Spiritual Communism

Spiritual Communism

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare| Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare|| Srila Prabhupada also discussed a lot about
Spiritual communism. But I will first briefly talk about the Marxist
communism and Srila Prabhuapdas arguments against it. This is just for your understanding so that
will set the backdropfor the main topic of Spiritual Communism. I see. So, for some time, just listen now. Ok. So first, the Marxist communism. According to marx, the industrial revolution
divided the society into two classes. Burshwasi those who have money, capitalist
or the property owners and prolitrieate. According to Marx, the industrial revolution
divided the society into 2 Classes: Burshwazi – Those who have money,The Capitalists
or the property owners And Proletariat /The working class
Marx condemns the capitalists for making a profit. He says that profit-making is exploitation
and that the capitalists are unnecessary for the production of commodities. The capitalists are parasites living at the
cost of the workers. He says that capitalism is a decadent form
of economic production because it relies on the exploitation of one class by another. So we need to change this system! The workers will overthrow the capitalistic class and establish a so-called dictatorship
of the workers, which will finally become a classless society. Well, Marx’s idea is that the means of production will be owned in common. No one would have advantage over anyone else,
and thus one person could not exploit another. And whats the proposed system? According to philosophy, given by
Nikolai Lenin one of the followers of Carl Marx,
He says that everything is material. Their philosophy is gross materialism. Everything exists for us and everything exists
for my use.” The goal is thusproduction of material goods
for the enhancement of human well-being. Industrial and scientific work is thus the
highest point of activity. Thus, by putting a man in the factory and
making him identify with the state and something like scientific achievement, they think they
can transform him into a selfless person. If everyone is engaged according to his abilities
in a certain type of production, and everyone works for the central interest, then everyone’s
ideas will become uniform. And what is that centre ? “The state” !! The
state will be the center. The central interest. According to the Communist Manifesto by Karl
Marx, There should be a heavy progressive income tax, so if you make more, you have
to pay more. There should be abolition of all rights for
inheritance. 4. The abolition of private property, 5. all
money 6. allcommunications, transport everything should
be centralized in the hands of the state. All production will be centralized and the state will distribute it freely to everyone
as per individual needs. It will be a social system where everyone
gets the same amount, no one gets excess. Since everyone is serving the state, the sweeper is as good as the administrator. There will be a classless society. The communists theorize that if the worker contributes to the central fund, he will get
“satisfaction” in return. Sounds good? Problem. How to engage people in the factory? How to get them to work? According to Karl Marx’s philosophy, he
says, “Human nature has no reality.” man’s reality or man’s nature changes through
history according to material conditions. Their program is first you change the social
conditions then the mentality will change with it. Marx thinks the minds of people can be changed
by forced conditioning. Therefore everyone can be trained to participate in the classless society. The motto is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” One of their methods is to constantly whip people with the idea that there may be war
at any moment so the people are always thinking, “We must protect our country,” so they work. OR, say, Your home may be in danger, your
family may be lost if you don’t work. So this negative stress will make them work. Also there is a positive push. The worker who produces the most units at
his factory is glorified by the state or receives a small bonus as incentive to work hard. So, the training, the negative stress and incentives will make people identify themselves
with the state, the production and the scientific achievement and thus they will work for the
state selflessly, getting satisfaction and happiness in return. This is Commmunism!! But Prabhupada defeats this philosophy. Look how he does it. Really? Yes. Lets see one by one. Marx presumes that exploitation is owing to
a wrong social system called “capitalism”. So by changing the system form capitalism
to communism there will be no exploitation. And Prabhupada’s point is that exploitation
has to do with human tendency, and not with a social system. Unless the human tendency to exploit does
not change, merely changing the system from capitalism to communism will not change anything. Profit-making may be wrong, Prabhupada says,
Profit-making may be wrong, but that exploitative tendency is always there, whether it is a
communist or a capitalist system. I once knew a mill worker who acquired some
money. Then he became the proprietor of the mill
and took advantage of his good fortune to become a capitalist. So, to a greater or lesser degree, the propensity
