Rudy Giuliani Is Just A Fixer With A Law Degree | All In | MSNBC

Rudy Giuliani Is Just A Fixer With A Law Degree | All In | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Is Just A Fixer With A Law Degree | All In | MSNBC

  1. Kurds are Collateral damage. Trumps business in Turkey is more important than lives of humans, trump has two huge towers in Turkey. Blood for greed ,who cares if Christian allies die, they are fools to believe USA is a Christian country, and almost as stupid as Republicans are that think trumps a Christian. Apache army scouts trusted USA after war they were imprisoned anyone who knows true history knows USA has always been trash.

  2. Ethical civil servants vs. corrupt politicians — A good enduring message for all Americans who have not previously checked their minds at the door.

  3. The US as a country is very similar to the current president Trump both are narcissistic in nature.The US believes it’s better then other countries by saying its exceptional.It dictates to bullies or bribes other countries.It invades occupies and sanctions countries at will and has murdered millions of civilians over the years and meddles in countries elections. It does not really care for its own people committing genocide to its host people,school shootings the regime security forces killing civilians.Its health care and school systems are poor compared to Scandinavian countries yet it believes in the myth of its own Exceptionalism

  4. Fake news. Unbelievable. Every word presumes guilt of Trump. Yet ALL the evidence exposes the crimes & corruption of the Democrats. Trump will win in a landslide in 2020.

  5. This ambassador is a public servant. The cowering, sycophantic Repugnant Party in Congress are also public servants. By defying the most corrupt administration in US history, she reminds the parasites what serving the country is supposed to be, instead of selling principle and integrity to the orange corruption in order to hold on to power..

  6. And yet the US interferes in elections all around the world

  7. Are we being blindsided? Arms were being withheld while Russia attacked Ukraine. That is the true scandal. When that program was played out, Trump saw an opportunity fir himself.

  8. Sounds like at last someone with a backbone, well done lady ,respect to you, hold your head high, over to you Moscow mitch

  9. Seems to me that we all live in parallel universes, just try to explain this facts at the Trump rallies!
    How much money are we really talking about?

  10. This whole dreadful political discourse started with trump going after Obama and his birth certificate. That opened up the world to spreading false information, twisting the truth, trolling, etc.. here we are now.

  11. Another thing Marie Yovanovitch testifying will do depending on how things progress post testifying for her is embolden others being asked to testify to ignore the blocks being thrown up by Trumps henchmen.

  12. Sounds like at last someone with a backbone, well done lady ,respect to you, hold your head high, over to you Moscow Mitch…..

  13. Thank you Chris. You explain this in such a concise manner to really understand what this totally corrupt president is up to….Trump has always worked in the gray area, in his entire corrupt existence no matter what role he was currently playing. Be it Real Estate or whatever.

  14. So, who was Hillary Clinton's "FIXER" because she managed to get TEN MILLION out of the Ukrainian Oligarchs, laundered through her Clinton Foundation , making Foreign Interests able to interfere with our Elections, but as it was done so well , so well Lawyered, that whoever is the FIXER for the Clintons, deserves the greatest awards for Skullduggery.

  15. Trump likes to grab um by the p***y! I think Trump himself may have just been grabbed by the b***s!…..Marie, you are a heroine!

  16. "mommy, why does our president always talk like a gangster?"….."well, its because he is one. we, the adults made a big mistake and stopped thinking reasonably and went nuts. we thought we needed to really shake things up, so we elected that person. he braought his lies, ego, selfishness, and his henchmen. were trying to clean it up, we really are. you deserve so much better….im sorry dear, im really sorry". (heavy sigh)………

  17. Let's be honest, without defining morals , methods , or ultimate goal. For eons, and eons a person with no official title who represented an office holder wuz called a "minister without portfolio" , I'm not passing judgment, just describing a fact 🐧

  18. I really dislike this live audience format for news. It should just be reporting, not entertainment. Leave the live audience and audience reaction for late night shows. Presenters and guests can't help but play to the audience and that clouds clear reporting or presentation of honest opinion. I really don't want laughter and applause breaks during news. Esp wrong when reporting on sober and serious events. Late night shows feature current affairs but humour is clearly humour. This weird comedy monologue style presentation of straight news just seems inappropriate and really diminishes Hayes' reputation/image.

