S. Korea responded more quickly to COVID-19 than to MERS

S. Korea responded more quickly to COVID-19 than to MERS

South Korea remains on high alert and
has so far kept the infection rate much lower compared to the MERS outbreak back
in 2015 this was largely attributed to government response that’s much improved
after learning from past mistakes Eagleman shet slide on the upgrades South Korea’s response to covin 19 began
even before the virus was identified the Korea Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention set up a special team on January 3rd from what he called at the
time of his opera in China and unknown ammonia that is also when he toughened
Airport current he measures on all people arriving from Wuhan official
action from the government came on January 13th when he developed a testing
kit three days later it announced precautionary measures nationwide all
the steps were taken before the virus was found in South Korea on the 20th
when the first case was confirmed all this pre-emptive efforts came more
quickly than during the MERS outbreak perhaps based on the lessons learned
from 2015 with MERS the country confirmed his first case on May 20th and
only then did the case CDC initiate his emergency operation and announced a
special quarantine for people arriving from 21 countries in the Middle East in
his 2015 wife of the Health Ministry blamed as a major reason for the rapid
spread of MERS the inadequacy of his preparation and early stage response
also given the past experience the case it is seen this time has an SD capacity
of triage s or pre diagnostic sites which he says are critical to preventing
potential patients for spreading the virus in hospital ten days after Kobe 19
was found in Korea the government designated nearly 300 triage is across
the country including public health centers in the MERS outbreak triage
centers in notstar operating until three weeks after the first case patients
suspected of having worse were not isolated from the others allowing the
infection to spread quickly in hospitals which was blamed for more than 90
percent of the confirmed cases triage is critical in stopping hospital
infections but in 2015 when MERS broke out we didn’t grasp the significance of
triage s nor we have the resources to build them
immediately based on these modifications in the early response to Cove in 1940
infection rate lower than that of Mars as of Tuesday 30 days into the outbreak
the confirmed cases of Cove in nineteen stands at 31 while MERS by the time had
reached 166 jung-in arirang news

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