Spain lockdown day 8 – Government announces extension

Spain lockdown day 8 – Government announces extension

Hola amigos, qué tal? Stuart here from
Spain Speaks with another update about the current situation here in Spain and
before I begin I want to thank people who have been participating in the
comments section below the last few videos in general the comments have been
responsible and a lot of people asking questions about what we can do and what
we can’t do here in Spain and a lot of people also talking about the current
situation that they’re facing in their individual countries so good to see that
the majority of the comments are responsible and that people are taking
this seriously now the government has just announced here in Spain that there
is going to be an extension to the original 15 day lockdown that means that
the extension is going to go on for another 15 days so it will be a month in
total so it is a month that we will be in this current state now that’s going
to be difficult for a lot of people but I think in general the majority are
heeding the advice of the police and listening to what people are saying now
there have been some people that haven’t been respecting the lockdown laws and
I’ll go over a couple of those cases in a minute and also go over some of the
comments and questions that people have been asking at the end of the video now
last night the prime minister of Spain appeared on television spoke for about
45 minutes and he said that the worst is yet to come he also said that they are
expecting some 600,000 new testing kits for the virus in the next couple of days
so that a lot of people that haven’t been tested will be able to get that
done hopefully the situation will come under control the more people that get
tested because remember that there are a lot of people around that are not
showing symptoms going to the shops and so forth and maybe passing the problem
on to others he was also asking who was responsible for decisions that were
taken in January, February and earlier in March
remember that up until as recently as two weeks ago everything was normal here
in Spain we had heard about the problem but nobody was really taking it
seriously and he also said that as the Prime Minister he will assume full
responsibility and that Spanish people will be able to
decide in the future on whether the government handled this problem
seriously enough from the beginning or not remember that the lockdown came in
place eight days ago and before the lockdown everything was relatively
normal so it has come on very very quickly here in this country some
sections of the media are criticizing the government one in particular says
here that there were 45 days of unpredictability and passivity that
allowed the virus to take a grip on society and why things weren’t done
before but as I said the other day this is not really the time to be putting the
boot into the government we have time for that in the future and at the moment
I think it’s just better to ride this situation out and of course politicians
can be held responsible in the future but the most important thing to do at
this particular time is just to listen to what people are telling us to do
particularly here in Spain the prime minister also said that at this point in
time there’s no need to shut down all non-essential activities there is
something that Italy has recently done but in Spain we haven’t got to that
situation yet so non-essential activities are allowed to continue and
that means that people are allowed to go to their jobs tomorrow Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, until these non-essential activities get shut down
now I don’t want to predict the future but that could be coming in the next few
days but we never know but at the moment people are still allowed to go to jobs
that are in non-essential activities now a lot of people have been looking at
Germany and asking the question as to why they have so few deaths in fact the
Financial Times had an article recently asking this question and a lot of people
are asking the question here in Spain why is the crisis so bad here why are so
many people falling victim and in Germany no now there could be a number
of reasons for this I’ll let you discuss them in the section below but it is a
bit of a strange situation when a country like Germany is not suffering as
much as the countries in the south and let’s be honest this is going to affect
people differently according to where they are if you’re in the north of
Europe it’s not going to be the same as if you’re in the south if you’re in the
north of Africa it’s not going to be the same
if you are in sub-saharan Africa, South America, etc, so we all have to deal with
the situation according to where we are in the world at the moment and here in
Spain the objective is to not collapse the health system because once the
system collapses a lot of people are not going to be able to get the help that
they need now as I mentioned in the previous video there are temporary
hospitals up and running now and some hotels have been turned into makeshift
hospitals for people with minor cases and I know that the army is also setting
up temporary hospital beds in certain places as well so that is positive and
hopefully a lot of people will be able to get treatment and not have to go to
the hospital so we need to leave the hospitals for the people most in need
now unfortunately there have been a few cases of people not respecting the
lockdown I mentioned in the previous video also that people were trying to go
to second homes because they’re feeling a bit claustrophobic
remember that Spanish cities here are very cramped so people have been trying
to escape there have also been cases of people that are holding illegal parties
the police shut down a part of the other day in the south of Madrid arrested four
people the rest managed to get away but they found alcohol drugs cigarettes
still lit in ashtrays people have been arrested for going running there’s one
video here of a woman who was resisting arrest saying that she had done nothing
wrong number of neighbors were screaming at
her calling her a clown telling her to respect the lockdown rules so obviously
some people think that this is not a problem for them there have been cases
reported of people buying dogs because remember that if you have a dog you are
allowed to take it for a walk there was a case of a man who was caught putting
the rubbish in have been five kilometres away from his home that’s because here
in Spain people don’t have individual rubbish collection at home we have to
put them into communal bins in the street and one man was arrested putting
the rubbish in the bin five kilometres away the police asked for his
identification card and they saw that his address was not in the vicinity and
of course he was subsequently arrested and fined
now the Costa Blanca police have also
stepped up restrictions the Costa Blanca being the part of Spain there on
the Mediterranean coast near Valencia Alicante, etc they are issuing fines of
up to sixty thousand euros for repeat offenders and apparently on Friday there
were a lot of people that were stopped and warned and fined because they
