Rush Resigns as Head of the Republican Party

Rush Resigns as Head of the Republican Party

rush limbaugh’s saying that he’s in a
resigned as a had of the republican party now interplay about three minutes left onto notice a couple of things first the
number of times he says picture or character member to how clever he thinks he is and number three are you lynnwood unbelievably boring he actually and well you three minutes it was
referring summer c this whole section was six minutes the
last three minutes before i didn’t get a quote for the first three men all he does is repeat i don’t understand anyone finds a sentencing wetzler belmont hall he organized in life came and met a legend their way of life america’s troops attacked her doctor
mark marquis resemble general dryer have an announcement to
make to your still we’ll see as uh… any of you and all of you no who have been paying attention to the
uh… there are going to be an the past number of months different appliances and the if you were head of the
republican party i have been avoided to this position
choir members of the drive-by media and of course the old bum a white house
so i have not didn’t mainly particular or any other hidden of the republican party by anybody in
the republican party and so i hereby ladies and gentlemen
today announced that i a m resigning i am resigning as the future of our head
of the republican party clearly i’m not the future of heads of
the republican party is not an offer for its own it wasn’t
for first steps into this unit rather was label marmalade when i was appointed
without my acquiescence the only thing i can do with the
remaining true to myself and the used to resign this position that i’ve ever had
in the first place but because so many people think i a m
the future murder republican party today five quit in the famous words of roberto duran nor
must no moss no more it no more pike quyet i’ve
resigned as the titular head of the republican party there frankly is someone far more
qualified incapable and more in tune with today’s republican
party line to be enough only effect your and
markets reopen and that would be general colin powell so i know pass the baton to the general
powell as the teacher work hand of the republican party are from this day forward it will be up
to the general powell to instruct the party on things that it
needs to do to win elections in two thousand tanner and of course the all-important
presidential election in two thousand twelve from this day forward anything i say
about that objective or those two objectives i do not say as the titular turn of the republican party five months later as an official advice giver of the republican party all the way for that kind of uh…
strategy uh… and uh… advice and leadership can karma from general colin powell all right now uh… again that was three
minutes and we are merciful and talk about this for ed enormously long time and the next three minutes ride at a
cost of this i counted the chiller their references i’ve is
issued to you might think you’re her the and why doesn’t he simply over the whole time to get on with it then i got your resign called
thousands are geared on what little has u_n_ listen this guy alright so
anyway the bottom line on this is he’s being killed is being clever saint
paul harvey alike may like old all the party you know how much better or for bubbling
party would be all week the billion times better off and he did a poll among americans who
would you rather have his elite of the country or the party colin powell or rush limbaugh colin
powell all we within our landslide so he says because i thought technical
proletarian adhesion to lead you’ve got uh… a lot of all right so it’s official everybody uh… what this first of all in all over
the head of he’s definitely not that this you’ll learn that the of the
republican party what to expect

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100 thoughts on “Rush Resigns as Head of the Republican Party

  1. Repubs fall in line with Limbaugh because he can get his legion of intellectually challenged dittoheads to apply pressure in whatever direction Rush steers them. They fall in line with Cheney because they don't want to be killed. Hmm. Maybe Cheney does have more power.

  2. "I am resigning as the TITULAR head of the Republican Party"

    It appears, per se, that Rush has, per se, abdicated his post, per se.

  3. I read in todays news Paper in the Daily Times that Rush said and i quote, "Colon Powell is just another Liberal." I mean i thought Rush didn't like him=O? Maybe he forgot he said this?

  4. "Just because Bush was a bad president
    and did not stay with the fundamentals of
    conservative theory does not make it bad."

    Oh hell no, the NeoThug/Conservative/JesusFreaks did a fantastic job over the past 8 years. 9/11, Katrina, Gitmo, Torture, 2 Wars, Economic Meltdown, no-bid contracts to Haliburton…. But, let's give credit where credit's due – Bush did a great job of clearing all that brush in Crawford. Mission Accomplished!!

    You keep listening to Rush, he'll set you straight. lol!!

  5. how do we take this person or thing seriously when this troll watches Debby Boone on donottake's troll site. I was expexct some bigtime I hate Obama vids.

  6. Turning an 800 Billion dollar surplus to a 1 trillion debt isn't a mess? Two wars where the US is now losing in one because George W. took his eye off the ball isn't a mess? Torturing prisoners (many of whom were innocent) isn't a mess? Just what part of this are you not getting anyway? lol!!

  7. Rush no longer wants to be slammed by the left, the White House, critics, and moderate liberals and conservatives. What a loser.

