100 thoughts on “Schumer blinks: Democrats end government shutdown

  1. You don't have to like Trump but God damn you must be a stupid son of a bitch if you actually believe you can out negotiate this Nigga….#winning so hard

  2. Chiki shumer is been pressure by his own party not look demcraps bad to public afte we all know was his fault & nasty pelosi.

  3. Always a little slow on the uptake like other Democrats in Congress, Chuckie finally realized who the POTUS is. Better late than never I guess.

  4. There's no communication gap between Trump anyone he's doing what he ran on in 17 to win the presidency and nothing's changed shumer so you can kiss my ass.

  5. for once I agree with Juan Williams, Schumer put the democrats in a bad position and that's why Schumer had to cave. They were never going to win against President Trump..

  6. They would shutdown the government for illegal immigrants but not for blacks, other minorities or women that they so often claim to champion for.

  7. "Upchuck" Chucky "Schumer" was putting illegal aliens ahead of border guards and the American military! Next time senators threaten to shut down the government – Senators and the members of their staffs should go without pay until a budget is passed.

  8. Let's not forget that Trump could have ended DACA with a simple stroke of a pen months ago. What did he do instead? Passed on the decision to the Senate, and that my friends is an quality only real leaders possess. I won't even get into previous administrations about that, not worth it any longer.

    Our founding fathers came up with the three branches political system for a reason! And our President demonstrated to be a true constitutional American by not abusing his power. Bravo Mr. President, you're the man! I truly believe you are a blessing from above. I pray for you and your family every day. True Americans know what's really going on out there. We won't let the trashy media get into our heads. Let them manifest their lies all they want. The truth will have the last word.

    I want to add that I also requested to you-tube to give me the power to block all of those I do not want to hear about (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, WASHINGTON POST, and likes) I don't watch them not even for curiosity, but every now and then they pop-up on my screen! I guess you tube wants to give them ratings!

  9. Since when do “Most Americans” want the DACA, or “Dreamers’ Program” want to continue? No, we want the welfare of the American people to be the the top priority. What’s so hard to understand?

  10. Dems need to get rid of Schumer he is a WEAK leader and a sleaze ball.

    If this is how it was going to end it should NEVER have been started.

    Schumer needs to step down because he failed to lead. He is a pussy.

  11. We Dems wussed out to racists! I thought we had at least some backbone. A couple of weeks of shutdown, at least, would have sent a message that racism and racist would not dictate policy but we couldn't even do that! MLK and Ceasar Chavez are doing flips in their graves right now, so sad.

  12. The "Dreamers" are in fact a NIGHTMARE. I notice most of them are around voting age….hmmmnnn…ya think? Send all DACAs to live with Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Maxipad, Jane Fonda, The Talking Hat Wilson, Ashley Judd, Chucky & all the fascist idiots who stole this country from US.


  14. Juan is a tiresome shill. It's his job but his total lack of backbone is becoming a bore.
    Schumer is a mental case. It's called 'Demo-Denialitis'…… A partisan condition that afflicts the dead and dying of the brain cells . The ability to logic is severely impaired. The cure their using is from an out of code playbook they can't seem to let go of. Maybe they haven't heard about the latest edition? It was just recently released around the 1st of the year. Actually closer to the end of November, just about the time the world as they'd known it vanished into thin air.

  15. SCHUMER CAVED! Another great victory for president Trump! Bow down, Chuckie! Bow low now before your new Emperor! All Hail Emperor Trump! The corrupt Democrat Party is fast collapsing! I am drunk with victory right now (It must be victory. I am out of Jack Daniels)! 🙂

  16. Schemer should read Trumps "The art of a deal".. Lol you can't cause a government shutdown to fund our military and CHIP over illegals and really think you'll win. Schumer should take test to make sure he's mentally fit to hold any office with power like Trump took and passed.

  17. SHITTY Sentor, SCHUMY has so much shit coming out its ass, looks like it might suffocate, due to it going up its nose!

  18. Schumer backed down because he saw a no. of hulky men in combat fatigue surrounding his home in the middle of the night! He is so afraid of GITMO ..

  19. My four USA born, children, citizens of the USA they are dreamers, STOP calling Illegals, dreamers they are want-to-be dreamers. Get in line, become legal.

  20. The deal for the "dreamers" should be: Apply for citizenship like every other hopeful immigrant. Like my Grandfather did.

