So Let’s Talk About: Political Systems

So Let’s Talk About: Political Systems

So let’s talk about Political Systems! (Jazz Hands) So what is a political system? A political system is the system of government
in a nation. In simpler terms, it’s how a country is run The political system of a nation can be assessed with 2 different qualifiers: How collective or individualistic they are and how democratic or totalitarian they are. Most nations don’t exists on the extreme ends
of these scales, they exist somewhere in the middle between
all of them Let’s start by first defining collectivism
and Individualism Collectivism is a political system that emphasizes
collective goals over individual goals. In this system, individual freedoms may be
restricted for the greater good of society. For example in 2011, San Francisco banned toys giveaways in meals to reduce childhood obesity in the city. From collectivism came socialism, a similar political system that puts all means of production into the hands of the government to control. This system was championed by Karl Marx, who
argued through socialism, workers could be fairly compensated for their work and benefit
society as a whole instead of individual capitalists The ideals of socialism broke into two separate
camps in the 1900s: Communism and Social Democracy. Communists believe that socialism could only come from violent revolution and a totalitarian dictatorship These ideals were at its peak in the 1970s, with China, Cuba, Eastern Europe, and the
USSR all being communist states. However by the 1990s, most of these governments
had failed, leaving only North Korea, China, and Cuba. On the other hand, social democracy tries
to achieve socialism through democratic means and remains as a popular form of government
to this day. Noticeable countries include Great Britain,
Germany, Sweden, and Australia. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum
is individualism. Individualism is based around the ideals that individuals should have free will over their economic and political pursuits The basic ideals of individualism comes from two different tenets: The importance of guaranteeing individual freedoms and self-expression and letting people pursue their own economic self-interests to better serve society On the other end of the political dimension is Democracy and Totalitarianism. Democracy refers to a political system in
which the government is by the people. Originally created in Ancient Greece, citizens
directly affected decision making, but this system doesn’t work too well in nations of tens or hundreds of millions. Representative Democracy can along to fill that need, where citizens elected individuals to represent them. To make sure representatives could be held responsible for their actions, certain safeguards were created including: Freedom of expression, opinion, and organization Free media Regular elections Universal adult suffrage Limited terms for representatives A fair court system independent from the political system A non political state bureaucracy A non political police force and armed services And open state information The sibling to Democracy is totalitarianism, a form of government where one party or person
controls all spheres of human and political life Most key aspects of Democracy are restricted or banned and citizens critical of these ideals
could be imprisoned or killed In the world today, Totalitarianism exists
in four different forms Communist totalitarianism, which is what it sounds like, a communist totalitarianism existing only in China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, and Cuba with the former being more totalitarian than communist Theocratic Totalitarianism, where nations
are govern according to religious principles The most common examples follow Islamic Principles
for law making, like Iran and Saudi Arabia Tribal Totalitarianism, where one tribe dominates
all the political power in a system. This is most commonly found in African nations due to improper border drawing done by colonialists in the 19th century. Right-wing totalitarianism, which usually permits some individual economic freedoms but restricts everything else. They are also hostile to socialist or communist ideals, which is why political freedom is heavily controlled. They were found in Fascist Germany and Italy
and 1980s Taiwan and South Korea, but all these countries are all democracies now. And with that, that’s all the elements of a political system I’m going to see y’all next time Byeeeeeee!

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