Silicon Valley Young Democrats, Democratic TV of Santa Clara County

Silicon Valley Young Democrats, Democratic TV of Santa Clara County

welcome to democratic television a program of the santa clara county
democratic party that brings insights perspectives and attitudes of are always
stop hold on the credit guests today were joined by uh… leaders in
this election valley young democrats josh about yeah close brusca and uh… colleen haley the current
treasurer so we have the president and the
treasurer with us i guess that’s everything yeah you bet they’d send us this morning
steve so we have a lot of things to cover our
young democrats have been around a long time want to get to know the history of what
you guys are working on what you’re looking to do in the future well let’s get to know you guys a little
bit where you’re from would you grow up cherry interesting facts becca deftly silly i think steve avm actually
have a sounds they believe their men aboard reasons has a california group may have been hearing and so a group of picking cherries naval
cuts there’d be proteases orchard park uh… but some trick i school the
readers from their went on to a thousand stever
city uh… safer mom and dad uh… a for phil
did agree uh… batteries and that’s what’s going to get
the system committee change rebecca dot of probe at school and that
dominates republican sheesh degree at san jose state youbet optical spartan
go spartans i appreciate your nellore iti so choline where uh… which grew up
where you from and often animals or picnic plants uh… they’re staying pretty typical
here earn attribute that are going to affect
the physically and and and i a m uh… prospect right
by the way compared and i went away for a while ago say
quite a book on top sirloin away for a while i want to know how you see david
emphatic little claimed while uh… graduated there and then because
i’m i was so close to our state capital at being a great internship there and thailand to work fare for a few
years and then came back home to the bay area end up looking up to make all these
great connections with the young down and uh… a million in her serving on
board but all worked out excellent so would you guys were growing up i
don’t like to ask people did you have any influences or a momentous event that said i want to get involved in
politics tree you president of the student body and sixth-grader ninth-grade shirt that’s a big question and actually
the hell out into myself with some of the undergrad graduate students on this day oregon involved the number of ca me
service and projects which later evolved to see an advocacy uh… so she does have cassie lecarre ball with the doctor scott myers
that the named michael coulson works project also had a rule unique opportunity to
tube were cast africa sets a travis connections center earlier uh… we act actual is able to
uh… to leader youth action program with uh… a local uh… downtown
schools to burn etc and we wish to local middle school there damp and family him from getting a really in there for
further involved into an interest in politics just setting up lobby visits a meeting
with state legislators members of congress elected official at the local level just
relieved uh… by committee just kind of mood
keen interest in in politics and poor thing so the gulf coast project you worked
with doctor lipton on um… that had to do with after hurricane
katrina and the fact that the community didn’t get we’ve built to get the attention that
should have absolutely so with that intel does it
was actually a national movement national campaign that we’ll be actually
had a local member of congress congress members a locked room who introduced the bill is a piece of
legislation that essentially uh… credo a modern-day public works
program so all the hundred thousand this place
called coast residents can return back to the region rebuild all the public institutions
themselves now that has an interesting uh…
epilogue the effort didn’t get passed in congress is very
interesting and unfortunately no but there was momentum amongst the
students to take on another project recently you have to leave so that the
query doctor myers that the minister instead was well what they did really was peaked out larger michigan just tiny
room scope will be able to meet you know smith can change here locally view and then we jordans here in the
senate feeds how they feel because it’s not because of effect
tomorrow i think they can uh… worked implement that no city by city on a
regional basis and that passed but i think sixty
percent of the uh… san jose voters saying yes we should raise the minimum wage absolutely slower grabbed her by uh… milk at the gene
that wonderful since this whole estate postpartum confirming that i have a good thing colleen did you have any kind of uh…
interesting projects are mentor sir efforts that line around you lightly-armed nine ever stomach felt
going up all take that wasn’t really the call when i was growing up but uh…
when i went to use it if i was down about finance our and activity going on around wildly in fact about kind of how i started
being involved in uses on campaign demanded that recruited uti davis to i’d
be on the run up all team planning commission and then they happened to me