  21. Rappel
    Harvard-Harris Poll
    65% want a DACA deal with strong border security
    68% oppose the visa lottery
    81% want legal immigration reduced
    79% think immigration should be based on skills instead of family ties
    60% believe dreamers should not be given preference to bring their relatives to the U.S.
    61% think current border security is inadequate
    54% support a physical barrier along the southern border
    79% want a secure border, rather than open borders

  22. Chuckles Schumer is an ass-hat. We should thank our lucky stars that morons like Schumer & Pelosi are the leaders of the Democrat Party. NO DEAL – NO DACA! …btw: Juan is a clown.

  23. Juan not anymore lets take another poll on DACA asshole I bet the poll numbers have dropped….. It was a Schumer shutdown all the republicans voted to keep the government running the democrats voted against it……The midterms are going to be another democrat blood bath……Schumer and the democrats put illegal aliens before American citizens……

  24. What a bunch of political mess. We are the only country on the planet that would inconvenience its citizens by shutting down its government for such a nonsensical reason. Lets not hold our government hostage based on the whims and ideology of a particular party. That goes to both parties, makes us look so inept on the world stage. We at times have to be mature and rise above the partisan politics of the ultra left and right. We are first and for most Americans united and many core values and beliefs and to be so bifurcated in our political structure is disconcerting. In the right corner we have the neo-conservatives that are so rigid they refuse to bend even a centimeter. Then the ultra left seems so rabid in there beliefs they come across almost like a zealous religion. How have both parties allowed such polarizing individuals speak for their respective parties. Where are the more moderate rational politicians and why are they not stepping forward in public to denounce their own radical party beliefs.

  25. Putting illegal immigrants before our military, our children, and our citizens in general is an extremely radical leftist move.  And stupid.  Chucky played right into Trumps hands.  This idiotic, traitorous move will haunt Chucky till his dying day.

  26. The president cares more about american citizens and dreamers than democrats. The current democrating party cares nothing for amercian people or the dreamers

  27. If i had a car that shutdown as much as the government does i would get rid of it! Think about it these 3 year old democrats are spiting in the faces of everyone who did it the right way and earned the privilege to attend college . daca is caca !

  28. When are we going to involve the Supreme Court in regards to illegal immigrants and voting? Currently California and other states are issuing driving license then re-writing state laws. The Constitution is very clear that votes are from the people, by the people. Yet, politicians are positioning local laws that give illegal immigrants the ability to make decisions and vote in the very near future while not paying taxes (cause they don't have a Social Security Number), hinder current tax payers and current programs paid by Americans. This should be against the law and state laws should not be applied that violate federal laws, undermine federal government and strictly goes against the Constitution of the United States. Measures need to be emplaced, enforced and protected against extreme political malicious conduct. It's my personal experience that once these individuals gain power and public support, fear, or lack of knowledge that it takes way to long to fix. How is it possible that we, the Supreme Court, and leaders of America allow certain individuals to circumnavigate the system for obvious results? I thought that only legal Americans were the only ones that decided who would represent us in government! It's my strong belief that if you don't have a SSN and don't register with your SSN then you are NOT and CAN NOT VOTE, period. Second measure is that people in power should be immediately FIRED if they are found tampering in American elections. Californian politicians are a perfect example of NOT following or caring about law which is unacceptable, unamerican and frankly shamelessly irresponsible. What the hell, we need to take back America, now not later.

  29. Shumer did the right thing for all the people affected by the government shutdown . Good work Chuck. #shumerforpresident

  30. And we get another example of how cluelessly out of touch democrats AND liberals are, now that Schumer made a deal with the president to get the government back up and running some of his own party are suddenly turning on him. Their very quick to turn on  one of their own for even imagined insults and anything out of what they accept as normal, aren't they? you don't see that with the republicans, do you?

  31. THE SCHUMER SHUTDOWN LOL. After Harvard release a study that said 81% of American's don't agree with immigrants coming to the US. NOW the democrats are a scrambling and reopen the government. Wow, the Democrats are such caring people, NOT! At the end of the day, it's all about votes for them. To think about it, when more immigrants come into the US, it means more votes for the Democratic party. Most people from 3rd world country are used to following orders from the Government. Easy target to control.Trump is a great man, and he will win in 2020. Guarantee it.


  33. The Demon Rats tried to stick it to Trump, in past the Republicans always got blamed but this time it backfired right in their ugly mugs. We The People are seeing through their smoke and mirrors.

  34. ha ha ha chuck the schmuck got a spankin from big daddy now go to your room schmucky and shut the fuck up we all hate you

  35. Thanks to him opening up the government. Shame for closing it in the first place. He has to be like this to keep the Democratic party happy

  36. Chuck boxed the democrats in. The shutdown was all about DACA so they're screwed if they don't get a pathway to citizenship.

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