So hab ich YouTube ZERSTÖRT! (feat- @Jessabelle Kiko & @Jodie Calussi) | Ep.  06a | #BroadcastMyAss

So hab ich YouTube ZERSTÖRT! (feat- @Jessabelle Kiko & @Jodie Calussi) | Ep. 06a | #BroadcastMyAss

I can’t believe it! How did your mom do this, Lana? She knows the standards of the town’s school but when she was here during open door day and saw our “Tech room” – oh my god! It was like watching Buffy your whole life and then seeing the movie that the series was based on: terrible! There was a movie? Yes and it was from the same century as these projectors and TVs with VHS players. So my mom looked up some support programs for Headmaster Hammel and Kids, kids – be quiet! Good Morning. Good morning, Mr. Schumacher. Hey Lana. Ehm… hello. As some of you noticed – the school got an upgrade. New things come, old things have to go – like the pianists for movies with sound. Tss, pianists? What’s the dino talking about? No idea. Always these old people with their outdated references. Buffy is an evergreen! Well, I’m looking at confused faces, so I will show you what I meant. Hey. Heeey! Woooow!! That’s screaming new technology. Hahaha. And that’s not all!! I’m Mr. Orgera and I will replace your old, dusted “IT”-teacher, Mr. Schumacher. Bye, Mr. Schumacher! Ohhh… That’s funny! Cause he’s old! Mhm! I could get used to him. …same. Say Goodbye to DOS and Windows Millenium and say hello to our new, powerful PowerStations and High Speed Internet – chosen and installed just for you from yours truly. Woooow!! I can’t do sports, I have period cramps. You don’t even know what real pain is! That… that is real… Are you calling a doctor? Mh… nope! Forget boring databases and Excel – this year you’re gonna build your own favourite website and keep it running. Like Insta-Story copied Snapchat? Or Whatsapp Story? Or Facebook Story? Or YouTube Story? No, we don’t just copy – we’re going to make our own unique website. How cool is this? That was always my dream! Make my own website!! Maybe we can make a better YouTube, where all videos show up in the subscription tab? Where every Redesign doesn’t make it worse. And no Trash-driven trends! And no unreasonable demonetize! Where quality comes before crap! And content ID works! CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Oh my god, oh my god! Mr. Orgera, can we also do our own blog? Ehm, like tumblr? Sure. Why nor. Do you know something about that? Of course I do! I’ve written a lot already and – “Of course I do! I’m the nerdiest of all the coder-loser-brigade” Hahahaha! Loser! Hey, you! What’s your name?! Me? Eh… Angel. Mhm. So you think coders are loser, yeah? If they were tough guys they wouldn’t code, right? Tss. I myself celebrated many successes just by coding. Why not through masturbating on Chaturbate for example!? Huh? What? Oh. Nothing. Mh… well then. You’re going to work in teams of two. Yeah! And since Angel obviously needs to catch up, why don’t you learn from the blogger queen herself? WHAT?? That’s a joke? What did I do to you? Did I run over your pet with my bike? Tell me, I don’t get it!! Hey, I’m sure you’re gonna show her that C++ in cool, hmm? Huh…. Can someone please impale me? And the lesson is over before it even really started! Oh how time flies. See you! Hey? I Can someone hand me my cane? ….. Ohhh… Lana, do you have a moment? Miss Summer, is it about my German essay Oh you mean: “13 reasons why we don’t need edgy-to-be-edgy edgy series on netflix?” No. It’s about the author-competition. Huh? It’s every year and all schools participate. That sounds awesome! But the IT project is going to keep me super busy… Oh… What exactly do you need to hand in? It can be everything. A short story, a song, a poem – as long as it’s written by you. Hmmm… Maybe Look at that! This Homepage sandbox makes it super easy! Boom, boom! I’m going to stay with my coding. But this is way easier! Like Lego but it can’t hurt you. Ahhhh… Not by stepping on it, but by looking at it. What is this? What? If we really want to make a better version of YouTube we have to dive deeper. I let you do the diving. I’ll stay on the surface and work in the look, okay?! Okay! So we cut the bell. Then no one has to beg people to click them. And the notifications change according to what you watch often. Mhhh, but you’ll have to be able to turn that off. Of course. The sub box will be the home screen and trends? Hmmm… Get rid of it! And rank trash content badly. And demonatize it. That means better content will be paid better. Mhhh and what is good content? Hmm… Well our’s! Sounds fair. Someone has to decide on that. Stein? Timmy? If we rock THIS – We can actually become the next YouTube! Hahahaha! Hey Gabi. Hmm. What are we doing here? This is the closest thing Dullsville has to a library. Nah… Poems… Poetry… What are you mumbling about?! Poems! We’re looking for inspiration for what to fill out literature blog with! – tumblr style. Tumblr is dead and no one was on it for the