S.O.S. Tommy Robinson To Be Jailed For Journalism

S.O.S. Tommy Robinson To Be Jailed For Journalism

good morning everybody I am Ryan Miller coming to you from Ryan Miller arts YouTube channel I want to talk to you about Tommy Robinson today so I'm pretty fired up because right now there's a man in Britain named Tommy Robinson who is an independent journalist who was covering the mass rapes of British youths that occurred in Britain thousands of grooming gangs now well I don't well there may have been thousands but thousands of kids were were victimized by these grooming gangs and so and the police covered it up and Tommy Robinson spoke out against this and has been covering the scenario the situation for the past year or so or at least that's that's when I came into finding out who he was the problem right now is that in Britain there is no freedom of speech Britain has broken the government it has gone absolutely buck wild and they're completely in cahoots with the media which is not unlike our situation here in the United States that we're not as badly off as Britain is there there is a good reason why we broke away from Britain there are good reasons and this by and large is one of them that I I'm just like begin so he's gone to trial and this is this is not the first trial he's in so the the the onion layers of everything that's wrong with this situation are it when you when you start to peel it back and the steer start coming if it's it just it's jaw-dropping so he is gone to jail because he went to he went to trial and went to jail where he and the reason he went to trial in jail was because he asked a question of a convicted rapist and the court said that him it made it was going to make the rapist uncomfortable and I just I'm I'm absolutely astounded I that's and if you think I'm kidding right now I'm not kidding that's the actual rationale you can look all this up I I'm not gonna do in the time of retrospective aunt Tanya Robinson's career but he but yeah this is something that he was covering because the media wasn't covering it this is this is something that he has been aggressively following because because from that from from the top of the police force there in London and probably all around Britain all the way down to your blue check Twitter journalists you know all the in and politicians have been actively aggressively had been actively trying to cover this scenario up because they had such a problem with political correctness in Britain because there is no freedom of speech that you can't say that there there are hordes of Islamic grooming gangs in Britain and there are and I've also been seeing I've been seeing the stories news stories about how it's so bad in Britain right now people from these Islamic countries are going there sending their families back to the Islamic countries now because it's better there than it is in Britain in terms of violence and and turmoil and so Tommy Robinson is covering this stuff and he goes to jail because he asked a question and and the establishment do not like the questions and and the other amazing thing is that I don't know that there is anybody in the British government aside from probably a few members of you Kip and a number of probably a handful of other MPs that day I think it's basically everybody in the British government are completely corrupt morally if if not legally and politically the fact that anybody would go to jail because you asked a question of someone is absolutely absurd this is why we had the First Amendment I don't care if I don't people don't like his politics you don't like you don't like you think he's he's he's politically incorrect I don't give a fuck this this if if you are not behind the idea that that everyone should have the right to say whatever it is that they want to say regardless of whether or not you agree with it then then we got nothing to talk about you and me we we literally and actually have nothing to talk about because if you believe that people don't have the right to speak their mind however silly it is and however little you disagree with it if you think people should be silenced and jailed for their views you and I have nothing to talk about because I can't trust you because in order to in order when when you have a conversation with somebody you're seeking truth you're seeking a truth and that's that's exactly what a conversation is so in order to find that you have to ask questions and truth to find the truth of something if if it's a real real problem say like you're an investigation for instance in journalism or even a joke because the best jokes are true jokes or jokes that are true it's difficult and you have to go to uncomfortable places to find the truth that's why we have stand-up comedy which is under attack right now to try to find the truth you have to go to uncomfortable places but if you believe that some that if you believe that somebody should be jailed which is a sort of violence by the way an actual sort of violence it is a punishment to be jailed because it is a punishment to be banished from civilization if you think somebody should be jammed for their opinions then then that is actual violence because the only other way to the only way to compel somebody to be jailed is to put a gun in their face anytime that you allow the government to choose to protect you from something what you've done is you've made a criminal of someone and if you make speech criminal you've made yourself a criminal because it might be the people that you agree with are in power right now and they might be coming down on somebody that you disagree with and that you think is morally repugnant if you think speech is violence then you want Tommy in jail but it won't be very long until somebody is empowered that you disagree with and they'll use that same law against you so so Tommy asked this question of of this Islamic guy who was convicted of child rape and he's immediately arrested on the spot he's taken to jail he goes to court and they try him like two times and forgive me if I get some of these details wrong I'm getting the broad-strokes right they try him and they try him and and he goes to jail and on appeal and he he goes to jail he goes to jail for three months and he gets out on appeal after three months not before a murder attempt against him and then after that murder attempt he had to be put in solitary confinement because guess what with all the Islamic terror that was going on in and all the Islamic migration into London you now have a huge population of Islamic gangs in jails so so if Tommy goes to jail again which he's going to his life is in danger but I digress he gets out after an appeal when it was it was it was clearly to be shown that Tommy was not only innocent but the entire the whole the whole kangaroo court situation was a farce and so he's fine and