weren’t adhering to the lockdown rules so again if you are in one of these
coastal areas be careful don’t go outside remember we are allowed to go to
the shops we are allowed to go to the chemists if we need to buy medicine we
are allowed to do that there’s no restrictions if we need to buy food we
can go to the supermarkets I understand for a lot of people they’re having
trouble buying food online a lot of the supermarket’s as I mentioned the other
day have suspended services obviously they don’t have the logistics to cope
and big companies like Amazon the websites are also crashing because of
the demand and it is a little bit problematic and I can understand that
people are a little bit anxious about having to go outside now on Friday I did
go to the supermarket I was a little bit apprehensive I was a little bit nervous
I didn’t really want to go but I couldn’t get food any other way so I
went down to the local supermarket and there was everything there there was
food on the shelves there was fruit there were vegetables there was toilet
paper there was everything that I needed to buy so there’s no need for panic
buying here in Spain as I said I was a little bit nervous just because I saw a
lot of people wearing masks and I didn’t have a mask but the supermarket put
gloves before I went in there were gloves on display there so you could put
gloves on in order not to touch anything with your bare hands and I was able to
dispose of them after doing the shopping there was also hand gel available there
so supermarkets are behaving responsibly in this regard they were also distancing
lines you had to be at least one and a half metres away from the person in
front of you so that was also a good measure there and that’s also similar in
pharmacies as well pharmacies are also putting limits to how close people can
be to one another but as I said it a little bit nerve-racking seeing so
many people with masks and I didn’t have one but if you are careful and you
listen to what the experts are saying you know don’t touch your face wash your
hands with the hand gel afterwards wash your hands when as soon as you get home
and just be careful touching things so there we go and no doubt I’ll have to go
to the supermarket again this week so I’ll see if I can make some type of face
mask and I’ll see what I do this week when I go and do the shopping now a
couple of the comments that I’ve had on the video is one of the comments was
where is the European Union at the moment now the European Union is
allowing each country to handle the situation individually the majority of
European countries are on board France and Spain for example Italy as we know
are doing similar things maybe in the north of Europe it is a little bit
different I don’t know somebody taught me that in Finland they still are
allowed to go for a run and the confinement is basically limited to
elderly people so different countries have different rules and regulations but
here in Spain we know that the lockdown is quite restrictive the armies on the
street and the police are very severe with the way they are treating people
who are not respecting the new laws so be careful somebody also said that they
have noticed 70% of the people on on the streets wearing masks in central Madrid
he said this is up from about 15 to 20 percent last week the government has
also said that they’re going to make more masks available I don’t have one as
I mentioned before but a lot of people do have masks where they got them from I
do not know maybe they bought them online but it is a common fact here in
Madrid that we are seeing a lot of people now wearing masks
so a lot of people trying to stop the spread another comment here about the
situation of homeless people what’s happening to homeless people because
obviously they are vulnerable at the moment I know that the Madrid government
has taken people off the streets and put them into temporary accommodation
they’re using one of the big Congress centers here in Madrid to house homeless
people at the moment and giving them food medication and things that they
need to get them through this difficult time so homeless people are being looked
after here in Spain one lady asked me how can I renew my
description the health centers closed and the pharmacy said they couldn’t do
it she says that she believes there’s a telephone but she doesn’t speak Spanish
now again if there is anybody who can help people like this there are a lot of
people living in Spain that don’t speak the language a lot of people only speak
English a lot of people only speak German
so if there are people that need language help please just put that in
the comment section below and hopefully somebody will be able to reach out for
you if there is a way to get a prescription renewed over the telephone
obviously that is what you need to do and if you can’t go to the medical
center obviously because it’s closed or they’re not dealing with the general
public at the moment it could be a problem
so again if anybody out there is willing to offer language help for people that
don’t speak Spanish please get in contact with them in the section below
now another comment here from somebody who says that no one in their family
drives and more than two people are not allowed to travel in a car at the same
time what can this person do well obviously you’re going to have to try to
buy food online if that’s possible or ask your neighbor to do the shopping for
you there’s no restrictions on how much food you can buy as long as it’s
reasonable as I said the other day obviously if you go to a supermarket and
buy 20 packets of toilet paper they’re not going to allow you to do this but
two packets of toilet paper is okay one for you one for the neighbor so that is
a way that you can get through this problem as well and there are people
with limited mobility and remember that carry for supermarkets are providing
online services and online deliveries with four priority cases people that
can’t move freely the elderly people that are pregnant at the moment etc
people with disabilities ok so look for Carrefour dot es and you should be
able to get your food delivered now I just want to give a shout out to another
YouTube channel Spain Revealed who yesterday put a video up about how to
make a Spanish omelet and he said that his business is suffering at the moment
because it’s tourism related obviously all tourism activities have been shut
down so try to support a channel like James’s if you can Spain revealed I’ll
leave a link in the section below and apparently he’s going
to develop some type of webpage where you can learn different Spanish recipes
and that’s one thing that I will say that Spanish recipes especially some of
the more traditional recipes are very very good recipes to make in times like
this they’re normally cheap meals they’re slow cooked meals and you can
freeze whatever you don’t eat and save it for another day so that’s all I’ve
got to say today questions or comments please leave them in the section below
I’ll let you guys to bait it out in the section below give the video a thumbs up
if you liked it and I’ll see you in the next video about the situation here in
Spain hasta luego and stay safe