is always there in human nature to exploit others and become wealthy. Unless this mentality is changed, there is
no point in changing from a capitalist to a communist society. Regarding classless society, Prabhupada’s point is that
Classless society is not possible because by nature people fall into different classes
and artificially they cant be brought on the same level. Prabhupada says, everyone’s contribution is
different. A scientific man contributes something, and
a philosopher contributes something else. The cow contributes milk, and the dog contributes
service as a watchdog. Even the trees, the birds, the beasts—everyone
is contributing something. So, by nature a reciprocal arrangement is
already there among social classes. How can there be a classless society? Marx presumes that happiness of human society depends on economic production. And Prabhupada’s point is that real happiness
depends on peace of mind not economic production. Prabhupada says, The practical example is
America, where there is sufficient production of everything, yet the young men are becoming
hippies. Economic production in America has no comparison
in the world, yet still people are dissatisfied. The young men are confused. It is nonsensical to think that simply by
increasing production everyone will become satisfied. No one will becomesatisfied.Man is not meant
simply for eating. He has mental necessities, intellectual necessities,
spiritual necessities. It is animalistic to think that simply by
increasing production everyone will become satisfied. Real happiness does not depend on either production
or starvation, but upon peace of mind. Marx has his idea of what is human well being and Prabhupada’s point is that Human Well-being
is a relative term. The human well-being means if you don’t agree
to me, I cut your throat, that’s all. I Just like Stalin, he was thinking in his
own way, human well-being, but anyone who disagrees with him, cut his throat. Lenin also like that. Just like he killed all the royal family. So this killing, they will say it is well-being
. So this is not well-being for the royal family. But they theorized, it is well-being. Thus human well-being is a relative term. Marx presumes that economic production makes people happy. But Prabhupada’s point is that we practically
see that Marx’s idea isn’t working. Prabhupada says, So far as Russia is concerned,
we have seen practically, these things are not applied. Like, at least we have seen, in Moscow, Moscow,
all big, big buildings, they are not recent buildings, they are old, damaged buildings. So that means their economic condition is
not so sound. The old buildings are not very nicely renovated. We have seen Russia is not happy and they
are simply waiting for another opportunity, another revolution. Marx thinks that he will force-condition people
by whipping propaganda or by incentive to be selfless and work for the state, then Prabhupada’s
point is that this tendency of profit making cant be destroyed by force and people just
cant be forced to be selfless by law. About incentives of bonus, Prabhupada says,
Why should he get a bonus? Just to satisfy his tendency to lord it over
others and make a profit, his superiors bribe him. Prabhupada says, the Russian communist idea
is very good, provided the citizens do not want any profit. But that is impossible, because everyone wants
profit. The state cannot destroy this tendency either
by law or by force. Then they expect to get the people to think,
“Nothing in my favor; everything in favor of the state.” But people will never accept this idea. It is impossible; let the rascals try it! All they can do is simply force the people
to work, as Stalin did. As soon as he found someone opposed to him,
he immediately cut his throat. That is not possible. Even a child cannot be convinced by force,
what to speak of a mature, educated man. Thus selflessness cannot be forced. Marx thinks that by making state as the centre
the corruption will stop. ButPrabhupadas point is that But the flaw
is that If the man in the center is envious and not perfect, corruption will continue. Prabhupada says, There is exploitation in
the communist countries also. Khrushchev was driven out of power because
he was exploiting his position. He was giving big government posts to his
son and son-in-law. Since any leader can deviate, how will perfection
come? First the person in the center must be perfect,
then his dictations will be correct. Otherwise, if the leaders are all imperfect,
what is the use of changing this or that? The corruption will continue. And If the center is not perfect, then people will not be happy. Prabhupada says, Why should a sweeper be satisfied
seeing someone else in the administrative post? He will think, “He is forcing me to work as
a sweeper in the street while he sits comfortably in a chair.” Prabhupada gives his own example. Prabhupada says, “In our International Society,
I am also holding the superior post: I am sitting in a chair, and you are offering me
garlands and the best food. Why? Because you see a perfect man whom you can
follow. “
Jay Prabhupada. “That mentality must be there. Everyone in the society must be able to say,
“Yes, here is a perfect man. Let him sit in a chair, and let us all bow
down and work like menials.” Where is that perfect man in the communist
countries? If a man sees imperfection in the center,
