Saenuri Party leader Lee Jung-hyun suggests political reforms at parliament during his parl…

Saenuri Party leader Lee Jung-hyun suggests political reforms at parliament during his parl…

Over at the National Assembly,… the leader
of Korea’s ruling Saenuri Party has given his first full address to parliament on his
party’s policy goals. His was the first in a series of speeches
by the leaders of the main political parties… marking the opening of the assembly’s regular
session. Our political correspondent Park Ji-won has
more. The leader of Korea’s ruling Saenuri Party
has laid out his party’s policy goals,… vowing to spearhead long-overdue political
reforms. In his first speech to the National Assembly
as party leader on Monday morning,… Lee Jung-hyun stressed the need for lawmakers
to give up their privileges. “I always wanted to appeal to you, my fellow
lawmakers, that parliament desperately needs to reflect on itself and be reborn to be the
people’s true representative.” To achieve that, he suggested creating a task
force this month to revamp the way parliamentary politics are conducted… to ensure lawmakers
truly focus on serving the people… rather than themselves or their party. Lee also urged the opposition parties to cooperate
on the passage of several pending economy-related bills,… including a labor reform bill,…
as well as on security issues,… like the planned deployment to South Korea of the THAAD
missile defense system. “I propose that the assembly creates a new
tradition of bipartisan cooperation on matters of security,… such as THAAD, cyber terrorism,
as well as security funding and other security-related bills,… for the sake of the country.” He also made conciliatory gestures to opposition
parties and Korea’s southwestern Honam region,… for the ruling Saenuri Party’s past political
attacks and long-perceived disregard,… saying regionalism is fading away,… citing himself
as living proof, being a rare Saenuri lawmaker whose constituency is in the Honam region. The main opposition Minjoo Party’s leader
Choo Mi-ae will deliver her address on Tuesday,… followed by a speech by the minor opposition
People’s Party’s interm leader on Wednesday. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.”

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