Speed Up Law Of Attraction With 3 Steps (Changed My Life)

Speed Up Law Of Attraction With 3 Steps (Changed My Life)

In today’s video, I want to share with you how to
speed up the law of attraction. Okay? I’m going to be sharing
with you three steps, which if you implement and
stay consistent with you, will manifest what you want faster. You will achieve your goal and
create what you want faster. Before we go any further
with the video, though, I do want to flat out say that you
must recognize at a deep level, okay? That manifestation
and law of attraction, creating the life you truly want to
live is not something you just do. It’s not something you just need one
technique or a little secret for. It’s something that you must
dedicate yourself to. You must be. There must be an inner willingness to
commit yourself to a longterm process. If you want to see a true
change, a lasting change, you must be willing to
commit yourself to a process. Okay, so many of us, we want
to create something amazing. We want to achieve something amazing,
but we want to cling on to the same self. We want to cling on to
the same belief systems, the same vibrational state through
which we operate right now, the same identity through
which we operate right now. Whereas if you want to evolve your
life, what your life looks like, you have to evolve
yourself. Matter of fact, your life is a reflection of the character
which you are embodying right now. And so most people want the life to
change so that they can evolve their character, whereas the life is
actually following the character. The life you can say comes is a as a
package deal when you are creating a new character. So as you evolve your
character, your reality will change. It doesn’t go the other way around
and you can only evolve your character through day in and day
out, consistent work, right? Not work in a strenuous
sort of struggle type of way. But what I mean to say is that there has
to be a level of commitment on your end to really carry out a process and really
sticking through with the principles that we talk about in this video. Okay. So I wanted to say that like a disclaimer. So if that’s not what you’re looking for,
if you’re just looking for some quick, you know, get rich scheme or
some quick manifestation secret, it’s probably not the video for you,
probably not the channel for you. So let’s begin. The first step that I want to talk about
that will help you speed up the law of attraction is abiding by the
mirror reality principle. So on this journey, while
you are going for your goal, you’re trying to create what you
want. Throughout this process, you’re going to a lot about yourself. A lot of things are going to be
happening on a day to day basis, certain challenges, certain obstacles. And the problem with most people is
that they constantly look to fix their, their problems on the surface level. They see their problems from the outside
and they try to just try to force solutions on the outside. They
try to just think of, okay, what’s the problem here and
what’s the, what’s the solution? And it’s all surface
level problem solving. Whereas what is actually required of
you is to follow the mirror principle. And the mirror principle States that your
external reality is that all times of reflection of your internal meaning your
external reality, your circumstances, all the people that you come across, everything situational outside
is a direct reflection, right, of your internal
reality, which is your thoughts, your emotions, your belief
system, your identity. And so when you’re coming across
certain challenges on the outside, rather than just trying to force solutions
on the outside and fix them at the surface level, what I call a
bandaid solution, right? It’s very, very short term thing. Maybe
it will fix a temporarily, but it will not solve the problem which
is arising from a deeper issue within. So rather than just looking on the outside
and trying to solve the problem from the outside, look within when
you’re coming across an issue, look within. So what are you believing to be
true about yourself? What what? What sort of belief system do you have
in place that might be causing this sort of problem? For example, if you have a common trend in your life
that people don’t treat you well rather than just like taking
on an identity that man, people just don’t treat me while I’m
misunderstood and that’s just my life. That’s not so true. Instead of doing that and then trying
to force solutions on the outside, like trying to make people understand
you instead of that look within what do I believe to be
true about myself, how, how do I perceive myself?
