Reverse Heckling Activism

Reverse Heckling Activism

what's up everybody it's critical I came across a video titled reverse heckling activism number one it's about a very upset man who goes to an open-mic comedy club and heckles the audience and promotes justice and he advocates for some very important things such as pins that never run out of ink or fucking shoes that can fit any size feet and overall he just gives an inspiring and eye-opening performance that I just wanted to watch with all of you is a reflection of yourself yes the whole performance is delivered in a fucking military cadence also the lighting in the background of the stage is doing his hair a huge favor because at first glance it looks like he has a shaved head or some short hair which matches the man's facial features but as he continues and gets more animated you'll see some pubic hair bobbing into view and then popping right back out so I don't really know what he has going on up there I imagine it's similar to the weakens glove hairstyle but I'm not entirely sure this man sounds like a rejected voice actor for the soldier and Team Fortress 2 also you'll notice that he repeats some of his hardest hitting points multiple times just in case the crowd didn't catch it the first time he screamed it at them just in case they're deaf or hard-of-hearing he's covering all of his bases he also has some shit scribbled in crayon on the back of those papers he's holding onstage I don't know what the fuck it says it's probably just some quotes from the chemists Sutra they're just some other irrelevant nonsense the ad goes mentality and the sadistic perpetuation of the anything-goes mentality lady Liu Bei Ashok Ashok is merely a cover for allowing discrimination and sensitivity to proceed my go then all honestly this men serves is the best example for what's wrong with today's mentality in society where people will go out of their way to find things that offend them and then instead of just walking away from it or avoiding what offended them they'll make it their fucking mission to restrict it or make people feel bad about it because they didn't like it because it offended them no one's allowed to like it I just can't fucking stand that mentality everyone is so easily offended and will do anything to avoid feeling offended and you know it's not even that bad of a thing if you're easily offended just avoid what's offending you don't shame people that enjoy whatever offended you they're not bad people for liking that for example this guy is offended by stand-up comedy bitch no one's making you go to a stand-up comedy club just don't go it's not like if you're applying the AOL or wherever else your goofy ass is going to apply to they're not gonna be like ah well you see Rutherford I've seen you haven't gone to a stand-up comedy club I'm gonna need you to go check one out otherwise you just can't work here no you can avoid that you can actively make steps to avoid being offended at a stand-up comedy club and the people that do enjoy going to the stand-up comedy club aren't hurting anyone by liking that and going to that uh yell because my points are shitty but yelling makes them seem more powerful for associating someone with me is funny sure energy idiom a pussy but what I don't expect to find in these notorious hey that's war but for basic damaging anything-goes mentality Conclave of mud slingers a gathering of fools sorry not funny sorry not funny sorry not funny sorry no fine this man is just like a cartoon character it's like something right out of spongebob I don't like the Krusty Krab there wasn't enough crab crustiness on my Patty who actually or even more dang spongebob freshness he's like the chocolate guy you know Chad that dude angels are violence oh yeah buddy you're a real fucking hero for not getting off the stage when the host politely asked you to stop ruining everyone's night you're a real martyr a real champion of sunlight by using words that cut some of you I'm sure even laying your material is purposely offensive on your sadistic loading exercise arising out of your and reverent callousness unacceptable material has become the norm the sickness has taken over to the point where aspiring comedian thing fails do the sort of thing in order to succeed I think what blows the most anus about this video is that it's not just one of him he has a friend filming this clearly so that means that his friend feels the same way he does about this thing he's like yeah bro I'll film that I think I think you got the right idea here don't worry I'm gonna be filming this shit real hard we're gonna make a real turbo titty touchdown and converting people to our way of thinking esra first there the first thing we have to this issues to wait until I have the floor as a showing you respect of my probe should not require what axes that you consider wait for understanding the effectual working on others unacceptable material of beyond balance is the city to go on challenge and this masquerade I skipped about three minutes of him just repeating the same bullshit over and over so he picks up his Capri Sun with the Lyman walks out and then he gets a few pity claps you know because it'd be even more uncomfortable if nobody clapped it be like if for your school talent show the kid who's been struggling with a heroin addiction who also just lost his family and a really bad fire or perhaps maybe his family got killed by a really offensive stand-up comedy joke he goes onstage for the school talent show and he starts jerking off and everyone's uncomfortable clearly but you know you're going to clap for the guy when he finishes and shoots is coming to the crowd because you feel bad for the person and if you don't clap it creates an even more uncomfortable situation now you think the video would be over there since you left this stage but it goes on for like another six minutes and it's just a black screen with some white fuzz shrinking in with this guy reflecting on how good of a job he did and also acknowledging that the host treated him poorly and it's just so fucking eerie just listen to this what was suggested about my intentions was so unbelievably absurd it probably shouldn't even be acknowledged this gracious host found it appropriate to speak of me in this way despite the fact that I am probably the only person to ever step foot in there and advocate for justice and equality to rightfully call them out for what they are engaged I stopped it there because I didn't really want to be bored and listen to this eerie shit for much longer it sounds like he just shoved a walkie-talkie up his asshole and then begun recording this it sounds like something in Jason like a Bourne movie where Jason Bourne's like confessing all of the government secrets this is like the tapes you would find after a serial killer had just been captured you just found this in his fucking home this shit is disturbing its 2016 why does it sound like I'm listening to something from 1912 I don't know why I couldn't record this in decent quality that he fished through a dumpster to find a ham radio and do this did he used the mic that the old GameCube controllers used to come with where you could talk to the games like in Mario Party makes no fucking sense to me but anyway that's the end of the video that's it

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23 thoughts on “Reverse Heckling Activism

  1. anyone who thinks hes a troll, go look up his other vids. He does lectures in schools (professor possibly?). def a marxist which explains ALOT on his psychosis.

  2. Genuinely sounds like he's trying to sing a metal song badly. Edit; I am going to try turn this into slam styled singing


  4. Untalented sjw Bob Ross lookin boi summary: calls crowd narcissistic for telling jokes that huwt his wittle feewings and not liking his hair or something. And at the end he begs them to consider his unintelligible rant. Fin.

  5. I thought this would be someone going into a crowd that a stand up comedy man was doing comedy at and being like "OH, YOU SO FUCKING FUNNY!" instead of just heckling them.

    I am dissapointed.

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