he will not work enthusiastically because he will have no faith that he will get full
satisfaction. That perfection of the state will never be
there, and therefore the workers will always remain dissatisfied. If people are dissatisfied, there will always be distinction between different classes and
so a classless society will not be possible. Regarding abolition of rights of inheritance. Prabhupada says, it is another nonsense proposal,
because everyone’s tendency is to give money to his children. That is the law everywhere. I have got some affection for my children. I want to give something to my children. So how you can stop this. They are proposing all impractical. In Marxs communism he wants to give everyone same amount. But the point is if the people cannot make
any profit on their work, however, they will eventually lose interest in the country. Prabhupada says, Marshall’s theory is that
economic development is based on family affection. The average man will think, “Whether I work
or not, I get the same result. I cannot adequately feed or clothe my family.” Then he will begin to lose incentive to his
work. A scientist will see that despite his high
position, his wife and children are dressed just like a common laborer. so he will be reluctant to work for the state. And If everything is centralized like the money the property communication and transportation
is centralized in the hands of the state, then being plagued with the tendency to exploit,
the members of the state will exploit it! Prabhupada says, So, what profit will be,
the member in the central, they will exploit, just like Krushchev was doing. So, our diagnosis is that tendency is there. Unless you reform that tendency, these things
will be bogus. How you shall stop this mentality? And Since the person in the centre is envious, there will always be exploitation and there
will be never equal distribution. Prabhupada says, Any system of organizing
the means of production is bound to be full of exploitation Wherever there is materialistic activity,
there must be imperfection. The person in the center must have no envy. But that perfection is not possible in the
material world. Therefore Marx’s theories are useless. Marx says that “Human nature has no reality.” and that it changes through history according
to material conditions. But Prabhupadas point is that Mans nature
changing through history, is not very advanced philosophy. But what Marx does not know is that real human
nature never changes. Prabhupada says, He does not know the real
human nature never changes. It is certainly true that everything in this
cosmic creation, or jagat, is changing. Your body changes daily. Everything is changing, just like waves in
the ocean. This is not a very advanced philosophy. Marx’s theory is also being changed; it cannot
last. But man does have a fundamental nature that
never changes: his spiritual nature. That Marx does not know. Marx thinks that if first he changes the social
conditions then the mentality of people will change , then Prabhupada says that it’s
Impossible. It will simply react and there will be another
revolution. So if you change the mentality then the social
structure will change. You first, change the mentality then then
the social structure will change . Unless I am trained up to think that I do not possess
anything, everything belongs to the State… It will not work. But it is very difficult to change. Simply nonsense. Thats why Marxist idea will not work. That was the end of Marxist philosophy. So lets discuss now communism. The spiritual communism. So basically communism is a reaction or the
or a result of capitalism. They did not like the capitalism. So they came up with communism. Actually, We support neither communism nor capitalism, nor do we advocate the adoption of pseudo
religions. We are only for Kåñëa. We are neither for capitalism nor for so-called Communism, or not for so-called religion also. We are only for Kåñëa, the Supreme Personality
of Godhead. Hmhm. We were discussing the marxist philosophy. But we don’t accept either Mao or Marx. We don’t accept one anyone. Why are you discussing them? Discussing to defeat their philosophy. Because their philosophy is accepted in the
world, so we are giving the weak points of that philosophy. When I they simply say I’m dogmatic, but when
I defeat them in terms of their own premises, that they have to admit. Yes. That we are doing. We are defeating on their own principles. Hmhm. Therefore we discussed about how Srila Prabhupada
defeated communism. I see.. So what is the solution to communism? Spiritual communism, as given in the scriptures. Is communism given in the scriptures? Yes. Interesting ! Modern society takes the people as a whole
as the proprietor of a certain state, but the Vedic conception is éçäväsyam idaà
sarvam [Éço mantra 1]—everything is owned by éça, the supreme controller. Tena tyaktena bhuïjéthäù—you may enjoy
what is allotted to you by Him. Mä gådhaù kasya svid dhanam: but do not
encroach upon others’ property. This is the Éçopaniñad-Veda. The same idea is explained in the different
Puräëas. There are many good concepts in the Vedic
literature about communism. Aha! I did not know that. Yes. For example, in the Çrémad-Bhägavatam there is a description of the communist idea. It is described to Mahäräja Yudhiñöhira. Hmhm.