  8. its like saying i never got mugged because im so tough and intimidating. well, maybe i just never got mugged?

    so i guess clinton was great at counter terrorism as well? catastrophic attacks under clinton is zero, under bush is one. maybe its not either of their faults. but why give bush so much credit because there was ONLY ONE ATTACK without giving him blame for the fact there WAS AN ATTACK?

    maybe neither was his fault. maybe both. but your bias shows in your selective attention.

  9. We need a huge spiritual revival. This nation has turned away from God and we are beginning to see the consequences. If we do not repent soon, this nation WILL crumble. The people of this country are so in need of God. Everyone is trying to get satisfaction and purpose with sex and drugs and money…. it isn't going to work people, you will only get more depressed. Open your hearts, Jesus wants us to come back to him.

  10. I assume you mean Raptor Jesus correct troll? If you aren't a troll i must say. Your god is fake you don't follow the teachings of your own god so fuck off.

  11. Haha, what an ignorant fool this so called "newscaster" is. Rush is getting millions of listeners and *he* is telling Rush how to run his show? This video is sitting at twelve thousand views. End of story.

  12. But, in the end a corrupt "religious" government and a corrupt church doesn't disprove religion as fake. In fact it only shows a hypocrisy in the leaders of the two.

  13. you seem like a religious type, maybe you can help me. you eluded to the moral necessity of the bible. so, my issue was…
    i was just about to beat my hebrew slave. do you recall what the bible, in all its moral virtue, says about how to properly go about this?

  14. I hope Rush keeps doing what he's doing. Every time he takes his hate mongering to the air and makes news and the Ditto Heads applaud him I can hear the ticking in the background as the Republican Party self destructs. You're doing a heck of a job, Rush.

  15. He's obviously doing a lot of narcotics again. Listen to how he is slurring his words. And how pressured his speech is, much more exacting than usual. He's getting ready to crash again.

  16. sorry guyz! u will find a bloody body in you closet hauting you and will kill you and ur family if you dont send this to 6 videos in 30 mins good luck!

  17. Wow! Powell? Not Newt?

    I wonder how much Viagra Rush took during how many trips to Honduras he took to find the strength to admit that.

  18. You moron the Nuremberg trials were for war crimes committed by the Germans. The war crimes committed by bush include torturing enemy POW's, not allowing them their rights under the Geneva convention, not allowing them due process and being a fucking moron of l the lowest kind like his imbecilic lickspittle supporters.

    The invented term was unlawful enemy combatants not alien. War criminals such as bush cheney and rumsfeld will be arrested and brought to the hague to answer for their crimes.

  19. The GOP can't continue slitting their wrist without the RAZOR that is Limbaugh.

    And well……that's just sad. COME BACK YOU FAT, FAT, FAT DRUG ADDICT!

  20. The stinky pig fat ugly motherfucker rush is trying to be sarcastic lol… this guy´s head is faaaaaaaaaaaaar deeper i n his ass

  21. Rush is not the "titular" head of the GOP, but he is currently its "de facto" head. He has no intention of giving up that position.

    I'd say he's more of a "Moobular" head, heh.

  22. Gee. How un Rush-like. Did he say something to piss Cheney off or something? It's as if Cheney threatened to eat his heart or something, and was forced to resign.

    If I were Colin Powell, I'd not be part of the Republican party in the first place.

  23. "Obamas future tax revenues are based on unrealistic expectations. to repay the huge debt he is creating."

    Right… it's all the Democrats fault. *rolling eyes*

  24. If any one doubts Colin Powell listen to his endorsement of Obama and the explanation he gave on the weekend news show (I think it was meet the press). There is no doubt Powell has all his gears oiled and working, he is a smart man. Look at Powell's Wiki page and what he has done and positions he held. Limbaugh? Draft Dodger like Cheney and GW Bush, who protected Texas from the Vietcong.

  25. If republicans are such christians. than why dont they want health care for children. did the republican jesus turn his back to the sick and dying, Because the jesus i heard about allways said come onto me little children

  26. as long as no-one stands in his way rush will be the head of the party and as long as rush destorys anyone who opposes him no-one will get in his way

  27. Sorry dude but, your giving us christians a bad name. If jesus was here today he would be the very guy you would despise.
    A homeless, dark skinned/hair, gay loving and accepting, uneducated, Illegal alien loving, terrorist forgiving person. Oh and also he would be a Jew not a Christian.

  28. So Rush claims he never wanted to be leader? Then why did he slap down elected Republicans, holders of ACTUAL party positions, for pointing out that he wasn't the leader?

