Sinn Féin General Election Broadcast 2016

Sinn Féin General Election Broadcast 2016

Luke Kelly once asked, “For what died the
sons of Roisin? Was it greed?” One hundred years ago women and men of every class and creed came together to build a new republic. They were teachers, doctors, nurses,
farmers, dock workers and labourers. They were born of wealth and poverty. They were gaeilgoirí, poets and musicians. Citizens who shared a common dream. A sovereign, united and prosperous Ireland.
An Ireland where the resources of all its islands and waters would be used for the prosperity
and happiness of all.  A republic that guaranteed religious and civil liberty, equal rights
and equal opportunities to all its citizens. They fought – and many died – for that
republic. Working together we can make that republic a  reality.  We can overcome the legacy of the ‘mé féiners’, the gombeen
politicians , the bankers, the bondholders and crooked developers.  Those who kept the privilege, the pensions and wealth while leaving the rest of us with the debt, the charges,
the boat ticket and the pay cuts. We can end the rule of the parties that filled their pockets.  Parties that have crippled our health and education services. Parties that denied us our basic rights to water and a roof over our heads.  Parties that have
abandoned communities and an entire generation. Parties that have given away our sovereignty. Parties which have failed to cherish all
our children equally. Parties that failed the proclamation and failed our republic. A better Ireland is possible. A fair recovery is possible. We need a new rising.  A Rising at the ballot box.  A Rising against inequality. A Rising against injustice.  A Rising for fairness. A Rising for all the people of Ireland. Bigí linn san eiri amach uair nua. Le cheile is feidir linn poblacht nua a chruthu. We need a republic that values all its citizens. A republic where we all pay our fair share. A republic of opportunity, quality jobs
and prosperity.  A republic with affordable housing and childcare.  And critically a
republic with a health service that works. A united, prosperous and equal Ireland. Join us in building that republic.   Now
is the time for change. Now is the time for a progressive republican government led by Sinn Féin.  Now is the time to vote Sinn Féin

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