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100 thoughts on “Spain lockdown day 8 – Government announces extension

  1. Taiwan had 14 direct flight a day to Wuhan China, and never locked down their people and yet only 2 dead.  Spain France and Italy the same axis that supported the Third Reich, over 70 years on they support the EEC. France now on full martial law today, far worse than Spain.  Dude its propaganda, false BULLSHIT, If you can add and remember division and can have a basic knowledge of micro-biology you will know damn well you are being lied to.  But if you say such things your video will be de- monitized and be out of luck and money, So keep with the scaremongering all the way to the bank

  2. Totally random but…I like the decorative arch carved in his door, and how there are multiple hinges on the door. It makes a lot more sense to have multiple hinges to balance out the weight, instead of just two hinges.

  3. Most governments don't know what they're doing. They're "dando palos de ciego," acting irrationally and irresponsibly, including the government of the Kingdom of Spain:
    • John PA Ioannidis. “A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.” STAT (2020-03-17)
    statnews. com/2020/03/17/a-fiasco-in-the-making-as-the-coronavirus-pandemic-takes-hold-we-are-making-decisions-without-reliable-data
    It's embarrassing to see your espousing the government bullying innocent citizens and your telling off those who resist government direct attacks against their freedom just because in this part of the world their freedom has been outlawed (BTW, homosexual relations used to be "illegal" too, and so is adultery in that part of the world known as Saudi Arabia).
    Wearing masks in the street is mostly an exercise of virtue signalling. Most of those who wear them aren't worried about passing the virus or becoming infected. They're just trying to show off their "goodness" and willingness to abide by any of the government tough measures. They're driven by the same spirit as those who tried to show off their religious purity/orthodoxy and adherence to the Catholic Church in the times of the Inquisition.

  4. Mask doesn't stop you from being infected, however if you are infected it hinders your germs to spread to others.

  5. does anyone know if there are rules on which supermarket you go to? for example, we always go to Carrefour, but there is an Aldi nearer to my house.. can I just freely go to the supermarket I want even if the one I choose is a bit further?

  6. Don't know why this keeps coming up in my time line but an initial listen suggest that the message to take is that we should 'do as we're told' 'the govt. knows best' 'and don't ask any awkward questions'.

    Seems like a perfect govt. orchestrated response.

  7. The masks that Italians and Americans are using are from China. The president stated this yesterday.

  8. On the one hand, the virus is still being spread in the work environment (closed spaces = dangerous), on the other you can't even go for a walk far away from people (outdoors = relatively safe). Eradicate the virus? I think not. These confusing measures are only in place to 'control' the impact on the health care system. They will throttle and release, throttle and release for the next year with varying levels of lockdown and social distancing. There are no measures in place to actually eradicate the virus. If they had to be open about the 'strategy' the people would not be impressed.