actual communism, what is called, socialism, is there in the Çrémad-Bhägavatam. In the Seventh Canto. That in your house if there is even a snake,
see that he is not starving. This… Just see. If there is a lizard, if there is a snake,
then see that he is not starving. You must give him food. Hmhm.
in Çrémad-Bhägavatam we find the seed for spiritual communism. There Närada Muni explains that in this material
universe—whether one be in a lower, middle or higher planetary system or even in outer
space—all natural resources are manifested by the Supreme Lord. We must understand that whatever exists in
this world was not produced by any human being, but everything was created by God. No sane man can deny this. Çré Éçopaniñad enjoins:
éçäväsyam idaà sarvaà So these are there in the scriptures. Communism is there. Aaha. So please tell me about the spritual communism. Yes. See, the basic problem of this communism or
materialism is that they are thinking that I m this body. So they forget the real “I”that is the soul. Hmhm. Yes. If I understand that I am not this body, yet
at the present moment I am engaged only to keep my body comfortable, without taking care
of my self, that is wrong. Similarly, this civilization is wrong in this
basic way. If I take care of your shirt and coat, but
I don’t give you anything to eat, then how long will you be satisfied? That is my point. That is the basic mistake. Material civilization means taking care of
the body and bodily comforts. But the owner of the body, the spirit soul,
gets no care. Therefore everyone is restless. They are changing the “ism” from capitalism
to communism, but they do not know what the mistake is. The communists think that if we take control
of the government, everything will be adjusted. But the mistake is there—both the communists
and the capitalists are taking care of the external body, not the eternal identity, the
soul. The soul must be peaceful. Then everything will be peaceful. bhoktäraà yajïa-tapasäà
sarva-loka-maheçvaram suhådaà sarva-bhütänäà
jïätvä mäà çäntim åcchati This means that one must know what God is. Because you are part and parcel of God, you
already have a very intimate relationship with Him. Our business is knowing God. So at the present moment, there is no information. People have no complete idea. Can communism be adjusted with some modifications? Yes. I can take it in this sense. If the Communist idea is spiritualized. “Not the state but God is owner,” then their
Communistic idea will be fulfilled. So this Communistic idea is vague, but it
can be perfected So the Russian who people who are communist they can remain communist if they just make
it Krishna centered. Right? The Russians, as people, they are not communists. They are not communists. A certain class. Just like in India, a certain class is communist. The mass of people is not communist. They cannot become communist. It is not possible. They, they’re not real communists. Real communist we are. Actually see. All people from all parts of the world, professing
different religions, different path of life. Still they are joined. This is natural. Kåñëa community. Right. There is no harm in becoming a family man,
or an altruist, a socialist, a communist, a nationalist or a humanitarian, provided
that one executes his activities in relation with éçäväsya, the God-centered conception. If we accept the whole world as the property of God, make God-centered communism… The Russians, in Prabhupada’s times, they
are making the state-center communism. Stena eva sa ucyate [Bg. 3.12]. Everything belongs to God. Therefore everything should be employed in
the service of God. This is our Kåñëa consciousness philosophy. Hmhm. So basically instead of making state centered
communism make God centered communism. Right. So Prabhuji, how to make communism God Centered? What modification are needed in communist
philosophy? As I said, Communist is not a problem. It is good proposal, but they are missing
one point. They are making Lenin the leader. If they make Kåñëa the leader, then the
Communistic idea will be very fruitful. Hmhm. They are picking up a rascal leader, but if
they pick up the nice leader, God the supreme dictator, then every-thing is all right. They are catching up a dictator, but they
do not know that he is rascal number one. But if he catches the Supreme Lord as dictator,
as Kåñëa says, sarva-dharmän parityajya [Bg. 18.66], then he will be happy, immediately. this question Prabhupadaasked aProfessor in Moscow, that “You are following Communism,
and we are following, say, Kåñëa-ism, but your leader is Lenin and our leader is Kåñëa,
that so far the philosophy is concerned we have to accept a leader.” So there is no difference in the basic principle
of philosophy that we must have a leader. Now who shall be the leader and who will decide