Because within yourself, image within your worldview
lies the answer to why the
world is showing you this side of itself, why other people
are treating you this way. The answer to everything from the
outside is actually within and when you reflect within in this way, you will always be able to find solutions
more effortlessly to your external problems and they will no longer be
solutions that are just bandaid type solutions. There’ll be
more lasting, right? And there will be coming from the true
source and there’ll be true understanding that will come with that
and you’ll actually have
greater clarity to solve your problems and you’ll actually
have a more effective solution. And this is why I put this step number
one in video while you’re on the manifestation journey and you’re
abiding by the mirror principle, no longer are you just trying
to force things on the outside, but you’re always resorting
to what is within, right? And you’re solving everything
and you’re, you’re, you’re going about this goal achievement
process while always consulting your inner reality because it is the source
of the external and if you move in this way, you will move through your
lessons much faster, right? Because all challenges outside, they’re
all seeking to teach you something. I have this quote back here that
says something along the lines of, man is where he is or woman, right? It’s just a quote from
like an older white guy, man is where he is so that he may learn
so that he may grow and as he learns the spiritual lesson that the
circumstance has for him. This the circumstance also passes
and makes way for new circumstances. So in this way, when you are going within and
you’re learning the lesson
that your circumstances are trying to teach you, you will move through this evolution
process of your character faster and therefore you will change your external
reality and manifest what you want faster. That’s why this
is step number one. So see you already,
we’re going deep, right? This is not just some sort of
technique that you can implement. This is an actual process. You have to dedicate yourself to that
when now you’re going about your life and things are arising left and right. Instead of just trying to be so external
focused and and tried to solve external problems by just staying at the surface, you’re going to now be looking within
and if you want to learn more about the mirror principle, I have
a whole playlist on that, so make sure to watch that playlist. I’ll
link it down below in the description. Okay. Now let’s get into step number two, which is trust yourself. Trust life, trust the process. Throughout this journey you will
come across a lot of obstacles. You will come across a lot of situations
which your mind did not plan on the journey, right on the journey towards your goal
and you have to learn to now embrace these obstacles rather
than fight against them. You fight against them
and you resist them. Therefore you create further friction
on your path and this prolongs your journey, prolongs your process, whereas now you have to recognize that
life is helping you achieve what you want. Life is helping
you create what you want. It is trying to meet you halfway, but it’s not going to unfold your goal
to you in the way that you plan it out to be. So you have to let go of your definitions
and your need to control every aspect of the journey and you have to trust
that life is helping you in this way. You may have previously
received experiences and
feedback from life where you’re like, okay, no, no,
life is not helping me, but I want you to clear out everything
that’s happened in the past and try to adopt this new perspective
because if you see more clearly, life is trying to meet you halfway. It is your own resistance which blocks
life from helping you and actually creates further friction
because you resist. So know that life is trying to
help you and trust that it is. And if you do trust every single time, you will find out that even the
current problem unfolds into something beneficial for you. How many times have you
experienced something in the
past that you were like in the moment it was, it was
difficult. It was like you were, you thought everything was over, but then later on you were like
thankful that that thing happened. Everybody has this at
least once in their life. So recognize that your perspective is
limited and it will always be limited in the current situation. In order
to expand your perspective, use the coordination method.
The coordination method helps you claim your power
back from your circumstances. Usually we fall into our circumstances
and react. So rather than reacting, assume your power as the meaning
giver of everything in your life. You determine the meaning of events
as they arise and how they unfold, right? So if, if an event arose and like, let’s just say something that is
considered to be really negative happens, you lose your job. And generally that’s
considered to be a very negative event. Something you should be very
sad of over, right? Whereas now, and you’re, you’re recognizing
life is trying to help me. So even there’s something hidden even
in this circumstance. So knowing this, you’re not losing your balance over it
and now you’re giving the meaning to this event that is actually
going to benefit you. So you’re saying that everything is
unfolding. There’s the way that it should, even though right now, I don’t know
how this is going to be beneficial, it will be, and I’m excited
to see how it will unfold. This is going to be the stepping
stone to my destination. What I actually want to create
and let that fire you up. Let that make you feel better in the
circumstance. Like in the situation, it will be a little difficult. However, use this capacity of awareness that
you have and give it that meaning. And here’s the secret to life,
to, to living in this way. The meaning that you give to events as
they arise determines how they unfold. So if in this moment you gave the meaning
to that event of you losing your job as like it’s catastrophic, it’s the worst
thing that could have happened to you. That is the nature of how the rest of
