Special Sewol-ho ferry bill agreement back in deadlock   세월호 특별법 무산

Special Sewol-ho ferry bill agreement back in deadlock 세월호 특별법 무산

We begin at the National Assembly where another
layer of complications has been added to a special bill… that would set up an investigation
into April′s ferry sinking. Korea′s two rival parties found common ground
on the specifics of that bill. But family members of the victims have rejected
the agreement,… driving the bill back into a deadlock.
Arirang′s Kwon Soa reports. The deal struck on Tuesday by the country′s
two main parties on the special Sewol-ho ferry bill will likely need to be tweaked.
After the bereaved families′ rejected the bill,… members of the main opposition New
Politics Alliance for Democracy held a meeting and concluded the bill cannot be passed without
the families′ consent. “We still have a process ahead of us until
the agreement is complete. We have to gain consent from the families of the victims and
the public. In that regard, the ruling Saenuri Party needs to show more effort and responsibility
in dealing with this issue.” The Saenuri Party said further renegotiations
are not possible at this moment, and the party′s chairman Kim Moo-sung said Wednesday that
the priority has now shifted to passing pending economic bills.
“The National Assembly is currently stuck in the Sewol-ho black hole, making it impossible
to pass any bills related to enhancing the livelihoods of the people. Due to the deadlock
over the Sewol-ho bill,… the window on the golden time to revitalize the economy is closing.”
The representatives of the victims′ families will gather for a meeting Wednesday evening
and provide an official statement. The families were dissatisfied with Tuesday′s
bipartisan agreement that would have allowed the Saenuri Party to select two of the seven
members of a panel that would have set up a special counsel to investigate the causes
of the ferry disaster. Kwon Soa, Arirang News.

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