrats are "too nice." I was taught to treat others as I want to be treated, but even I have my limits! If they wanna play dirty – PLAY DIRTY! ! When they make these false claims the Democrats MUST IMMEDIATELY RESPOND! Don't let them get away with it! This is the Republicants chance to get this WALKING, TALKING NIGHTMARE OUT OF OFFICE!! Why are they fighting it?He did it, he admitted that he did, and he provided a "transcript." If he is allowed to stay in office what do they think will happen ? He'll be duly chastized, learn his lesson, and do good? PUH-LEEZ!! This WHOLE MESS STARTED ONE DAY – ONE DAY – AFTER HE FELT VINDICATED BY THE MUELLER REPORT!!! I have to hope that the rest of my fellow citizens of the United States of America is as SICK AND TIRED OF BEING ON THE REALITY TV SHOW THAT IS CALLED "PUTIN'S-BITCH-IN-THE-WHITE-HOUSE – How much damage can one man do to the constitution in 4 years?" I say CANCEL HIS SHOW ALREADY! !

  4. Boris trump was just making sure his russian bosses got the upper hand in ukraine! He the proceeded to give russia a free hand in syria! Trump is very loyal to his russian masters, now if he were only that loyal to his wives!!!

  5. Mitch McConnel has no right to talk about any process being held up in the senate!!!! He has heald up like 100s of motions to be voted on in the senate like gun control legislation, and affordable prescriptions, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate change initiatives, just to name a few!! I’m from Canada, and all of this just seems so corrupt!

  6. Wasn't it the Republicans who wanted these depositions to be open to hearing and transparency. now they're crying about it. I think a few more senators names will eventually come out .now they're saying you should have been handled it privately. these idiots can't have it both ways. something tells me we are going to see a few more Senators resign soon or claim they're not running for re-election.

  7. Ahaha first republicans argue that that closed door meetings are unconstitutional (even though they are not) and now that they are public they say this should all be private. Wowza

  8. Both Democrats and Republicans say elections matter in the United States. We always hear them saying elections also have consequences. That means Trump trying to stack the deck against a high-profile Democrat running for president has to matter and there should be consequences.

  9. It's unfortunate that the Secretary of state won't stand up for his employees, but his employees needs to know that they are not alone. 77% of the public believes them and want the impeachment done. It takes a lot of courage and guts to tell the truth, especially against someone in the highest office in the U.S.

  10. Extortion fits better than bribery? Bribery is more of an agreement. Do this or i will withhold your money so your soldiers die is extortion.

  11. Moscow Mitch doesn't know how long it will go on?, It will continue until all the Russian loving traitors are out of our Government, in jail. And all the Russians are elsewhere .

  12. For 2 seconds of a period pinching I know when something's made in Newavey Yarkue the image of my wife's rage as draining the yellow sea, over a pure hateful selfishness only the smartest person in the world knew the whole half century wasted as, like everything on the American news. Though the singer was Canadian as a good offering, to answer that question. Like giving everything to the most insecure about opposing how high a level that was raptured as 2%. You might as well work with people who can help you, thought that sure isn't allowed to be suggested for me by that most and more than not getting any other survival technique percent.

  13. I wonder if Trump is going to tweet something negative about the younger, "more attractive" Ms. Williams like he did with the ambassador?

  14. Pompeo seems to be a little smarter than most of those in that administration just simply because he keeps his mouth shut. I think he could be the whistleblower

  15. really how about the clinton B.J. ? that had to be brought out to the public? they hurt other people with that, I can't let that go


  17. Trump has now cleaned up the swamp more than any other president in History. He's unstoppable! I really believe he'll flush himself down the toilet on his way out.

