7 thoughts on “social issues and environment rapid revision video lecture

  1. It is very useful sir and thank you if I get good grade in EVS means that the only credits are goes to you only sir……….,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Very useful lecture sir !!!!!!! your way of teaching is simple and effective , thanks for spending your time and energy for free for our benefit. Sir, we have tspsc pollution control board exam and we are finding it difficult to gather material from net since its clumsy, can u provide any material for concerned topic : Environmental Impact assesment towards sustainable future _ EIA STRUCTURE, EMP, LCA LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT CONCEPT OF GREEN BUILDING, ECOLOgICAL FOOT PRINT, URBAN SPRAWL, CRAZY CONSUMERISM. We will be greatly blessed if you can help us sir.
    mail id : [email protected]

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