  9. Regarding the comparison of numbers of deaths in Germany vs. Spain that is because Germany started to test at an much earlier stage of the outbreak. So they tested a lot of people having had contact to other infected, also a lot of young people without symptoms. In Italy and Spain primarily those with severe symptom get tested. Also at these places the virus had more time to spread before actions were taken. That distorts the ratio of infected and deaths.
    So if the lockdown will not slow the spread down sufficiently Germany will reach a similar situation in about 2 weeks. It's just 2 weeks behind spread-wise. However the higher amount of intensive care units in Germany might still keep the death toll smaller than in Italy and Spain.

  10. Just found you….and enjoying ALL of your videos. Really nice of you too…giving a shoutout to James Blick 👍

  11. Testing…testing…testing…not a mystery at all….number of cases the same….number of deaths and in critical condition minimal…caught it early…quite simple….
    There is no data of percentage of people who have natural immunity….
    Ironically these are the people they could take blood samples and replicate their white blood cells or use blood to immunise afftected people…..this is why testing is so important…..

  12. In day 8 of lockdown in Spain,
    I have not been out and about but we have people in vans going round the streets telling us to stay in,which is great and most people are doing this,we know we can go emergency shopping and go to farmacia , wish all other countries would do the same xxx

  13. People in spain live at home with parents for longer. Multiple generations in one home. Germans tend to move out sooner meaning contact is limited easier to self isolate

  14. I live in Granada and was so impressed with the way LIDL was in the use of gloves, gel and spacing. Not so impressed wit Alcampo. it was apocalyptic.

  15. They’ve taken all the homeless people off the street and they are “looking after them” oh what a fluffy world to live in. You won’t be seeing them again. The sheep don’t know the shepherd owns the slaughterhouse.

  16. FT and The Guardian have addressed the issue of Germany's low (so far) death rate. A representative of the Robert Koch institute indicated the reporting of the individual states or localities over the weekend might be late and that a more accurate picture may be obtained by this coming Wednesday.

  17. Surprise surprise, an extension.. And then there will be another extension, and another, and another, until it is normal to be locked down!

  18. lol people do that garbage stuff from another area all the time in the US, why waste time on that while the criminals are breaking into shops

  19. I hope I am not intruding, but I am in Florida (US) and I am curious what we will be dealing with soon and how you all are dealing. Thank you for the information. Stay well, stay safe 🙂

  20. from my experience, hospitals in the likes of Germany and Austria were phenomenal – uncrowded, lots of equipment, very good care; recent reports have also highlighted the high ratio of ICU beds and ventilators per population – far more than in other European countries; I think those are the key reasons for Germany's success in keeping the fatality rate down

  21. Lockdown won't go away until after they complete the financial switch, once everyone is in lockdown and glued to the TV they will start the next phase demonizing cash.

  22. From the bottom of my heart, I think WE the people have a right to know when this extension of locking down will stop.
    Give it maybee to mid april and then that is it. Life has to start again. So lets unite, and say mid april, no more lockdowns.

  23. The german situation is different, because of the age group they are testing. The younger the people are, who have been tested, the lower the death rate. We also need the factor "age" to calculate the death rate.

  24. Don't.know if my idea is any good. But for a homemade mask, fold a cloth over, sew plastic bubble wrap or Glad Wrap in the center. Sew cord on the around head! Stay safe.

  25. I live in us and people here are not taking it to seriously everybody still to many in stores people playing in parks with other families and still going crazy in Stores if they don't do something it will always spread . Kids still playing I'm worried if it calms down and theres no cure and they send us all back to work if it calms down and the people who are carries will get others sick and then we back to what we are doing now they need to be more stricker here . And test everyone

  26. Thanks for very good info, I had similar feelings gong to supermarket last Wednesday. In Barcelona was unable to buy mask at any pharmacy, improvised with my carpentry dust mask!

  27. Ultimately, World Health Organisation and chinese communist party colluded in spreading the pandemic by allowing travel from china!
    Its not just your own government who should be held accountable and responsible. President Xi and WHO director Tedros both fully accountable

  28. I've filmed some unusual things here in Spain from octopus attacks to praying Mantis walking along the street. I absolutely adore this country. Im sure we will make it through this crisis and learn from it.

