Robins Williams on LATE NIGHT with DAVID LETTERMAN. Dead Poets Society. 1989

Robins Williams on LATE NIGHT with DAVID LETTERMAN. Dead Poets Society. 1989

the crash cam is a joint project between GE and Futaba they worked long and hard to bring us the lovely crash cam our first guest tonight a talented actor and comedian and his new film is entitled the I'm sorry I believe it's just Dead Poets Society not thee right Dead Poets Society anyway it opens nationwide tomorrow ladies and gentlemen here he is the one the only mr. comedy Robin Williams are you doing crazy ugh oh you don't it's very nice to be on the Futaba show incredible technology but up to you uh I want I want to do something right away and then you can do whatever the hell else you want to do let's let's talk about you let's talk about your movie for a second all right it's at the or just Dead Poets Society just Dead Poets depending on what part of the country they see and a dead poet if you're deep self yeah and you play a English literature professor in a prep school like Jonathan pitching our literature and poetry yeah yeah you have a clip I don't know wait hold on hey well it would go something like this I tell you what your movie is playing at a theater just across the street should we take everybody huh we can we can we can do better than that Rudo mr. Brian you're the miracle of fatah they're bringing Byron back from the dead all right let's see it the Hal is the camera down there there you go it's in the guild theater Oh whoa let's race our way across I don't know what is that 50th there is that we're gonna treat 50th Street and where's the theater it's right next to Texas let's let's go in and now can these people hear us out of the way out of the way hey hey hate it just get on a bus and go home see Rob Lowe tape can we just go on inside and take a little look at the film if it's still playing apparently we can't can we just go on in there all right I should call them then there we go here we go a lovely Lobby I believe that this is the end of the first showing of the day and if you can describe the action for us okay um this is heading towards the aisle right now yeah right there this is usually where the part where the guy turns someone behind him but it ain't funny at all I don't know what happened here there's these are credits table this is the end of it yeah this is the last part of the film damn I'm sorry I screwed this up we thought it would be fun to see a little bit of the film but this is a very exciting part this is usual people walking out going oh I don't know maybe we can catch the last showing of Graeter's it's okay look and there's that oh this is oh thank you all right well I'm sorry we let's go back into the lobby Hal one time to see if we can do anything in there oh people are filing out let's ask them let's pull them now what I just turn it turn it around I began to a mr. mr. hey hey hey hey now hey excuse me I don't know how anybody Oh Oh for me there's a moviegoer right there hi hi did you see the film sir yeah Harrison Ford and Sean Connery your tremendous Oh get out of here excitement is the audience now coming up with Hiroko me yeah it made me cry baby sigh yeah yeah you're gonna get slapped – alright now let's hey excuse me sir the man sneaking out the exit pardon me yeah too late oh my god didn't pay let's try one more how do you do man mama don't go mama mama please que Pacho mama mama please get away from me I know that goyim oh she's going away I don't like that movie nice to see you guys thank you very much folks nice to everybody well I did it well let's say it anyway it would have it would have been it's a it's a it's a dramedy it's a two-humped comedy it's a that's a it's a wonderful piece actually it's gotta it's a wonderful story everybody who have seen it people are saying great things about it I think it said some of the some of the poets are here if they're out there they out there go out there and you're also ensemble piece I really enjoy doing it's a great story directed by Peter get it weird we're now Alice here mmm we're you're are you who are you what you're uh you're about to have a baby yes very soon I'm not at all my wife was bit a figure of speech yeah I mean you they say the man shares in the birthing experience but unless you're passing a bowling ball I don't think so okay it will be born in New York so Don so very shortly you're very sure yeah yeah it's always that thing of the cab driver though not now and in hey hey I'm afraid not we need to take the placenta with you now come on ha ha lady Lady please all right I'll put the meat law well that's it yeah and we've been like we'll be here doing movie for two months so it may be born here might be born home so we have to prepare ourselves either way this will be your second when you have a son that's six that's what I find hard to believe what oh geez I'm sorry no no I mean runs like one of those things like how did you do it no no no it's just like SeaMonkey Dave's but different no what what I mean is those wants and frozen sperm dinners the six six years have have past six years yen and another one on the way it'll be it will be amazing it's always difficult how you deal with them how you relate to them my son is now we've been what I find now is we've been playing a lot of Nintendo which is it's an exciting game really and it's always nice when you realize that's like kiddie cocaine give me thank God go to bed good man Deniz turn now and a little boy strike I said forget it did it did it did it after why you play it backwards you ever played Nintendo tape backwards it goes we wonder Wharf strange game we are addicting stuff we got to do a commercial here and then we'll continue with the Robin Williams hi Robin Williams is here Jo Jackson and we got a guy dieter Sturm he's out there blowing things up right now they're still on there it's not a pretty picture but there's cottage cheese all over the place now you're gonna do that have you ever seen Kennedy's explode it's not a pretty thing no I feel powerful it's like some sort of diet to things everywhere he'll be out here a little bit later you could hang around for that if you like I will um your is we were talking this afternoon and somebody was saying that your mother your mom is in an exercise video is that true yeah it isn't it I'm sorry and I'll buy him back now Michelle she's in this thing I think it's called the silver foxes exercise minute how did this come about I don't know I guess she didn't take the check I gave her and monoply there's all the residuals of Mork and Mindy please my mother's from the south so she just has that attitude come on son it's just whatever please is I mean there was Sabatino that's how's father now so it's it's the the mothers of a lot of movie stars in the show together I don't think mrs. Stallone isn't in that but a few other mothers yes I guess it's Sal Pacino no I don't know have you seen it no not yet but own this is gonna be another one those things where she yes there's your mom going like this Freud going now do you believe me you believe what I told you then you smart boy do you you get along pretty well with your mom all very well she's wonderful yeah she's I mean no it's it's a very interesting relationship you know she was the one who kind of gave me my start used of a wonderful poem she said which was I was a little baby or maybe old enough to remember this but it was I love you in blue I love you in red but most of all I love you in blue at that point I'm like real good mouth I should mess me up for a while what it on hey you know she's are interesting is that now would you say I'm it may not be fair to make this uh but would you say she's the person for whom you got your sense of humor did it come from other place that's that's in a way for it get all the good deals our picture of this chicken and get a sense of humor if you can figure out why that you Jews walked into the bar then you can be funny call this number uh I think she is basically my father had a drier sense of humor which was basically shut up that dry was a kind of food yeah bone-dry yeah at me it kind of arid dry yeah I do look funny and you're now oh you're in New York we're gonna film you mention what is the film it's called Cadillac man maybe I mean if you fig almost I think it's called that and if not it's it's uh nothing close yeah it's with Oprah Winfrey here we can make a movie with her called and now I can limbo uh-oh what that means is there's one of those jokes you just watch go down perish prairie see you later then joking don't come back nobody's no funny it's a movie with Tim Robbins it's about a car salesman I'm shooting it's weird to shoot in New York because all of a sudden you are on the streets location yeah locations yeah they're right there just looking but you don't hear but some guys how you mr. William tyre mr. Williams I know where you live yeah thanks lumpy good to see you too lumpy disguise it for you hi what happened what happened what happened I am Popeye I run it backwards so it has a happy ending yeah well the guy at one time I guess it didn't wave at some guy I was walking down the street I'm saying hello hello and some guy waved I didn't acknowledge me leans out of his car goes no wonder you didn't win the Oscar you Thanks yeah thank your father bill it's a whole other thing it's great I mean shooting here gives it since it's a New York movie gives us a whole reality a lot of times they shoot these movies in Toronto yeah and you got this kind of New York people walking like that righty taking the subway I'd be a good day did I I guess the last time you were here you were with Steve Martin uh but the Lincoln son yeah we did good oh did you enjoy that it was it was it was amazing experience was every night we'd sometimes had the these people call subscribers who got tickets the the whole season one night the first night the lights come up there's two old ladies sitting in the front one turns elin goes the guy on the rocks not Steve Martin in another time in a very dramatic moment there's a very very cycle it's his last the last line which is let's go let's go and it's supposed to be varied moving in one point is somebody in the way in the back when a lot of that yeah I woke up so I woke up a woman who was sitting in the phones like that later you try to talk to at the theater sometimes the people come to the theater some people sleep some people the beepers beep I moved towards someone in 190 so did George get out right away from me it's deer dead on pasta knee I paid not to be talked to it was fun it was fun and amazing it's a great play did you did you ever find yourself having difficulty staying with the script night after night after night and wanting to just yes sometimes to riff yeah like in the middle of Shakespeare to be your babe where you from talking it let's go out let's do that Beckett thing just make it into a musical call it waiting I've got a waiting waiting me some tights you wanted to do that but you couldn't but it's a great place we'd be doing anything like that again in the near future do you think yes Robin Williams is Hal Holbrook as Ethel Merman it's now is it is it thee or just Dead Poets Society go through there these are things that marketing guys have think I know don't put D on it that's really hard to read all right so what do you think it is some Dead Poets Society or those crazy Dead Poets it it opens and sound like some sort of movie like you see guys running on coming out the grave there's like Byron with a chainsaw Derek bad dead poets they're angry they're back they're rhyming I think it's I think it's just Dead Poets Society and it opens tomorrow that's so say kid you dead Boise mm-hmm they play more which is right Dead Boys don't fool me yeah it opens all over the country I guess tomorrow good to see you girl bliss boy help the films of a you