  18. Man, no [email protected] Hollywood script-writer could ever write such a highly criminal world political suspense triller involving mentally ill pills-sniffing (White, but not exclusively as Kanye et-all uncle Tom mega Church-negroes are proving) nationalistic oil-, guns- and tax-exempted PEDOPHILE white "god" billionaires, aka the internationAl religious Mafia concept of white supremacist Christian, ultra orthodox Nazis Zionist and Islamic extremists united at the highest places of stolen political and fascistic theocratic economic powers. Later tax-exempted certainly as it suits our "god-chosen" idiotic mass deceivers uhmm.. I meant wealthiest "deciders".

    So endless amusing this utter deep-corruption of criminally wealthy religious fanatic violent genocidal sociopath elites, who arrogantly claim to be the pillar and at the pinnacle of all Humankind:

    “Unless and until [President Donald] Trump fires Stephen Miller and all who promulgate bigotry and hate – and abandons his administration’s anti-civil rights agenda, including the Muslim ban and family separation,” Gupta said in a written statement, “he, [Miller] will continue to be responsible for the violence fueled by that hate. Trump must remove Stephen Miller from the White House.”

    No.script-writer, not even your imaginary "god" writes any better story of corrupted dumb wealthy religious men, than them their self

    Ahhh.. so classic. So predictable corrupt all organized religious fundamental Fascism and all Nazism just is to fail and unleash its own violent extinction of its own kin. How ironic don't ya think Now too, hmm?

    The honest and the saner one will come forward and prevail. That too, is a most predictable remorseful nature of some within our Specie.
    Now, that's an utmost ironic side predicament of and for our richest religious frenetic white nationalists oh so " Predicting" Algorithms.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  19. Watching the impeachment hearing it is obvious that the Republican members are not interested in getting to the bottom of what President Rump was trying to do in pressuring the president of Ukraine to open a fake investigation into Biden and his son to use the same smear tactics he used in the 2016 election against Clinton only to find out after all the investigation that nothing was improperly handled but the smear had worked and Clinton lost in the electoral college vote which was controlled by the states with fewer voters the electoral college system needs to be revisited to make it represent the majority of the voters not the minority of the voters the will of the people needs to prevail in voting of all members of the congress. Moscow Mitch needs to lose his senate seat he is not working for the people of KY he is only interested in maintaining his power in Congress.

  20. Yet no one is asking where the additional 100 million come from. Zelensky himself didn't even know that they were getting the additional money. Ukraine were suppose to get 300+ million. @Ari Melber where that additional 100 million come from and why?

  21. First the Republicans scream, "We want public hearings!" Then, as the dirty deal facts unfold, "We don't want this public!" Uh-huh.

  22. It is no coincidence that this entire administration is comprised of spineless cowards. After all, they signed up to work for a five time draft dodging malingerer who implausibly, and laughably, claims to be a patriot. They are a feces stained disgrace to our democracy. #GOPcowards

  23. : People in this country don’t feel secure with a compromised greedy liar of a president and most people are sick and tired of all of this.

  24. ITS OVER – Staffers are going to start saving themselves. They are realizing that Trump Admin will try to ruin everything they worked for. The funny thing is that the corruption is much much deeper. Just a matter of time.

  25. Lol … america is run like a criminal enterprise. At least orange clown does exactly what he promised. He runs the country as his business.

  26. Didn''t I hear that pompous Pompeo was quite a star at West Point and a man of integrity? Well, Rudy was once considered as much. Trump is the anti-Christ, he brings forth the worst in people and revels in the chaos.

  27. Not only the American people are watching: I let my students (whom I teach English) watch some of it, too. While they had no problems with the language, they couldn't get their heads around the fact that Trump still denies the obvious. Most of them reacted by shaking their heads, asking wtf?

  28. It looks to me the bribery is a ruse. Why would Trump admit to the crime? Why would Sondler take the incriminating phone call from his ear so that all can hear. What are they trying to cover up? Two guys are fighting, trump holds one while the other beats him up. Russia is happy.

  29. The 400 million dollar pay off to Trump by the Last Vegas Czar…..The payoff to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem should be researched and investigated…
    As these untouchables were doing dirty deals on the American People……
    Think about it …..
    They made a gold coin with his face on it ………….