  29. Hola. Coming to you from NZ. We went level 3 yesterday (Monday 23rd here) and going level 4 as of midnight Wed. We'll be in full lockdown for 4 weeks with only essential services open such as grocery stores, doctors, pharmacies etc. As for Germany's success, its because German's play by the rules no matter what, so they would have been doing as advised from the beginning. Love your work, stay safe and keep posting.

  30. We live inland 55km south of Valencia, and will feel a lot happier when we can get face masks. I heard on the news today that the ice rink in Madrid has been turned into a mortuary. Stay safe everyone.

  31. Live in BC Canada, were i am they are not wearing any masks but they are wearing gloves in the store. We are not allowed to bring our own bags anymore. They are giving u plastic bags. Its so bazar because they give people such a hard time if they didn’t bring their own shopping bags and now we are not allowed. I live in a small town and all the grocery s are still available in the local grocery store. But if u drive to the bigger citys they are defently empty shelfs.

  32. Finland will face same horrible times as Italy or Spain. Goverent have been making mistakes after mistakes an this is still going on.Our leftist-green goverment is….(not possible to write)

  33. Hi does anyone know if the Us consulate in Barcelona is Still open ? If not the Madrid one I have lost my passport 🙈 what timing ??

  34. Thanks for this channel. Great video.

    I just went shopping today (Malaga area). The shop had everything including toilet paper and the meat section and veggie section were both full. I went to the pharmacy and before I got into it I saw the sign saying no masks, no gloves and not sanitizing gels/liquids. I have converted an old eye mask (from recent air trip) to a basic mask. It fits easily and securely.

    We have a dog and take turns walking it. Because we live in an urbanization we can walk in the gardens. The place is about 20% full (yes we have more there now than last week). So there are space to walk around and stretch a bit. Outside there are police driving by and ensuring no one goes to the beach and no one is jogging (although I did seecone couple doing that a few days ago).

    In general, the whole area is in lock down and people are self isolating correctly.

  35. Germany is doing better than other countries because they have 28,000 ICU beds, 25,000 of which have respirators. Italy only has 5,000, as does Spain. The UK has 4,000.

    There's the reason why Germany is doing so well.

  36. Exposing Mi Labs yeah if you read between the lines then the sun is eventually out here in Britain and so we are confined for nine months of the year ,and so ,,' out we go travelling , well how TF ?!! Do you confine people to open prison when they do not commit any crime ???People are going too commit suicide ,become depressed and anxious ,who the hell is going to help them ,oh ! Wait the UN and the World health Organisation is run by an Ethiopian who when he was the CEO for health in his own Country allowed cholera to take ove , when he had the opportunity to stem the growth , and this dickhead is telling us how to deal with this confusing Corona virus ,WHAT ???

  37. Great video mate. Lep pozdrav od Slovenija. Similar rules and regulations here. I've made a concerted effort to learn the language as difficult as it is. Spostovanje in Srecno !

  38. Total lock down could destroy the food supply chain and services, if it is not given top priority. It must be designated an esensul service, if not it could have a bigger body count than the corona virus. Food supply is more sophisticated than is realized, and it requires many players to participate, and they can’t be locked down. Public health officials need to acknowledge this in policy.


  40. Here in Mazatlán life is still sort of normal. Schools closed, city services closed, but restaurants open and most other shops open. I was thinking of going home to the USA but it is in lock down while life here seems pretty great

  41. Spain should leave the EU. and decide for itself to unfollow this media madness. Trump will stop the USA next week from the corrupt corona crap. Back to life.

  42. I can give you an update too, 0,000001 of the population has caught the corona flu and died. and next year will be as well , as it did in the past 100 years. The only thing that changed is that now they took your freedom.