he's doughnut caddy and he he runs for MP of the British the European Union so he would have been a representative to the European Union but he didn't win that he didn't win that election but not too long after that they decided to retry him again for the same crime another thing that we don't do in this country another thing that we don't do here in the United States of America this is the next layer that drives me insane what the fuck do you think you're doing Britain what are you doing you're making a mockery of your justice system I mean you're making a mockery of yourselves all over the place I don't mean every bride on't mean British people on the street I'm not talking about you I'm talking about the politicians and I'm talking about anybody who wants Tommy Robinson to jail if that's you go after yourself to be read ride for the same thing that you were found innocent up and I was watching a recap from Tommy about what went down and he was he wasn't tried by a jury oh no no no British crown can have the British crown can't have Tommy tried by a jury they need to make sure that he's tried by two judges because a jury would find him innocent but I I guess if if you can't even have in working courts you got nothing Britain you're about to crumble I mean you are crumbling now we're on our way there but unfortunately we have a president who who is getting judges in the courts that are conservative and will at least adhere to the confines of their hopefully adhere to the confines of the Constitution and their role in the judiciary but it's it's just and so now he's going to jail and you have militant jihadist that will be in jail with him and he's critical of Islam and so he's got a price on his head and the British the British crown knows this they they they're doing the you see the thing is Britain doesn't care anymore they don't even try for the appearance of justice and liberty anymore they they they have fully sold them souls sold their souls to I don't know what God is that Marx if you're British you're basically living in a communist country I could say that actually of America as well I mean we're not we are really I'm I criticize Britain and and in all honesty we're not we're not very far behind we're probably about ten years behind you in terms of the full-on degradation of actual justice and rule of law it's just that we have that pesky Constitution that keeps getting in the way of a total total annihilation so listen if you are a Democrat at all and you don't if you're a Democrat and you want Trump to win in 2020 I can't even say that because this is not related to Democrats right now this is just Tommy Robinson needing help man I I this has gone on way longer than I originally anticipated for it to but I'm just going to keep going do that I'm I'm flustered I'm really flustered about this and I need to get this stuff off my chest Tommy Robinson is appealing to Donald Trump and the United States for political asylum and he needs it he is he is guilty of nothing this is a situation where somebody actually needs actual political asylum Tommy Robinson needs our help so if you can get this video or just send the message or just check it out find out about him and and learn about his situation it is it is so wrong what they're doing and it is so dangerous the game that Britain is playing and with the amount of people on the street cheering for Tommy Britain you better be careful yeah even you've had uprisings before in your history don't forget so it's didn't just we need to get Tommy out of Britain he needs to come to the United States where he's not gonna go to jail for having an opinion and saying things that somebody doesn't like I don't care I don't care what your political beliefs are if you're caught up in this situation you know I would say the same thing about you and if we're going to say that Tommy is conservative guy then then let's say that and let's say that there is a if you want to espouse the the the idea that capitalism is evil for instance and you want to you wanna you want to be a journalist and confront noted capitalists for their capitalism you should be allowed to do that and you should not go to jail for doing that in a peaceful manner as a journalist or or even as an individual and if anybody were ever to put you try to put you in jail for covering the evils of capitalism I would I would be a hundred percent behind you and seek the same good that I'm seeking for Tommy and that's the thing is that you have to be willing freedom of speech can only exist if you are willing to protect the speech of someone you disagree with that's the only way it can exist and without freedom of speech we don't have a country or a culture without our Bill of Rights we don't have a culture and so we need to do some so if you can spread this video around investigate it yourself I have a link to a video in the description that is a pretty good overview of of the whole of the whole situation that he's in and if you want a deeper dive that's fine and of course if you look him up you're gonna see terms like alt-right and nazi and and white supremacists he's none of those things of course and as you probably very well know when anybody ever says that somebody is though are those things that 99% chance they are absolutely not and that they they are just somebody that that they don't agree with politically thank you very much for listening if you got through this I appreciate it follow me on Twitter and gab at Ryan Miller art and if you want to keep checking me out here on YouTube please follow hit the like button and subscribe thank you very much for checking me out and have a great

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3 thoughts on “S.O.S. Tommy Robinson To Be Jailed For Journalism

  1. Our government is way past corruption. The lies and propaganda spread by the elite are so blatant. They don’t care they are showing their true colours. Unfortunately it’s is now too late for England the government proved that today. Christianity and the white man in England are now in serious trouble. Message to the us. Prepare yourselves before it’s too late for you.
    You tube is just as bad for removing the video of Muslim gangs running our prisons. The government wouldn’t want that getting out just before the sentence Tommy to prison would they. Youtube you are an absolute disgrace.

  2. You fucking idiot
    You know nothing of what’s going on in the UK, but quick to pass judgement.

    ‘mericans are so up their own arse.

  3. He will probably be killed, a martyr in the struggle against big government throttling of free speech. Too bad he won't be given asylum here—he's white, non-muslim, non-hispanic, non-liberal, and an exposer of pedophiles. Very unwelcomed by most governments in the world, including ours.

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