  30. Jesus, someone get this guy a tinfoil hat immediately….. can’t wait to watch Trump haters jump on this rake with both feet 😂😂😂😂

  31. Just wondering if you plan to give Mr. Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter credit for writing that ending. He wrote it in 2001 at the beginning of the (H.O.V.A) Izzo song.

  32. I don’t know what powerTrump has over all of these Republicans. I suspect it’s some dark combo of bribery and blackmail.

  33. Goebles Nazi Propaganda, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and other MSM outlets are following the same Doctrine as the Nazis, News Propaganda. Anybody with a healthy normal Brain can see through the News Narrative. George Orwell’s Book 1984, first pointed out in the term NEWSPEAK , where the Truth is twisted so as to control the masses into a single way of thinking and beliefs.
    That works with the majority of simple minded people who can’t find a way of separating Truth from Fiction. Their Logic circuits aren’t firing correctly. These simple people are easily led and moulded by Democrats and the MSM. It’s called “Conditioning” we use it when we train animals. The Project Mockingbird at the Church Commission Hearings brought this to light. The CIA controlling the Narrative of the Media, for the message.
    It is still with us today, as Nunes has just pointed out. Unfortunately those with simple minds can always be manipulated, their is nothing you can do with these simple minds.
    Lies and False Narrative you can control within the Laws of Free Speech, which is not a Licence to Lie, the very thing the MSM hide behind. The Laws have to be strengthened between Lies and Truth, backup data and evidence and sources. Make Newspeak illegal.

  34. All idiots. What's next after this falls thru . This is not an impeachment thing. But can't wait to see when more of the Dems children becoming CEOs of Ukraine set up companies

    AND YES…

  36. I enjoy Trump for the entertainment value alone. But if hes removed, Dems are in trouble. Pence is to the right of Trump.

  37. Perhaps it is time that someone reminded the Trump administration that a government is not a corporation under Trump. Career state officials are not beholden to partisanship and a partisan government, the fact that the WH prohibits officials to testify is ridiculous. The same argument goes for the whistleblower.

  38. Are the Republicans going to make up theirs minds what they do want? When the witnesses were giving closed door evidence, Graham, Gaetz,, Jordan, and Nunēs were screaming for transparency and that the American public should hear the evidence, now it’s becoming a PR disaster for them, they suddenly want them held in secrecy again.

  39. Never being able to admit you are wrong is our God-given (our innate) insight about ourselves that tells us we are incapable of leadership. Republicans have the insight, but they are afraid to use it. Republicans exhibit lives of fear and fear mongering. They call it a big tent, but it's really a personal choice.

  40. FAKE NEWS. Another example of one sided media. Homie the clown "Schiff" and is circus continue to entertain the media that can't stand to hear the truth let alone report it.


  42. How did McConnell's physical injuries that happened over "the break" really happen? Did any arm twisting occur by nefarious players in this political drama? Trump's mob connections are well established to most people. I think this is a fair question about threats to McConnell's well-being to keep him in line with the president's wishes. Also, McConnell will never come forward unless he's granted a public pardon for his own wrong doing.

  43. McConnell isn't sure because Moscow hasn't told him how and when yet….. Good ole Moscow mitch standing crouched waiting for Putin to tell him how high to jump.

  44. Poor Moscow Mitch, will the trial get in the way of you doing nothing in the senate? The chinless wonder won't even hold votes in the senate. Turtles really don't like to move, right?

  45. Godless Barr ,evangelical conspiracy to cover up trump crimes,from DOJ mandated investigation of trump money laundering, Ross money laundering bank with in cyprus with putin, Barr is such a Godless crook, proverbs 12:5/ Nahum 1:3/psalm 32 : 10

  46. Another half a million are following the hearings here. We can't all sit in front of a TV all day. Doesn't mean we are not paying attention. EVERYBODY KNOWS MR. PRESIDENT, YOU ARE DONE!

