Ricky Tomlinson on the Government taking away free TV licences for over 75s | Age UK

Ricky Tomlinson on the Government taking away free TV licences for over 75s | Age UK

We are the fifth richest nation on this
planet and we’re talking about taking away something which they love! It’s company for them! It tells them what’s going on in the world! I don’t think these people who are talking about about taking away this little concession really know anything about life. The people who are making these same these rules and conditions by the way, probably earn six-figure salaries they’re not sat in nursing homes or in a little flat on
their own having to put an extra blanket around themselves to keep them
warm. The only thing that keeps these people going in some circumstances is the television set and we should be ashamed of ourselves! Ashamed of ourselves! To
even contemplate taking away their complimentary licence. I will be 80 in
September and I can afford a licence but there’s millions who are not as
fortunate as me. We can’t take that away from them! We can’t do it it’s not
right! Didn’t someone say once it’s a land fit for Heroes? So let’s look after them like you should look after heroes. They’re not asking for
handouts, they’re asking for a free television licence so they can sit at
home at night and be entertained particularly those who live on their own.

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40 thoughts on “Ricky Tomlinson on the Government taking away free TV licences for over 75s | Age UK

  1. It takes 144,000 license payers to pay for ONE YEAR of Liniker's wages. One positive thing is that the average age of a BBC viewer is 61. Another couple of decades and the BBC will be history.

  2. do sign and reshare the online petition to get the tv license scrapped and when you do…..MAKE A POINT of resharing it with all your social media contacts AND ASK EACH ONE OF THEM TO BOTH SIGN AND REHARE IT THEMSELVES IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY

  3. What you are not being told is the government made a deal with the BBC that if they payed the licence fee for over 75's that they can increase the TV licence which they have done 2 years on the run. yet they are still taking the TV licence away from over 75's. Here is a link to how much BBC pay people it's SHOCKING https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/entertainment-arts-44792074

  4. the two people who put thumbs down SHAME ON YOU and the same to who ever ticks thumbs down in this video.

  5. most pensioners will pay this out of fear, to stop gangsters knocking on their door and stealing what little property they own.

  6. Ricky you a star for speaking out on behalf of those who are forgotten and without a voice. I now live in New Zealand and people still think im joking when I inform them that everyone must have a TV licence in the UK or face prosecution. Its a national shame for an institution that once stood proudly as a British icon, is now a national disgrace.

  7. Well said Ricky this is just being pig headed by the BBC they want more money so they just take it of off the over 75s shame on them just ban the BBC and be done with it they have stolen of the British people for years

  8. Thank god for Ricky. Some pensioners may not be able to stand up to this but we can represent them. The BBC is despicable anyway and now they’ve gone too far. Repeats and mediocre crap.
    Do not pay them anymore for House Under The Hammer. Repeat.

  9. ricky tomlinson a fantastic humanitarian and socialist and member of the labour party i love this guy to bits

  10. Cancel the licence people. Watch catch-up instead and suffocate the BBC of it's funds. This hopefully is the beginning of the end of the BBC.

  11. In this modern world of commercial TV & subscription TV something as outdated as a TV license should be scrapped full stop

  12. Our care home just got 40 letters from the BBC. Some of the residents don’t have TVs in their rooms and half wouldn’t notice if they did. Disgusting.

  13. Right on Ricky ✅ Shame on the BBC – should be free anyway as most of the stuff on is repeats, a sad pub in the east end of London, and fake news.

  14. Signed and shared. I've had enough of the BBC, so I've cancelled my own TV licence and going legally licence free. No more BBC or live broadcasts for me, and do you know what? I don't miss it in the slightest!! They have nothing but a load of rubbish and repeats anyways. I can watch my favourite shows, when I want to, streamed from Amazon, Netflix etc when I have the time to watch them!

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