the terrifying about involved in arson government-owned that
thing uh… united it intersting to fee the power of the students have to make
change and say just a really motivated me to
see where people can do uh… when you have a lot of the midtown and a lot of
energy and passion behind what you’re doing so that way back on my credit and
predicted involves um… with uh… politics and sat with government and um… from there you know i it would be within really a
that often experience for me because that completely changed my major what i
thought i was going to hit by a thin and sit back and that being a pipe a
major and as i plan on onto organising government our state capitol and no here
we are today and and and still working for a local family member and and really
enjoying the work but tell me a little bit about where you
working now coarser start working for a family
member public alfie on his share of the judiciary committee
any represent the twenty th that the family district’s uh… which includes other southern
portion alameda county a free months ends at newark and um… uh… also includes then clerical uh…
we have not peter uh… worse than that they in do you think like that and you work for an elected official to
understand you get some on the actual measurements had to be complements the
side with the synergy reels often solicitor reno’s recently elected this
that the fast-moving burn with community crimi represents a
thirteen senate district describe it so here goes as far north as brisbane
actually cut some daly city but we uh… we have byzantine all it down the planes flew into the
northern portion sankara county more so than tip would be expanded on
them so uh… what do you do what do you do working for an elected
official what do you do for senator church so i i serve as a tool
representative so net well-acted tell folks what amount
of district is that where the eyes in the years the district villarroel wisconsin meeting with the
freemen earthy colours in organizations with their their communications
professional organization bps organization and if they’ve really feel there’s a may
have a a good bill idea eventually but you know we will meet with them uh… you know jacked up of course money
men will find out center wants moved forward ur with another meeting or you he’s reinterpret thing to do
something if you want stuff for the research from there he decided that we want to do and also live it lot of uh… the work
until so he’s going out there and uh… you attending the vents on behalf of the
senator and also uh… you’ll provide inserm we all love
recognitions for lissa resolutions or certificates that recognizing those
great individuals and organizations do they work in the committee well that sounds of portent by and know
that we all got to know senator hill are now senator hill as a
result of the fire and explosion the tragedy and san bruno uh… recently so looks like he is a
fierce advocate and i’m sure p_g_e_ still quakes when they
see in common asking and you work for uh… assembly member
white casket uh… i don’t bob has a real interest in sometimes arcane subjects but things
that really matter to people matter to people’s lives values that at exeter with that they’ve built last
year had it to with that i think our fee uh… when he’s not sacking of the
family member he still practices law with the bankruptcy attorney that it is
pat’s passing nephew the policy wonk and he thought he still fighting for those
bitches so that’s probably going to be you know
something that comes up for may come up again this year to without being
something he puts wanting to know that he is sure that judiciary needed some another platform three talk to those folks right he’s an attorney uh… will that’s unit bankruptcy attorney here in the
trip we’re back live uh… so do you guys find that other young
democrats are involved in the political world as much as you guys absolutely selection great potential here and in
silicon valley so that’s you know ideally what the organization’s mission
is to really parts of the development of these young folks wanted dedicated
critter to government to politics dissenting that realm and ideally were
always recruiting young tended to one of run for office from both of those folks who want to work in
the alleged suite of offices or uh… in elected office is those
folks one of work on campaigns folks won’t work for a couple of policy
institute just thinking that will move policy so let’s uh… get into young democrats
silicon valley young democrats has been over out for a while uh… it’s an organization that’s done a
lot of good things uh… it’s an organization that has and you get to a certain age and you no
longer are young democrat maybe a young democratic heart so give it a little bit of a history of young dams jerusalem in order to be eligible to be
a member of the school combo young democrats you can be uh… he had to be
mentioned in ca choirs and uh… it is off as long as he rode
no under the age of thirty six hundred thirty six birthdays intially you would but again no we have been praying associate mention opportunities for him folks who were nobody who could fix if