the situation will unfold and you just create a more friction on your path. Whereas if you had that
awareness and this event arose, and in that moment you gave it no
like it’s okay. Okay, I lost my job. Maybe this is going to set up something
for a better job or my own own business or something. Even a greater
opportunity in this way. If you are giving that meaning the
new positive meaning to this event, it will unfold accordingly. Completely different to how it would have
unfolded if you lost your balance and gave it a negative meaning. So you are the meaning giver of your
life and you can greatly speed up your process of your, of manifestation by assuming this power, claiming it back and always
being in a mode of trust. Okay? Trust is actually real certainty, real knowing, real sense
of oneness with life it from the outside it may seem like, Oh, you’re trusting or that means you’re
being vulnerable because you’re letting go of control, but actually it is the
most invulnerable state, whereas the need to control everything
is the most vulnerable is the most insecure state. One who is truly trusting is one who is
certain and knowing of his or her power, and that is the true state
that you need to embody. If you want to manifest what you want, the insecure needy state is the exact
opposite of the energy that helps you manifest. So if you want to speed up the
law of attraction being in motive, trust of knowing your power, knowing that you have made your choice
and it is unfolding through you, life is helping you create it. Now lastly, we get to step number three, live in a, in a way where you are keeping your
mind and body in the most optimal state. Okay? You have to pay attention to your state
of being the vibrational state that you are embodying on a day to day basis. So you need to do things and build
habits and cultivate a certain lifestyle which allows you to be in the most optimal
state of energy throughout the day. How many people, you
know, like they wake up, they’re instantly being reactive on
their phones. They’re already like, you know, they’re all tired,
they’re going to work. They’re just dragging
themselves out of the, out of their bed like their morning is
not tailored at all to cultivating a powerful state of being. Then the rest of the day they’re just
like being all tired and whatnot. They eat a huge lunch in the middle
of the day and so they just get sleepy afterwards and they’re dragging a
badges waiting for the evening time. And then in the evening they
binge eat again or whatever. And throughout the day
they’re not drinking any water
and at they’re just like watching live TV such
till such a late time. And then right after that they just turn
off the TV and go to bed with all that imagery, images and on all that
conditioning just replaying in their mind, right? So if, if you’re, if
I just described your day, you are doing not doing yourself a
favor at all and you should change this lifestyle, no offense,
right? But like this, this sort of lifestyle or any of these
sorts of behaviors are not helping you cultivate a powerful state. You are giving your energy away rather
than actually building it up and cultivating that powerful
state. Because here’s the thing, if you are operating from a low vibration
state throughout this process of manifestation, then you will again and again not only
create internal suffering and you know grogginess and um, lethargic, but this will reflect in
your circumstances, right?
What did we just, um, what did we just say before? External reality is always a
direct reflection of your internal. So if that’s how you feel internally, the nature of your external
circumstances will reflect the state. So you need to make sure that you are
doing things and picking up new behaviors and habits that help you
cultivate that powerful state. So when I started this journey, right, I stopped eating meat because
it didn’t make me feel good. I stopped drinking alcohol, I
started drinking a lot of water. I started exercising every
morning. I started doing yoga, I started eating way healthier. I started going on walks and runs and
I started meditating way more and I started going out less. So certain things like I had to create
an actual overall change in lifestyle that allowed me to maintain a certain
level of enthusiasm and energy and liveliness. Because that is the sense of inner like
empowerment that allows you to create the life you truly want. The external will never be full of
life if the internal feels like crap. So you have to take
responsibility for yourself. Now you have to exercise everyday. You have to be basically all the things
that I just said and whatever else that you, that truly resonates with you, right? That helps you stay in the most
optimal state of mind and body. Only then can you actually have the
capacity of awareness that allows you to create what you want. Otherwise you will always just stay
stuck in your patterns. So my friend, I have given you a lot to think about
and a lot to start implementing and start doing right now. Follow these three steps and as I
said before with the consistency and dedication and if you do so, there is no way that you don’t speed up
the law of attraction for yourself that you don’t speed up your
manifestation journey, right? So if you want to go deeper into these
steps and really learn how the step by step process on how to implement
everything I just spoke about, watch my free workshop down below, it’s called the create your dream life
workshop in which I teach you really how to go about this process of creating
the life you truly want to live from a higher consciousness mindset and a much
easier and faster way and be accelerated way as I call it. And if you want my personal
help to go through this process, you want to be coached by me to create
the life you truly want to live, then apply for my accelerated reality
program down below. All right? Other than that, I hope
you enjoyed this video. Hope you gain tons of value from it. If you did give this video a thumbs up
and share it with a friend who would also find it helpful and subscribe to this
channel and I’ll see you in the next video. [inaudible].

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