28 thoughts on “Sociology_XII_Social Movements_Part1_Types, Movements & Counter Movements_Swati Chakravorty

  1. Di I really like u videos alot they are very educational.. 😍..but di I have a request form u plz ap NCRT ki Topice Se vi Topice pick up krr ka overall chapter complete Kara Karo😊😊..due to broadexam it's 12 I believe exam will come from NCRT… Although u really teach nice 😊

  2. thanku so much mam ur videos are really helpfull i have my socio paper on 11 i think these will surely help

  3. you also make new video on chapter four in sociology to part B change and development in rural society

  4. Ma'am , you're a excellent explainer and i can easily learn chapter through your videos but why don't you upload the whole chapters …you explain only few topics from each chapter ??

  5. can you give me the literature references you used to list these features? i would appreciate it, thank you

  6. i would like to understand the class, but i'm not a native speaker and i'm not sure if you're speaking english or not :s

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