they wanna serbs in solution membership you know anybody to be included uh… and a little bit about the history
whether you know where you formed uh… well you called silicon valley so yeah of course engage a little bit
rebecca yet so it’s it’s been a row you know i
really appreciate all the folks who enforce our predecessors who worked hard
uh… you know a lot of while they’re the
folks who actually work to uh… to launch the organization
the uh… they weren’t uh… actually in the constant mike on his office in uh… they work uh… they really want to stab list this
networking touring the again give their base of support to uh… kyung folks who
want a dedicated crew the politics in command for you know for public office admitting this one and have that could
be inform that i want to say around the late nineteenth annual rolled over a decade old voted no again
you know to speak with lot of my predecessors who served as president on
the second word always wanted to reach out and give a c no viable input good insight nor to strengthen the organization few members come from throughout the
county are you a county-wide organization we
are happy i i mean immaculately are very soundly century but we have a few folks
from cupertino mountain view milky decide kar and it is countywide but no namely our release housing century
theater will host a meeting we do have uh… witness to take a step
back so calm the silicon valley chapter of the california and democrats again we want to order there where record with bought the california
democrats as walls with the zachary connie democratic party and we also have the uh… some of our
or other organizations better you know kind of thing ’cause geographically we had uh… pressing on
them just one or at this was the cassell
alameda county and we have you know it’s not right so
payable hit from both sides in the world is going to work and cabaret with the
other chapters as well give rival baseball games against each
other and i think the dust and that’s what they were actually are cutting
matter-of-fact you understand what we’re gonna take a little break
right now when we come back uh… we’ll hear more about the history
of young pm’s and more importantly where they’re going
cell don’t put the channel param param car that i’m proud to be
democrats have been a democrat all my life hearings and i don’t have to be a
democratic opponent the democratic party is the party that cares about the environment who cares
about the future for our children who will fight to make sure we have the best education for our children into a fight
personal rights and the party that if the party of inclusion if you’d like to
get more involved the democratic party please call us at four oh eight four
four five nine five zero zero then welcome back to democratic television or
having a great discussion with the leadership of silicon valley young
democrats so what r what’s a typical young p m uh… what’s the word whether u_n_ camps
looking like uh… how you swallow in the club with music
groups where we are trying out all of that
bother curtain and then bertha were actually a very diverse group uh… than actually of the generation
you know the lil generation uh… uh… at the whole the pretty
diverse groups i think here in silicon alley were pretty representative of the morning generation uh… as a whole bites yaar are however
ingles they’ve of course member recruitments uh… we’re going to be having uh…
monthly according to having uh… uh… happy hours and um… were always our events josh
myself as you know working government admitted so i was out there in the community he
never try to go to new events going on to some uh… you know chamber event to
try to crude then the folks ads in the folks from from their camp over to ours and um… you know if that’s a huge goal because one of
things we do besides empowering young people get involved in government if
campaign for the while so uh… where women only organizations in santa clara
carrying the both this preetha walking for candidates know those out there in
the communities and talks about door-to-door as well as we also uh…
provide donations to folks of new individually endorsed so a part of that
you know a bit it’s all cohesive are growing your
membership and going or bathe uh… banning uh… uh… dealer
fundraisers in in creating in or are uh… her car charger treasury
for the group it’s all connected at all helps grow the
organization of the whole to get our message out there to get politicians to listen to our
issues are important to young people of the whole so how do you decide who you can support where you can walk a precinct for local
it for part of processor dot inhibit so we have the norse impostors so are politically reaches out to uh…
to various candidates running for proper sizzlers as local local school boards and special
districts holding it city council in can whisper visors sequentially to those walls uh… as congress and uh… read ke informs committee here
she’d forms a endorsement committee the uh… you know the we have a a
questionnaire that the of the distribute beget bagby no review and discuss the question here and from there in the uh… fiction conduct interviews buffets canyon in and uh… main provider of condition
