100 thoughts on “Several Democrats are Beating Trump in Head-to-Head Polls

  1. Colbert, the Late Night Cuck reading his teleprompter. While everyone else is talking about Democrats trying to disarm America……Colbert is dancing around talking about Dem polls. What an idiot !!!!

  2. Polls? Like in 2016? Wow they sure got it right huh? Dems are winning so life is a bowl of cherries. Except that smart (I said smart) Dems will vote Trump 2020–they know the Dem stooges will back down from Predatory China and allow massive illegal invasion to continue. Among other stupidities. Thanks Trump voters!

  3. Yo Andrew yang should definitely be beating trump in head to head so if you haven’t checked him oh you totally shoulf

  4. I wish colbert would put his money where his mouth is with me. I will bet some bills on trump in 2020. not my choice for POTUS but I know a good bet. maybe he will even give me odds, since he talks so much shit.

  5. Trump needs our help ! Our beloved president is always around a running helicopter ! The helicopter is like a wind turbine but louder . The pilot wears ear protection , Trump does not ! Wind turbine noise causes Cancer ! We as true Americans must insist : TRUMP GET HIS HEAD EXAMINED ! Christian Evangelical Thoughts and Prayers is not good enough for the chosen one ! Trump 2020

  6. if you didn't let's TULSI GABBARD in the democratic debate i'd rather VOTE for TRUMP he more antiwar then those CLOWNS i joining the COMMUNIST PARTY

  7. Polls are worse than meaningless. They ask people on the street who they'd vote for while only 20% will actually GO VOTE. But the hypocritical delusional godtards are ALL guaranteed to be at those voting locations for their very moral (cough) candidate.

  8. The same pollsters Colbert told his idiot viewers that Hillary had a 96.8 % chance of winning the presidential election . Some people are just to stupid to learn anything .

  9. Hypothetical poll? Good grief. But he's losing even in the hypothetical poll in his head. Oh, that biting of the lower lip while he "dances" is the the stuff of queasiness

  10. People are aware that 38% is still pretty high, right? I mean how many people are ACTUALLY ready to vote for the other democratic nominee if theirs doesn't get nominated? I can absolutely see that that orange clown would get reelected again because "my pick for Democrat wasn't nominated so I might as well vote for the buffoon". Democrats, you're WAY too divided to win the way you are now. As harsh and intolerant as it is, a lot of people just want to see a white man win. If the first pick would have been Biden or Sanders, but Warren, or especially Harris or Yang get picked, do you ACTUALLY think people are evolved and educated enough to not look at the easiest common denominators and make a choice based solely on that? I thought so. Sorry America, but I think you and the rest of the world has a pretty high likelihood of having to deal with a dribbling retard as the president of the most powerful country in the world for four more years…. God forbid his family of morons actually becomes politically powerful enough to become a dynasty. You and the rest of the world will be in utter chaos until the goddamn sun dies out.

  11. trumps, calls someone Pocahontas, says he isn't racist. no wonder the worlds hates him and his garbage supporters

  12. Chump the fake orange president is evil, he lies, abuses women, talks about sex with his daughter, doesnt pay his debts and is a nazi commie hybrid of love with putin and kim dong. 46% of america like this lifestyle.

  13. If I were a democratic candidate, I would resort to calling him either Dotard or "the big brain". There is no point in addressing Trumpy with any sort of decorum.

  14. Trump can keep believing he is universally loved in the USA and Trump alternate reality land right up to the day he is voted out and given Epstein’s old room in jail.

  15. Don't fall for the polls. Have we not learnt our lessons? I know those who voted for Trump to oust Hillary, are still supporting him against their own moral scale.

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  17. Polls or NO Polls, America cannot afford to have TRICKY TRUMP in the WH, he does NOT I repeat, NOT deserve it! with Trump you get Putin and all his other dictator friends he wants for sure a G8 with his boss in the room.

  18. Late night host clueless to polls. Democrats are clueless to a better America. Open boarders . Killing babies. And lies and deceit in America

  19. Republicans know better then to participate in the polls. Just like last time. It’s called a silent majority for a reason.

  20. How does someone break the laws so much? And can't read??? That's kind of a tough shit not to under stand any court papers coming his way.😁

  21. All registered voters, please vote Trump out in November 2020. The world is watching us. We can't have a 2nd term of Trump

  22. As a lifelong Texan and blue voter since my first election, I am thrilled to see the news about us Texans finally, possibly pulling our heads out of our asses. In 2016, I had to basically pull teeth just to get THREE of my friends to vote for the first time. I sincerely hope people are more eager to vote this time around, because I'm even more adamant that they have to.

  23. That's not the president's voice. COLBERT is such a lying piece of crap. We're ALL gonna vote for him AGAIN, no matter what lies you try to spread. We are 21 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! The country is full! Every country these muslim refugees go is chaos. Look at Paris. It WAS the most beautiful city in Europe, and look at it now. Look at Italy, warning people that "IT WILL BE CHAOS" and they passed an anti-immigration law after the chastised everyone else about taking them in. Did you watch the documentary they put out about what they did to their country?! AND THE THANKS THEY GOT? THE BLACK AXE terrorist GROUP ARE CAUSING CHAOS as the title says! If you just look at what they're doing you'll see why NO ONE WANTS THEM!!!!!!!!!

  24. Please don’t be complacent Americans, please make sure you vote, it’s no good to think that Rump won’t get in again. If you don’t vote he may get in again, you can be sure that the Rumpsters will all vote.
    Love from a Canadian.

  25. If all 6 of those candidates can potentially beat him, why are we still picking which one of them based on which one we think has the best chance over the best policies.

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