S. Korea to use emergency funds of US$ 2.8 bil. for coronavirus

S. Korea to use emergency funds of US$ 2.8 bil. for coronavirus

the South Korean government is going to
use emergency funds to contain a new virus and is considering expanding the
entry ban and foreigners are packagin has the details South Korea will immediately use more
than 2.8 billion u.s. dollars of emergency funding to tackle the corona
virus outbreak the government is currently using its secured budget for
the crisis and it has an emergency fund of 2.8 billion u.s. dollars there’s an
objective reserve of 1.7 billion dollars and a general reserve of 1.1 billion
dollars we will use them swiftly and effectively the government the blue
house and ruling party at a meeting at the National Assembly on Wednesday the
emergency budget will be used for quarantine and to support industries
that have suffered losses from the outbreak the key focus of the meeting
was the economic response to the outbreak they cross they reviewed the
virus’s influence on the global and domestic economy breaking it down by
industry we must strengthen government cooperation with various regions
industries and companies as we did when Japan imposed export curbs on us last
year then we will again turn this crisis into an opportunity the three groups
also said they want a stricter screening for foreigners entering the country
although nothing was decided at the gathering prime minister chung said you
had an active possibility of expanding the current entry beyond on foreigners
who have visited who’ve a province in the past two weeks two foreigners from
other regions this comes as patients in South Korea
who recently visited Thailand and Japan have tested positive for the virus will
closely watch the situation in hubei province in the surrounding area we’ll
also test entering non Chinese foreigners South Korea will also
continue to work closely with China it says to keep supplying masks and other
goods to Korean nationals in China while supporting local firms in tackling the
outbreak by jointly overcoming the crisis the ruling party government and
the top office anticipate better relations between Seoul and Beijing
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