  43. Wow, Stu… Tough and dark times m8, not just where you are but indeed for us all. It's a long way from our early 'devil may care' days in Perth and beyond. In reflection, I doubt either of us would have approached it differently, we had a great Laugh and tested our world as young guys will.
    Here in NZ we are just 24hrs from complete Lockdown.
    Yesterday our government identified the 1st 2 Community infected cases (the previous 60 were all direct result of inbound travel). At the point of the 1st 2 Community contracted cases, they closed all schools, all non-essential businesses and gave us 48hrs notice of complete Lockdown for 4 weeks before reviewing it. Police and military will police this.
    In 4 weeks time they will let us know of extension, perhaps a further 4 to8 weeks on top. At this hour around 24 hours out all supermarkets and major stores are struggling to keep up with demand, but they are managing OK to the best part as Shoppers are being relatively responsible, keeping distance and mostly respecting that supply chains are robust and there is enough for everyone. In that same 24 hr periods Ince notice, we have had anoth 40 cases confirmed including a further 2 identified as community infection (total 4) at this time and 155 in total where 50% are inbound travellers and 48% direct contact with those… Something of that number.
    We will still be allowed out to walk dogs, swim, surf, kick a ball, cycle, fishing…. (whatever) but those activities will be restricted to be with whomever you are habitating with in Isolation and by law will not be allowed in proximity of others. Only essential services will remain open which includes Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Medical services, Petrol stations and Banks (though only digitally). Public transport (available to essential workforce if absolutely required) and Media.
    So…… Here we are facing 4 weeks of unchartered events and circumstances. The cost to economy as massive to NZ as it is relative to all economies and bracing for the toll on humanity.
    I look forward to your updates from Spain m8. We here are hoping to get ahead of this situation, flatten the curve so that our health sector can cope and perhaps, maybe.. Stop it in its tracks here. Our Governments attitude broadly supported by all Kiwis from all political factions is 'Go hard, Go early' hence the rapid move to full Lockdown for a minimum of 1 month at the first confirmation of community infection.
    Stay safe my friend, love to you and your loved one, both in Spain and Perth. And all the very best to All from Downunder in Auckland NZ. 😎♥️👍

  44. Dear beautiful people of Spain. I just saw on Nightline News here in the US , how bad the virus has gotten there. They showed people on hospital floors, caughing , wow. I cried after seeing that. I am lighting my candles n praying constantly for you all n for our world. Be safe, unite in prayer. God be with you n bless you.

  45. Ok its not a shutdown its very irresponsable what spanish goverment is doing shutdowm must be complete china had 21 million deaths if you dont stop it will regret it

  46. This is how you keep the masses for Pure Panic and getting out in the streets and not putting up with this. When They KNOW it'll be 18 months!!! LONG. they take it piece by piece, it'll be 2 weeks, oh, extension, for 2 more weeks, ooh looks like 30 more days, ohh here's a Little check to keep you calm, oh, btw it'll be a few more weeks.. DRAG you right along till everything is in Place, Universal Income, cashless society, invisble tattoo vaccinations, mixed in with real i.d. And in the end you can't Buy or sell or enter public buildings without this MARK. Bang! Bang!

  47. Here some british people have
    Complained about Spain… at least there are giving masks/gloves in the supermarkets and queueing with lines in between. I am spanish living here in London. Today I will have a meeting at job, any guess? Whatever in case you want more info or even a video about it what is going on , let me know…. All the best/ Be safe!

  48. IN Spain there have been just over 2300 deaths of mainly elderly people or those with a pre existing medical condition. These are people who have died WITH coronavirus not of it. To put this in perpective that is 1.1% of the population of Pamplona!!! Or 0.0054 % of the population of Spain. Compare that with flu!!! Am I missing something???

  49. German's dont live as long as the Italians. The health system is also effected by this cause of the cost and monthly pension payments to retires thus the hospitals are understaffed and equipped

  50. To get a repeat prescription I suggest the following:-
    Phone the number you usually call to make an appointment with your GP to get a prescription. 955545060 press OPTION 1.
    Ask for an ENGLISH speaker, which they always provide and ask him/her to arrange a repeat prescription. Have the following information ready.
    Your social security number which starts with the letters AN.
    Your NIE number
    The name of your GP and the clinic you normally attend

    Hope this helps

  51. Well I am going to challenge this narrative.
    Every year in just the USA, 50 000 die and 20 million are infected. Are you more dead with Corona-zilla?
    The vast majority of deaths are the susceptible elderly and lung problems.
    Additionally, YOU HAD BETTER WAKE UP MR SHEEPLE .. a long shut down will result in a brutal Great Depression where millions WILL die.