  19. Got to love the title of this video of Rudy being a " Fixer " . He is a Criminal Attorney but I myself would not trust him defending a parking ticket with his stupidity let alone any crime. Rudy has a proven track record of his clients going to jail so you as viewers, the question from me to you all, would you trust his skill sets to defend you? Here is the poll below, how many of you WOULD NOT HIRE RUDY ? Click below please if you Agree.

  20. Modern history has already proven that trump is an illegitimate president. He has betrayed his Oath of Office, betrayed the laws and Constitution of this country, and shown complete allegiance to Russia. AKA : Drumpf is a Traitor.

  21. I hope Yovanovitch becomes Secretary of State in the future. It would send the message to the masses that intelligence and integrity are the renewed standard when this epoch is over.

  22. I thought Giuliani would be slicker than Cohen such as Barr is. Nope demented on TV and leaves a filthy trail.

  23. This is how trump conducts his business. Destroy a company, then walk away with as much money as he can. How is any of this a surprise.

  24. While the troops are still there watching this going on and not home their getting off course shells dropped on them in the invasion their in harm's way

  25. Third week into the impeachment circus our Attorney General barr is too scare to come back to American 2 more russian born peoples who from Ukraine who donate money to Trump 2020 campaign is our guest in jail and 4 more whistleblower is run to the finish line.

  26. Indeed. But there IS another bagman. The 2nd most dangerous/ powerful man, Trump's shield & sword in his corrupt crusade against congressional oversight & constitutional constraints. The AG, whose freedom also now depends on Trump remaining in office indefinitely.

  27. This whole ordeal is a bizarre spectacle that will punctuate a disturbing period in American politics for a very long time,just like Watergate.

  28. I feel like we are all stuck in limbo. Nothing will ever happen to the man on the top though the Cronies will keep falling and the damaging stories will come everyday.

  29. Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch to Ukrain was an Barry Obama holdover, made predictions to Ukrainian Officials that Hildabeast Clinton would win the 2016 Presidency & when Pres. Trump won instead INSTANTLY Bad-Mouthed Pres. Trump to those same Ukrainian Officials.<>
    ~Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch; a registered Democrat, helped feed the STEELE-DOSSIER to the Media via former Barry Obama Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland & former Barry Obama State Department official Jonathan Winer….

  30. Chris Hayes best attempts to do a Schiff and embellish and tell you what to think….😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  31. I think it’s deeper than that. I think the Trumps stood to make money on some of the deals in Ukraine, of course they’d be upset that the do nothing prosecutor was dismissed. Who was going to look away as they made shady deals. And the ambassador got in their way of them making making money and shady deals so she had to go too

  32. This doesn't address Giulianni and Parnas and Fruman involvement in Ukraine suddenly stopping cooperation with Mueller in regards to Manafort after receiving some military aid.

  33. It has been said often enough that women will be Trump's undoing! We all thought that related to the voting context, or as political opponents for the next Presidential election. Perhaps though, this time it will be ridding the political system of those things rotten! Marie Yovanovitch is a brave and steadfastly, self-sacrificing human-being; we should applaud her actions.

  34. Please please please do more live shows. Trump won 2016 in part because the media apparatus was not and to some extent still is not equipped to deal with someone who cannot be shamed or fact checked, lacks empathy and is a sociopathic narcissist to whom facts are just another obstacle to be overcome with obfuscation and bullshittery. Comedy however, and specifically satire is uniquely suited to combat Trumpism and you can see it being utilised more in relaying the avalanche of wtf?News coming out of this administration on a daily basis.

  35. Rudy has facts and affidavit that proves what you MSM are trying to cover up. Joke about Rudy cause he's going to be your nightmare. Chris wait for the declass and you will eat your words.

  36. Marie Yovanovitch has balls unlike Gordon Sondland. She showed up for her interview even though the WH forbid her. She’s truly acting in the interests of the people.

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