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46 thoughts on “Robins Williams on LATE NIGHT with DAVID LETTERMAN. Dead Poets Society. 1989

  1. IDK (in this) What D.P.S is? horribly pitched, a porno staring deadger allen pole?
    everyone in new yorks in this is a fucking asshole
    ……………………………..But robin wasn't /:

  2. Water off a ducks back is tha way to be tha coolest and toughest cat out there.. Oi he doesnt make fun of Dave or go there to get a laugh.
    Thats why Robin was a star. Dave you were just a guy that talked shit about people. But dont ask about tha Mans Kid and dear old Mum.

  3. Dont hate the player.. Hate the game.. Fuck you Dave! RiP Robin Williams.. he was hating this interview – but Dave you just made him better you fuck.

  4. Sad that he is gone. I will always wonder if Robin was introduced to Christ and his word if this would have changed his depression? I guess I can say ABSOLUTELY ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. "get away from me, I know that goyim". hahaha, I think 98% don't even know what he means by that, lol

  6. This is the funniest interview ever. Movie Goer: "It moved me" Lettermen: "You're gonna get slapped too" Robin Williams: "I don't like that goyim"

  7. they'd never allow this today…too afraid of negative reactions that would kill ticket sales…and more likely to get crap reviews with todays movies

  8. I've never come across an actor who just wanted you to smile, laugh, be realย and to think as much as Robin Williams.

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