  52. And : there are not " so many people falling victim ". WTF kind of trash talk Mass Hysteria is that? Go ahead and give the numbers. Then compare to car crashes, flus, falling, etc

    Maybe we should be kept in pods all our life for our safety riiiight. JFC

  53. Hello, I like your videos my Aussie amigo. I'm also in Costa Blanca, under heavy restriction, but not breaking the law.
    I would however like to offer, what may 'seem' to people, a rather implausible world/current situation view. Upon doing some fact checking and research, I found out from leaked documents that since 2014, there have been plans in place to implement specific 'virus control' measures and teams of people recruited. Nothing wrong with being prepared, I hear you say, until, that is… you discover that many big players in the political and industrial realm all have vested interests in virus creation and supplying vaccines (much like those who profit from the sale of arms). Also, there is already talk of virus testing kits (I assume which may be got or bought) but here's the kicker… it is my contention that very soon, enforced, compulsory vaccinations will be legislated. We won't be told what's in the vaccines, just be told its good for our survival.
    One last point to ponder, check out the Georgia (USA) guidestone, which clearly speaks of a DEPOPULATION agenda, bringing the global masses down to a manageable number, check out Bill Gates views on 'over population' vaccines and euthanising the populace. Lastly, I've lived on this planet for 65 years, I've seen viruses, some more virulent than Covid19 come and go… and NO lockdown??? Why all of a sudden now?
    This is a global exercise in mass social control via fear and propaganda and many like me, aren't buying into it. Look at how easy it has been for world govts to take away our freedoms, civil liberties and control us all in the name of and under the guise of virus control, ps a virus like bigfoot, whom everyone knows about or heard of…. but no one has actually seen!
    Governments lie to us all the time and those who don't realise that are, imho, sadly naive and deceived!

  54. People in England were stupid over the weekend and were acting like it's the summer holidays going out in large groups to tourist places and having garden parties and bbqs so now we are on full lockdown since last night.

  55. Hello GOOD people, I am not Spanish speaking person, M still trying to learn. I stay in Terrassa.
    Can someone suggest me effective translation tools for documents and pharmacies. How do I go about. Plz guide /help me.
    God bless u all.
    PS :I am here since 3 months

  56. 12 trillion of negative EU bonds will be buried in the upcoming financial crisis, how convenient a catastrophe this is 🙄

  57. I live inJapan. thank for higenic and organized people, things are settled and schools started again. wish all countries are the same situation.

  58. this is the new world order being implemented. This was a supposed "new" virus and yet the test kits were available world wide already?? How is that even possible?
    The regular flu kills around 500.000 per season around the world but now they shut down the entire globe for a few hundred supposed deaths? And people don't see anything wrong with this picture?! Pompeo said during a press conference: "this is a live event" meaning this is a live DRILL! Wake up! [email protected] Germany is nothing compared to what is coming… and people just comply like good little slaves.

  59. I think this is good for now some months maybe but it cant go on forever….the world cant survive like this for 1+year till a vaccine is supposed to be made if it is made. If nothing can be done I think we should all as humans accept it is 1 more thing you can die of like a car crash a gun any other disease etc and move on with our life normally.

  60. I am from Taiwan now live in Spain, I feel sad that the Spanish government didn't prepare for this. And my friends always said I worried too much. Not many people take this seriously.

  61. Here in Maryland, USA non essential business are closed as of 5pm yesterday, Monday 3/23. In Maryland we have 288 cases. Why are you waiting?! The affects from social distancing will not be realized for about 2 weeks.

  62. No haré juicios de valor demasiado duros acerca de su comentario (creo que desafortunado, quizás por desconocimiento) acerca de la supuesta diferencia entre los sistemas sanitarios del Norte y el Sur de Europa. Sin entrar en detalles le diré que el NHS español es superior en muchos aspectos al de numerosos países del Norte, incluido el Reino Unido. En cuanto a la diferencia en el número de muertes le aconsejo fijarse un poco más en la manera en que los alemanes realizan sus estadísticas: No es lo mismo fallecer con corona virus que a causa del corona virus. Esa diferencia maquilla muchas estadísticas. También hay que ver, lógicamente, la proporción real entre el número de casos y el número de personas fallecidas. Saludos.

  63. How about jobs?Are the Spaniards not allowed to work?I work at the Stockholm airport and we all are down to 40% and are paid 50 % by the swedish state ,so 90 % total income(92.8% to be precise)

  64. I just got home from Germany. In Munich and Nürnberg it was business as usual. The day we left (20th) they had just started to close a few restaurants if they had only indoor seating. All business that had outdoor seating was still open. No panic buying whatsoever. Supposed to visit Spain and Portugal in June…doubt that happens now.

  65. According to the Galician Health Service videos (SERGAS) and chemists which have official notices, unless you are ill, you should not wear a mask. Why are so many people wearing masks when they aren't ill?

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