poems… Poems? How theatrical. Will you cut off your ear too? That was van Gough. He was a painter. See? Even he didn’t want to write poetry. Keep making your jokes. I can do this with – but even better without you. And if I’m lucky, the old ass jury Of the author competition will accept the blog as an entry. Hey Missy, I’m the head of the jury! Hahahaha! Oh damn. Sorry Gabi! But then I have no doubt with an up to date lady like yourself! Mmmmhmmmm!! Is there something… eh… on modern poems? Or rather something about romance? What? Oh just admit it – you want to impress the new IT teacher, Mr. Orgera! Hmmm? Eh… huh? Bullshit! What – what would your idea for the blog be then? Mhhhh… ah! A sip of gossip – how about that? That would be a waste of my talent – Then think about what would have better chances in Dullsville? Your art student loser niche or something that everybody wants to read: “How often does Justin Bieber shave his man parts!?!” Huh… Think about my idea. But how often does he shave? Fine! You won! Hmm! And the answer is: NEVER! Huh!! Shut up! … and with this function the algorithm sees what you like and will recommend similar content! Oh… eh… Those are only place holders until the site has uploads. Hehehe… Very subtle, Stein. Pssst! Hahaha! That’s definitely one of my favourite ideas. Exceptional! And what’s your platform’s name? Viddy! And thanks to the new school server that we used, the upload is officially open to everyone. That’s right. Because while I test your pages for bugs in the next days, your task is it, to fill it with actual content! And don’t be shy – you can support each other! If you always wanted to become a big video star – Viddy is your chance! Yeeeeah!! Wow the page is filling with content so fast, it’s crazy. And because everything is on the server, things load faster than on YouTube When you’re logged into the school network. But even kids from other schools put their stuff on Viddy. See! I wonder how that’s possible… Hello Lana, we call this the internet. Welcome to the 21st Century. No I mean, that the school’s internet connection is good enough for that…? Oh come on, don’t bore me with your tech bullshit, when we have bigger problems! Huh? We don’t have one single post for our gossip blog, PromiTrash! Well, if we would have stayed with my tumblr idea, we would have At least 50 pieces to put on our blog. Well, but I have to tell you: no one wants a piece of you – davon does though. Wow look at that! Timmy’s video already has 200 views! That really is a lot. For a class project… Why don’t we talk about that! “School YouTube – the experiment”? Okay, you’re hopeless. Excuse me? Who wants to click on that! Sorry I don’t know your gossip girl 101. Mh… XOXO! You don’t need to – the YouTube 101 is more than enough. Clickbait is the magic word. Bait, hook and sometimes a rot to pull the fish in. Ehm… explanation? That’s the structure of a headline! So… Bait? Hmm… “YouTube dead!” Mhhh! That’s good! “How students overturn the giant corporation!“ – that’s our hook. Wow! Even I want to read it now! Mhm! And the rot is the cherry on top – Mh… „You won’t believe what number 4 is!“ Yeahh we’ll work on that! Mh… and if I share the article with my network from the YouTube scene Huh? Aside, I have an idea! Wuahh!! Eh… What’s happening here? Look at that! JimmyPow, PeterPirella – even Leggi!?! How is that -? Hahahah! Everyone to their seats! Mr. Orgera – Did you – How is that possible? What? That all big YouTubers are on Viddy now? Mh! Well – for one it’s probably because it’s due to Angel’s and Lana’s great post on their website PromiTrash! Great success! Congrats to you two! I told you it would be a hit! And further more I allowed myself to add a revenue feature to Timmy’s and Stein’s project page. What?! So creators can earn money with ads just like on YouTube! But… why? I was also once a hopeless, young coder, until a huge company really SMASHED my page! Damned are you, Clipfish! Awww… poor thing! Wait, isn’t this revenge and revenge is bad? No, only when bad guys get revenge. When good guys get revenge, they are Avengers. Ahhhh! Oh, no , no, no! It’s about more than revenge. You are supposed to learn not to get discouraged and believe in your dreams, no matter how big and dangerous your enemy is! Yeah, Bunte, Brigitte and Bild der Frau! Here comes ProiTrash! I think he’s still talking about Viddy. Oh. No, that’s for all of you! Don’t let these people up there get to you! If something’s important to you – fight! Ahhh! Timmy, you know what that means? Ehm… That we can watch unlisted Videos of JimmyPow earlier because they are on our servers? No! Well, that too, but! This is out page! We have the code, Timmy. That is your big chance! Why become a YouTube star when we own the NEW YouTube! And we can decide what’s going on on there! Hahaha! Timmy, the two of us will be the leaders of a new world! You will rule at my side as my goddess! Hahahahaha… People are so funny.

