100 thoughts on “Several Philadelphia police officers shot in active situation

  1. Republican conspiracy theory in
    3…2…1… deep state George sorros media distraction or something else that can't be proven

  2. We republicans can blame immigrants for any economic problems and bailout the coal companies. The same way we blamed immigrants and teachers then bailed-out the financial Industry 2008. Thanks Mitch. Putin tRump 2020. Грязные

  3. This is where we need to take a step back take a deep breath and realize how important police officers are to our everyday lives.. if you're pissed off at them just because they gave you a speeding ticket think about what they go through and think about what their families go through from the time they leave the house until the time they return every single day day after day these are my heroes

  4. Does anybody else think that Shep Smith should go the F away so we don't have to see him or hear from him anymore?

  5. The Philadelphia Police are now calling on President Trump and Governor Wolf to enact more gun control laws and to let the police police themselves. As for all the other citizens of Philadelphia, it's alright if they become sitting ducks. As long as the police are protected from ordinary citizens. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-police. But people need to be able to protect themselves, not only from criminals, but maybe even the police if it ever becomes necessary. There are many people in other parts of Pennsylvania that are setting up booby traps in and around their homes to protect themselves and their families. The same is true of New York, California, and Colorado. The police can't be everywhere at once, and people are beginning to take a pro-active approach to things like this, and believe it or not, it's actually working in the favor of both the citizenry and the police. One homeowner even caught a man wanted for questioning in 3 murders. He was eventually charged, tried, and convicted in two of those murders.

  6. Lefty state. Philly, lots of bent cops. (Ask any PA State Trooper..) Narcotics? In Philly? NAH! hahaha.. The buildings are practically mortared with meth and coke!

  7. People better quit trying to take on the Police….if you need mental help seek it!
    Quit trying to hurt our heroes in the Men in blue.


  9. Oh I'm just glad it wasn't a Hispanic being used as distraction, that would've made alot of people forget about Epstein

  10. I don't like this guy shep lama! Lets see how the spin this one to blame Trump! Ill go find the news somewhere else! Where's Tucker.

  11. A Shock & Disappointment! They definitely did'nt barge in the "wrong" home this time. This occupier wasn't a Mum (& or Dad) with a bunch of kids, begging for their lives.

  12. I wonder how a multiple felon got a gun! I thought that was illegal. And, this was in a gun free zone. You mean to tell me people can illegally get guns and bring them into a gun free zone and shoot at people???? Color me surprised! They said that background checks keep guns out of the hands of criminals! And, that gun free zones would be "gun free"! Lies. And another lie is that banning AR-15s will stop mass shootings from happening. I wonder why the media won't tell us that statistically our schools are safer now than they were in 1994. Hey wait, wasn't there an assault weapons ban back then?? But I thought gun bans were suppossed to make us safe from those big…….. bad………evil assault rifles! Something doesnt jive here! Especially since pistols are used in shootings way more often than rifles.

  13. Why don't these police shoot a percussion grenade through a window they do it militarily you guys are ridiculously stupid

  14. Should never have allowed a surrender ,and Obama should be held responsible he’s the one that started the war on cops

  15. It should be mandatory to arm yourself in every major city in the US, this is where the most uncivilized congregate , in large toilet bowls

  16. All these clowns taunting and throwing things at police officers. Bunch of clowns. Represent your city and neighborhood perfectly. Bunch of F**kin idiots to say the least. Once you see the video of the people it explains a lot. Very low education and parents didnt teach them a single thing growing up. So how can you really blame them. Dems!!

  17. goggle the worst 20 cities to live what do u see? get to the root of the real issues….the black communites are a huge mess…..fatherless home, welfare, no work ethic, too many children with different fathers, mothers not married, crime, drugs, guns, shootings, robberies….its a cultural thing…fathers need to be in the lives of their childrenthey need to go to work, teach their childen ,,love, support their families……..personal responsiblity…..baltimore, camden, chester, phila, chigaco….. if children were monitored, aised in the right way these communites would be safer, cleaner,

  18. Another reason to take away these types of guns. But what’s a few dead cops compared to the profit margin of the NRA. I don’t even like cops but this time I feel bad for them.

  19. If people don't quit targeting cops, we are going to allow warrantless searches and arrests. Proof will be relegated to the back burner as well as Miranda rights while sewers and streets get cleared of anything deemed "a threat". These shootings are starting to look orchestrated.

