Shock: Pro-Abortion Activist Assaults Peaceful Pro-Lifer (Warning: Offensive Language)

Shock: Pro-Abortion Activist Assaults Peaceful Pro-Lifer (Warning: Offensive Language)

so I have a good record something I have to do all that she's still being charged with the crime there will be a misdemeanor assault charge we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created oh no we're gonna get a downpour soon it's gonna come down and by yes calm down I'm at the pit there's a woman that just punched my friend four or five times she assaulted a man please stay on site you assaulted him it's you can't actually leave sir hi I'm Sam where do we go nice to meet you yeah so this young lady here my friend Austin over there she came up and she said these signs you and then he said yes and then she just started punching into the face three or four times and then the stomach do we know what's gonna happen today will she be arrested or that's what what we're gonna do since it is a misdemeanor instead of putting her handcuffs dragon off all I guess if we're gonna we're gonna fight her which is the same thing as an arrest it's an arrest by citation here which means she'll still have to go to court so if don't have to do all that she's still being charged with the crime okay she's just not being put in hey just so you know that we're not putting her hanging out so she isn't getting charged with the crime um but it will be a misdemeanor assault charge okay with that yeah

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29 thoughts on “Shock: Pro-Abortion Activist Assaults Peaceful Pro-Lifer (Warning: Offensive Language)

  1. i tip my hat to these guys! the restrain and the calmness of their behavior is astounding… if it was me i woulda ko that thot… dont ever become violent with soemone.

  2. Since she obviously believes in her "equal rights" to assault people unprovoked, he should have exercised his God given right to self defense, and shown her an equal left hook instead of backing down like a sissy. If you are going to stand up for righteousness, then you need to do it like a man. Get thee to a gym! Beat up by a girl… that is embarrassing.

    And those cops are cowardly, corrupt, and unfit for duty… and completely untrustworthy and unreliable as people. I would never have losers like that as friends.

  3. Cuck got what he deserved for not defending himself. Don't let yourself get beaten up by a woman you fucking pussy

  4. So who, in this video, violated community guidelines? The attacker, not the individual posting. Did the victim of this assault appear in court to counter the perpetrator's 'she said' defense against the citation? I'm pretty sure a misdemeanor citation is not handled by the prosecutor and the court in the same manner as a physical arrest where the assailant is booked and charged.

  5. Oh the Judge is going to give that baby killing whore a slap on the wrist. Oh women aren't above the law you can hit in self defense fuck the corrupt Judges.

  6. I've never been arrested; but I suddenly feel like going on a crime spree. When the cops try to arrest me, I'm going to demand a citation instead.

  7. Btw when he asked if you’re good with that. That’s when you say no jackass. Then proceed to ask for his supervisor numb nuts. Pshhh

  8. Smart now after students see this they’re all gonna go around assaulting people thinking no big deal.

  9. So I would have knocked her teeth out. Normally I dont hit females but would make an exception since she is leftist vermin .

  10. prosecute these idiots into the ground..they don't understand anything but emotion and self-proclaimed "moral high ground"…

  11. "Arrest by citation"

    That is a logical fallacy. No such thing exists in the English language. No such term exists in any penal code or law.

    Cops are getting dumber and their lies make no sense.
    Cops will do anything for attention from vagina. All cops are scumz

  12. “Are you ok with that?”
    No. I’m not ok with that. Violent behavior shall not be tolerated by either sexes

  13. Your country is going backwards.. let me tell you that.. not in favor of the assault but seriously if you guys are okay with a women who was raped or going through a medical condition into forcing her giving birth then idk man we all should rethink where we headed.

  14. 0:25 — She assaults a pro-lifer and has the lady balls to call that man a “terrible person” for defending the rights of the unborn, and declaring elective abortions to be sanctioned homicide? Please!

  15. These are the same people who fight for Equality? These are the same people who cry freedom of speech? These are the same people are loving? I think otherwise. The only terrible person right now, is you ma'am.


  17. That woman should have been arrested! If I as a man would have punched this gentleman, I guarantee you that they would put me in handcuffs and give me a ride straight to jail.

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