  47. Jim Jordan is so annoying with his lies everybody know he has been handpicked by the president to cover up the crimes of the presidenthe is so annoying he hollers and screamed and he makes no sense with his liesplease do not show him he just doesn't make sense in you can't understand him hollering we know he's there to protect the president and we know the American people they are getting paid big money by the president and by all those Russians and dictators why all of them had ties to only dictators it is so scaryto think that all of them would be on the side of these dictators who has been wanting to destroy our democracy for ages

  48. This is a scary time for the Americanpeople because the Trump administration the senate in those on the Republican committees will not go against any of these dictators that has been wanting for ages to destroy the United States and they have succeeded what is with all these dictators that they are covering up for I know they are very rich is it about the money they are receiving from these dictators are born leaderswill somebody tell me because it is very scary to think that all these on the Republican committees in the Senate the president the White House will put these dictators over our own agenciesthat have had the American best interest of the American people and the safety of the American peoplebut now is not about the safety in the security of the United States it's about the par-4 money that these throwing government and dictators can pay themto betray our men and women who had fought and died and who have went over thereIan countries risking their lives that can be killed at any moment for the United Statesbut they would rather put these foreign dictatorsand we'll put them over our own agencies in our men and women in the army the Navy the air Force who are fighting to protect the United States in the United States security from these foreign governments and dictatorsI cannot understand why would the Republicans on the committee's Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham go against our own agencies for foreign countries and these foreign dictators in leaders over our own United States agencies and people who are fighting to keep the American people safe but they were rather commit treason and cover up the criminal activities of the president with all these foreign leaders he has ties toover I own agencies in men and women that serve our nation and protect the American people I know these foreign dictators in leaders have plenty of money and come by anybody but we'd American people need to stand by our own United States agenciesand our men and women in the foreign countries that can be killed and bombed at any time we need to stand up for our own not for these foreign dictators like Donald Trump is doing Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham in all those on the Republican committee we are the American citizens and we stand by our American agencies against any foreignwe are the American citizens and we stand by our men and women and ambassadors who are risking their lives that can be killed in bombed at any second protecting our country in the Americanwhy would anybody commit treason after treason has already been committed by Donald Trump when he put Putin over the United States on national televisionand then when Donald Trump committed treason and was giving top secret intelligence information on the United States to these born leaders and dictators I know the money is good when they can buy you out but we'd American people stand by our own against foreign dictators while Donald Trump goes on the Republican committees Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham or taking up for foreign dictators why would they betray and sell our United States agenciesand our men and women to cover up the corruption in the ties that Donald Trump and his administration has with only foreign leaders and dictatorseven though they are the only one that will give Donald Trump money and has been for years it if you cannot pay that money back I guess you owe them something because you cannot pay those loans backbut I just do not understand why these Republicans on the committee's Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham Jim Jordan them with cell are United States agencies and I mean in women out like that for dictatorswe need to stand by our men and women in our ambassador doors not those of foreign countrieswho these Republicans are far because they are paying them a lot of money to betrayed our United States agencies in our men and women that serve

  49. How can these senators have a vote when they them selves are involved and could/should face charges them selves as a result of this case.

    That's like finding out 1/3rd (at least) of the jury were accomplices in helping burry the body of the murders victim.

  50. This just keeps getting better! Their own words prove their guilt! Johnson is corrupt as he can be! What happened to the republican love of transparency?

  51. I am part of We the people. We are people who are non partisan. We the people have lost faith in our president, has not made us great but has made us a corrupt country. We the people want a democratic government not a president who rules by executive order, thinking he a king. He is not a king. We the people commend The courage of the witnesses for telling us the truth. Trump doesn't even know the meaning of truth. He lies everyday. Lt Col Vindman, we applaud you. For all witnesses thank you for your courage, thank for not being intimidated. Continue to tell us the truth. This is all about We the People!!!!!!!

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