too large a membership at the uh… the membership meeting right before the election and from there uh… we vote is a membership before
endorses candidates and that anything is out of of cali
mention of nollie a i’ll be able to let’s provide support by eva priests who are keen we
reform the cuban allison’s feedback initiated a very aggressive advertising
campaign we will call so contribute one kelly ted
counting us as well so that’s something we really want uh…
to sustain overtime this clip don’t provide passport on the ground
balls momentarily that make your position that much more
important for food there from here in the icons been doing an excellent job lab dot there dot that are armani
doesn’t just go towards candid you know we all thought internal uh… uh… club activities that we held
a married to a happy ever had uh… uh… gotten to talk to happy hour how
we also have liked to find al young democrat opportunistic goats to convention every
year up and to provide hotel provide transportation uh… if there’s any other uh… e you know i i i i have programs are back
to the members really feel strongly about the path be funded on campaign
uh… e just mentioned are hurting tutoring others then uh… other you
know really after donations that we want to help you back to the community bellied it’s not just about politics
it’s about getting it’s about italia something community in the poor and
um… issue that’s really going on and just
making sure that uh… people that would that were there for them not just a
campaign time that all year round content helped and kids were connection
here so uh… you said you part of a larger
young democrats that work craig your silicon valley there’s a
statewide organization and uh… national yeah evite so once again we’re talking with the
californian democrats and uh… you know the larger organization statewide and uh… from there’s also a national
young democrats america organization invade spin-orbit cats you know they’ve have great great
leadership in this as her to be a very effective model so you too just so happen to work for elected
officials my uh… dad great elected officials do you have elected officials
that are members yeah absolutely dumps peaceful in office they’re pulling though if you
want a collective campbell former of konchem board mir minimalism and reform
time also interested in the country can’t
wait to keep comparison green was on the victor borge enjoying trees and she’s been a great mentor uh… dorothy counts member peter in the
room when you listen has been alarm on ten-member few others there during aldridge
conserve on a special district the rhetoric and had a physical district uh… few others vacuumed gallagher
recently elected to the uh… campbell unionized industries word uh… man and robert backs you number of
our of our members raksha last week and the had the privilege of being uh…
elected as as delegates antha some industry delegates to the cochran
didn’t crack party the spring you know what’s going on yes indeed so let’s go unmentioned you know we want
to give them alpert really actually attend a state convention indo
re-enter family his her car and holy party last month now we are we able to filled elections also toy donations were
able to work to uh… gain a lot of of of toys to
donate one of our members or mark or is he actually serves as executive director
of the sam really urban ministries so you know lost his network truly help
our members of fear if they were for non-profit work to beijing season
provide that sport as well don’t mess we have to be in politics but uh… is certain to purposes uh…
more perspectives and put a nation to go to a two young children the end of the worst
uneven it secondly what journey the the the function of uh… or and holy place to raise money
avp offset the cost for hotel administration class remembers when the
goods the convention truly one angle given tools to a to attend the event as much as weak and
do you guys do outreach to local high schools and community colleges and
things like that seems like a fertile ground to recruit
we have tuning stand-in for the most part we really want a focus on you know
young professionals well you know being put anybody in the
f_b_i_ had had members who are clearly going to school with that
they have to be called red a local university but for the most part could be really
focus on the pope’s know who uh… who are working freshly wanna work
professionally arrived from the meeting is a lot of the local
campuses that we have young democratic group so we always
working aberration with them and was willing to a completion when colleen you mentioned that at your chapter is a very diverse chapter uh… and rick reflects our community wetter issues for young them sure pre
young people now and you know i just cents a real sense of
cynicism uh… with congress and the gridlock
that exists in and know who are going for that republicans who put the uh… but that
must uh… spiny people young people who are
looking for a way to make a contribution on the president afsl people we’re looking at find a job
right now at lol i mean it it for me and article about user than
kids coming out called right now you’ve got tuition up you know housing if
that’s better than very ad that is a very trying to find a job in it’s kind of feel like this for your