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100 thoughts on “So hab ich YouTube ZERSTÖRT! (feat- @Jessabelle Kiko & @Jodie Calussi) | Ep. 06a | #BroadcastMyAss

  1. Bisher meine lieblingsfolge, so viele anspielungen gabs bisher, glaube ich, nicht 😊
    "Zur seite, ich hab eine Eingebung" und weg war sie, beste stelle 😂 aber mal wieder zeigt sich: angel und lana mögen sich zwar nich aber wenn die zusammen was anpacken können die schon was erreichen ☺

  2. War das Ende wo sie meinte "Menschen sind so lustig" und einen Apfel gegessen hatte…eine preferenc zu dem anime "Death note" und dem character "Ryouk"??? 🙃

  3. Diese Death Note Anspielung am Ende… OMG so nice. Aber schade, dass ich nicht mehr Likes auf diese Episode geben kann 👌👏🤩

  4. Wieso Buffy…? Ich musste an Death Note denken… die sorglosen Jahre, wenn man nur den mehr als fantastischen Anime gesehen hat…


  5. Ein Lehrer, der seine Schüler unterstützt und dazu so ein gutes Projekt anbietet?
    Das ist doch zu schön, um wahr zu sein. :'D

  6. Wie konnte ich das gucken dieser Folge nur nach hinten verschieben?!
    Sagt mir wie ich die Götter (aka das Team) besänftigen kann!

  7. Mich würde interessieren ob es dann wie bei Tubeclash eine DVD gibt da es natürlich schöner wäre irgendwann die DVD einzulegen und sich alles anzugucken in voller Länge mit einen super Preis 🥰 Feier mega diese Serie

  8. Das ist bis jetzt definitiv meine Lieblingsfolge. Habt ihr richtig gut gemacht. Aber auch die anderen Folgen sind der Hammer. Liegt wohl dran, dass das Thema mein Interesse am meisten getroffen hat. Richtig gute Serie. YouTube braucht mehr von solchem Quality Content. Naja selbst das Fehrsehen könnte sich da mal ne Scheibe abschneiden hust *hust*…

  9. Also die Death Note Anpirlung kam und ich war like "erinnert mich irgendwie an Death Note", gecheckt das es wirklich wine reference ist hab ich erst nach Lana's "Menschen sind so witzig"


  10. Bei manchen Folgen steht die Nummer der Folge anders, und damit es abgerundet wirkt sollte es doch bestmöglich das gleiche format bleiben oder?
    Weil hier bei Ep. 6a steht halt ''Ep. 6a'' und beispeilsweise bei Ep 2 steht beim zweiten Teil ''Ep. 02b'' Also mit einer 0 vor der eigentlichen Zahl

    Direkter Vergleich – Ep. 6a – Ep. 02b. Hoffe konnte mich verständlich ausdrücken, war nicht so einfach.
    Liebe diese Serie!

  11. Death Note Anspielung am Ende 😍❤
    Wie nice
    Lana als Ryuk XD
    Wäre witzig, wenn noch weitere Anime Anspielungen kämen XD

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