12 thoughts on “Rick Perlstein – Jimmy Carter and the Origins of the Democratic Party Cult of Austerity

  1. So Carter was actually a republican in disguise, to the dismay of his own party sounds like every democrat president in modern history.

  2. I loved this talk, it was basically a deep-dive into the actual start if the neoliberal agenda from the Dems. Although Perlstein needs to read Nancy McClain's book "Democracy in Chains" which would answer his question of why politicians used inflation as a financial bogeyman to cut spending. Buchanan and conservatives in the 50's started to lay the groundwork for ideological reasoning of the conservative agenda, and inflation is nothing more than a tool to scare people into believing that more power in the hands private (moneyed interests) is more prudent than public (the masses). The same is happing now with the debate about the role of deficit spending. As that narrative became more popular, spread from the top (conservative leaders) and the bottom (conservative educational institutions) politicians began to cater to that general consensus. The Repubs were malicious in their intent because it furthered their agenda, but Dems were complicit thru their ignorance.

  3. The big military build-up, usually associated with Reagan, began under Jimmy Carter. And some of the de-regulation started then, too. Carter and Teddy Kennedy deregulated the airlines. 1:21:38 Elizabeth is not "so smart" to have avoided a Howard Dean swoon over her DNA. But she is a brilliant Senator, and that is where she is needed.

  4. The quandary around "why" did this happen seems answerable by one simple explanation. Ans: when business/corp enterprises were finally able to truly cross borders and go global, that also allowed them to not be accountable back home and get away with what they couldn't till then???

  5. As always, Blyth nails it – and in the very last frame. E. Warren…Really? Not in your dreams will a…ANY republican voter check the box next to her name. NEVER! Moreover, if Bernie picks her, it's game over from that very second on. Just say'n. P.S. E.W. is a fraud and an opportunist. VP? NEVER! Bets? In fact, it's a sure fire way to (once again) snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  6. Thomas Frank in "Listen Liberal" has the best explanation for why the transnational party of the Left in the USA has not learned the lesson that big government deficits are GOOD (provided spending is on social good purpose, not military build-up and Wall Street bailouts). The short answer is the Democrats deliberately chose to turn away from the working class and embrace a new professional class of elite school educated financiers and tech nerds, who knew nothing about the struggle of workers whose wages were stagnating all the while corporate finance and Silicon Valley were drowning in money, to the point of learning how to breath money.

  7. @49 min, Mark Blyth wash your mouth out! "…becasue you don't get to issue your own debt!" That's still conservative speak bro. Government does not issue debt, it issues money, pure and proper. If you mean Treasury bonds, then that's still not debt. Bonds are completely unnecessary, they are simply corporate welfare. Bonds serve one and only one purpose, which is to help the Fed meet It's overnight interest rate. Even if you (incorrectly) choose to think of bonds as debt, they are debt the government owes itself. So yeah, not really debt. Stop feeding in to the neoclassical econ myths even as you attempt to mock them. The US government can simply never be in debt in It's own currency.

  8. Over the 11 months since this video was released and me writing this the concept of a Destructive Carter has grown more and more mainstream on the left.

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