wheels and and not really getting anywhere though those are issues that we
advocate for and i say we’re talking about this a
little earlier women turn to incorporate agassi was a lot more into what we do
can communicate those to our look at this also they know where were coming
from uninteresting fastin twenty fifteen age group fran eighteen to twenty
minutes came a couple one third of the electorate therefore are generation is growing at power and uh… you know democrats are pretty corporal group in california
sides in the nation overall you know uh… it i think we ah… there is the
misconception that you would get votes in twenty twelve lubricant have at barts
uh… at you know not young people come out of it in two thousand eighty-nine
they came out just as strongly perhaps wrongly no and fell which i don’t think
it was a once in a time for non but no no i’m excusing it that growing trend
yet and three digest and make sure that we uh… get the message out to politicians
and and you know likely uh… we hope that
they pecan shitter issues and mechanism strength of long seems like a big issue now and i’m glad
it is is the whole issue of guns and gun control and regulation and or a bowl deaths that have occurred and what can
we do about that is that something that young down the street gonna take on uh… sparsh you know i think that’s a bit we can consider i mean we haven’t discussed that you
know tune film well it’s cheaper there seems to be just breaking you know now is we start the new year absolutely because of the tragedies and yeh perspiration there for a meeting for
the most part you know we really you know keep it a evening on the ground to work
on the president’s to reno for congressman is doing with the government
the steelers features doing the kind of really try to just a minute you know even as far as the national party that’s
the party just normally follows platforms with the
local level so i mean there is potential anemia
charming of invective or next week to me kinda mad powell you know what direction
wanna go where focus will be this coming year i’ll show you guys get together and
uh… maybe an annual basis and you look for work plan we had to do this or do that ur stay
away from this area absolutely end again but mill as corn mentioned this is market bits of
evidence any kind to me you know habitat cps will be talk to our representatives let them
know what the issues are the of young folks uh… is to be young folks were of the
least register of all voters pattern of that’s true or not maybe you
know do you guys try to get out into boater
registration project sir work with others to do like the party absolutely so immune began in our peers in the even
in the in collect intellectual years freelook out there and can no voluntary
and will be it establish sees me partnerships with
other democrat organizations are alertly organizations uh… we establish a unique uh…
relationship with a catchy gene the larger minimum wage coalition to help them click petition
signatures during to uh… to bring the words to a ballot uh… lol so we’ve done you know various
for registration projects and the load cuba members actually
initiated uh… working for and the finisher event so and we’ll tell promote dentists again
any of our members are as any of our members have only or you establishing
new partnership with the news organizations in the community we want to uh… patel from and get out
there and uh… key on the ground and down the comedian
help them as well and i know this isn’t the only thing you
do you mention growing up in a land of che
recent fruit in district a and that you’re part
of the district eight roundtable organization i know you have
a brother that looks just like you have to pay to end rather in uh… you
brother jeremy does a lot of the stuff to yeah craigslist angry you know it’s
been a great not to have assembling known to be there with you intended to
provide that sport so isn’t an amazing job thus far as president of the
district the communion table uh… we actually i serve on the board
itself strat large so it’s a great it’s a great team you
know and you were able to to also with identified the pressing issues in the
community policing well we have a about one minute left and
so i’m wondering can you tell us how to get hold of the
silicon valley and a m sc to have a website ur but story you get so we do have a
website simple it’s uh… double a b w dot espy why do you doubt ordered and we have our uh… wilder monthly
membership meetings uh… every month it’s third monday of each month that
you’ve seen debby hall a little kid in downtown at that at two
forty south market street bankrupt from some sort of a father what josh and calling thank you very
much earlier learned a lot makes me uh… wish i was
young well thank you steve we thought that number again member for life thanks for watching democratic
television i give us a call that far away four four
five ninety five hundred and help make a difference i will see you on the
campaign trail his name they missed something though about ron again competing
subpoenaed yeah anyways killed that’s done ring magnets and ended in
the late night anythin

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