  29. burrito57: Obama and the left did not anoint/appoint Limbaugh. That would be Phil Gingrey, a few other GOP congress-critters, and finally, Steele – who each, in their turn, said something Rush didn't like, so they had to crawl to him, and kiss his fat ass on nationwide radio! On the final one, Steele, Rush told him – ORDERED him – to get off the air, get behind the scenes, raise money, and keep his mouth shut!

    Rush IS the GOP's leader.

    Limbaugh: "JUMP!"
    Pubbies: "How high?"


  30. Why did he repeat? To (in the words of GW Bush) "catapult the propaganda."

    Same reason that Darth Cheney's speech, last Thursday, was the same (short) speech – itself a compilation of his remarks/threats from the past few weeks of TV/radio spots, repeated 3 times (with slight changes)

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." ~ Joseph Goebbels

  31. Now you can leave him alone. He has no bearing on anything. BUT it seems he still gets the left all lit up. Why is that? Concerned about something

  32. titular: titile only, not fully official
    With the Republicans/Conservatives finally coming to light as the titular head of selfish, greedy, selfrightous, simpleminded, evil fockers we should take away thier title of "titular" and hold them fully accountable for focking under the world as bad as they have for the last 30 years.


  34. I'd like to see him run, just so we can see him try to answer questions about his drug use and his many, many wives.

  35. Tax everyone up their…?

    Hey MORON!! You are flat out wrong. Everyone knows his tax plan will lower taxes for 95% of us. That means, he is only raising taxes on 5% of us. In case you haven't figured it out, 5% does not = everyone, genius.

    Those 5% will "suffer" a 3% tax increase. Which means they might not take the maid to Europe this year. Oh well. Somebody's gotta pay for the wars.

  36. exactly my point, you have no fucken clue, since i completely disagree with you I must be a leeebral huh, you have no fucken clue kid

  37. Saying things like THAT (while not providing a profile that describes yourself, videos or favorites, etc. ) only proves the fact that you are utterly cowardice. You cannot sustain (let alone even PROVIDE) a legitimate argument without resorting to childish name-calling. A "queer" is NOT lower than whale crap….It's a person that's capable of plenty more than CRAP, discobabe1998. Look up "Republican Democrat gay marriage" . Your biased attitude is holding us back as a respected country.

  38. My previous comment belonged underneath discobabe1998's comment near the bottom of the next page. It was not geared towards anyone on this page.

  39. Yes, Colin Powell would be a good choice, he is more of a Paleoconservative. The "Neocon" movement is way to right.

  40. noo, i miss the old republicans who were actually worshipping, free press, religion, being antifederalists, now they become corrupted by authoritan conservatives

  41. You know the GOP is down the toilet when even Rush Limbaugh distances himself from it!

    Republicans 2009: beyond hypocrisy, beneath contempt.

  42. "Moderation of Economy" < LOL riiiight…. more like "Control of the Economy"

    If we're talking the elimation of any party, it should be of ALL parties

  43. traditional conservatives are pretty good. It's the neo-cons who hav taken over the party. But then again, i think that Both parties are pretty authoritarian in their own respects

  44. COLIN POWELL A CONSERVATIVE!!!! LOL wat a joke! The guy said himself just a couple months ago "People want more government in their lives. People want 2 pay more taxes for gov't services." <AUTOMATIC disqualification as conservative

  45. i was not aware of that quote. I believe that there is an important role for government, and in some cases certain aspects may not be not staffed properly, you have to examine the details., But in general, yes, I believe government is way, way too big and making it bigger would not be something I support. I will look into the quote. Thank you for letting me know. Regards, RJ

  46. i never thought rush was the head of the party. I thought the republicans would realize that most of their members are not ignorant foul mouthed fat fucks. There are many good republicans out their but they are the ones that no one hears, only extremist views.

  47. good point about neo-cons, thats what make the republican party split up. Mccain was a conservative about battle many times with ne0 cons because he tried to be more moderate, until election time he went towards his base of the party.

  48. McCain was deeffffffffff not a conservative. He was progressive. He even said that one of his fav presidents was Teddy Roosevelt, the ultra-progressive; and def not sum1 a conservative should like.

  49. If this guy's TALENT and BRAINS were as big as his ego, mouth & ass, we'd be OK! Look at OTHER "appointees"! Palin, Steele, Bush, Cheney. Not a club I'd like to be the "head" of!!

  50. Please read the book by senator al frankin " rush limbaugh is a big fat idiot" the senator offered to debate that stupid asshole any time anyplace and strangly that dumb duck is very silent about the senator

  51. Manboobs… Òff course! For a moment I thought I read "manhood"…

    Not that i suspect he's got a pair…

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