  20. I like how talking about police being shot is a distaction lol people are animals man we gotta talk about that pervert Epstein all day geez

  21. None of those officers moved like it was an emergency situation going on Ijs..plus why talk to the officer with the bullet in his head???! Talk to the other officers…im not sure about this story

  22. Not buying anything this Shepard has to say. Shepard also ready and willing to push the msm pre planned gun control narrative

  23. To answer all the widows whose husbands that served both in the military and the police force. Read Luke ch. 18 vs 1-8 : there was a widow who needed to be avenged of her adversary. She wearied the UNJUST judge until he said within his little tiny heart. Though I fear not God nor do I care what other men think because this woman is bothering me I will take care of her needs. Then read christ's message. Will God need avenge his elect who cry unto him day and night. I tell you he will avenge them speedily. I told my cousin this story about her brother my cousin David. NEVER STOP PRAYING. A FERVENT PRAYER AVAILETH MUCH. AND YES I AM SORRY. THE RESURRECTION IS RAEL… IS REAL… IF YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW IF YOU BELIEVE. READ THE MATTHEW CH.24 AND MARK CH. 13 AND LUKE CH. 21 IT ALL ALIGNS WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY. YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE SOME OF GODS WORD AND NOT THE REST… SO REST ASSURED JESUS OF NAZARETH WILL AVENGE YOU OF YOUR ADVERSARIES……………..


  24. Donald Trump. I don't care if you have to cheat aka manipulate the votes to win the election and I am going to tell you why…..are you ready?? My mother friend from high school I forget her name. But I don't remember of it was Barak Obama's 1st or 2nd election but she told my mother and me that he friends voted Republican and they saw with their own eyes ages they voted for the Republican candidate the device switch to Barack Obama even though they did not vote for him. Now that is rigged. I can hear the Democrats and liberal s say " she was lying." No you all are an abomination. Don't call a woman you don't know a liar. This was many many years ago. I never lie. Ask Alex socolow. I'm too afraid of going to hell. God doesn't like a lying tongue. But of I were to lie it is because it really is none of your business. It is for my own safety. Not mention all the lies you all tell on a regular basis. Revelation 21:8. Have a nice time. And keep your fathers commandment and forsake not the law of your mother. After all it would be such a tragedy if you mom and dad went to heaven, but their offspring and or daughters and sons went to hades. Once you are blotted out you will never have another thought again. And your parents won't remember you either because you will be blotted out from their memory. Why? Because there won't be tears in heaven. What a tragedy.

  25. Donald cheat to win if you have to. It is fun to cheat. That's what they say. They cheat Donald. I tell my customers that we cheat sometimes to meet our monthly goals, but ag least I'm not a liar. They think I'm funny. Probably because they do dishonest things themselves. But I'm not dishonest. Wee just bend the rules at home depot. Even our supervisors tell us to do it. So it is on them. Even the managers tell us to give 50 bucks off or 75 dollars off when it is usually 25 dollars. But I'll tell the customers "yeah when cheat, when wee have to." They always smile. So yeah cheat to win IF you even have to. Customers hate me because they somehow know even though they don't personally know me that I'm for you. They antagonize me because I'm for you Donald. That's not right. And these are people who claim to be righteous godly people of God. Funny huh? They think I'm a scum bag and a loser. Working for the home depot. Funny huh? I do hard honest work. I am not lazy one Iota. I have got a hernia from lifting bags of soil and mulch over the years. I've been working hard for 20 years and somehow I'm a lazy bum???? I won't use profanity to Express how disgusted I am? I dont have to. They do though. Because they are disgusting people.

  26. We the people for the people by the people. We will take this country back not by power but with force. We make the majority. Always have and always will.

  27. I'm awaiting a challenge. Words of strength. Not words of weakness. I'm awaiting a debate. Can't wait. I just cant hardly wait. Who is up to the challenge?? Who can contend??? The answer is.. nobody.

  28. It is over fox news. It was over when I picked up the holy bible 20 years ago. It was over after I turned my 1st bible page. Lol ..

    I literally picked up my first bible and .. drum roll please. The devil and his workers of iniquity were defeated. And the LORD shall be thy confidence. Whatever he hits…… he destroys…. hahaha…

  29. I has an African American Male get or try to get violent with me yesterday simply because I double parked and he could not squeeze in. He did squeeze in and said for me to move my car immediately. I was trying to take my multivitamin after lunch before I left. He said he wasn't going to put up with this s**t. I had some anxiety when I closed the door to my vehicle and locked the door afraid he was going to pull out a gun. Particularly since I am gunless. He was terrifying. I should not have to be afraid for my life that the lord jesus christ gave unto me. What a Shame. Mayne he didn't like me because I am white? Well that's racist because he doesn't personally know me now does he???

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