it? Regards to both of us, we have got a leader. Now which leader is perfect? If both of them are perfect, then why there
is difference of opinion—one leader does not agree with the other leader? So who will answer this question that who
is the best leader? Leader you have to follow. That you cannot avoid. Either you follow Kant or you follow Kåñëa. Either you follow Lenin or you follow Kåñëa. What is the answer? Who is the perfect leader? You cannot avoid leader, either you say according
to Kant, I say according to Kåñëa. “Your Communism, what is the difference between your Communism and our Kåñëa consciousness
movement? You have selected Lenin as your leader, master,
and we have selected Kåñëa as our leader, master. So on the principle, where is difference?” The professor could not answer. So the professor could not answer, but he
was impressed, that actually what is this meaning of Communism? You simply change of, change of master. That’s all. Is it not simple? Yes we have to accepted Krishna as our leader
because He is perfect. And we follow His program. Yes. Thats it. Then communism will be perfect. Now lets talk about distribution. The communist want to distribute everything
equally to all as they need. And they don’t like exploitation or undue
encroachment on others property. Now lets see how it goes in spiritual communism. Now, in the Kåñëa science, there is very nice conception of spiritual communism, in
the Kåñëa science. In the Çrémad-Bhägavata you’ll find that
there was a discussion between Närada and Yudhiñöhira, and Närada was explaining
that in this manifested material world, either in the higher planets or in this planet or
in the outer space, whatever wonderful things and resources, material resources are there,
they are all manufactured by the Supreme Lord. Just try to understand. Everything in this world, whatever there is,
that is not done by any human being. That is done by God. Nobody can deny it. Éçäväsyam idaà sarvam [Éço mantra 1]. Therefore all living entities, beginning from
the ant to Brahmä, the highest human being or the highest demigod, all of them, they
have got the right to use them. They have got the right to use them. Now Närada says that “You can use all these
material resources as much as you require, but, if you want more, if you get more, then
you’ll become the thief, and you are punishable.” Just see the idea of communism. Everything in the world, in this planet or
in other planets… Just like people are trying to go to the moon
planet. In Prabhupada’s times, The Russians were
trying to put their flag first so that if they go to the moon planet, they will conquer. Just like you came from Europe. You have conquered this tract of land, America,
and you have put up your flag. So now they are trying to go, trying to go
to the moon planet. But this putting, I mean to say, this digging
the flag, it is called ignorance. This is called ignorance. Um? Where you are putting your flag? It is not your property. It is God’s property. This is knowledge. This is knowledge. And if I think, “It is my property. I must dig my flag here,” that is ignorance. Just if you throw in the street some bags
of grains, the pigeons will come, but they will pick up only five, six, eight, ten grains,
and they will go away. They will not take even one grain more than
it needs. As soon as he’s satisfied to his heart’s content—”Oh,
I am full now”—où, he’ll go away. It will go away. He’ll not stock. Similarly, this is natural. This is natural. But if we put here a hundred bags of flour
and if we ask people that “Come and take,” then somebody will take ten bags, somebody
will take fifteen bags, will not take any bags because, if he’s weak, he cannot take. So the distribution will not be equal. That is our advancement of civilization. The knowledge which the pigeons, the cats
and dogs have got, we are lacking in that knowledge, that the whole thing belongs to
the Supreme Lord and we can accept them, whatever we need, not more than that. That is knowledge. That is knowledge. There will be no difficulty. The whole world is made by the Lord’s arrangement
that you have no scarcity. Everything is sufficient. Everything is sufficient. There will be no scarcity, provided you know
the distribution. The distribution is… There is fallacy, distribution: one is taking
is more and the other is starving. But here is the perfect knowledge, that éçäväsyam
idaà sarvam [Éço mantra 1]. We have to take everything as God’s property,
nobody’s property. And we can use things which are available
by the nature’s product. Suppose there is iron ore, mine. So everyone has got the… Whatever iron he requires, he can take. But if somebody makes the, the iron mine as
his own property, then he, according to Çrémad-Bhägavata and, it is, he becomes a thief. He becomes a thief, and he’s punishable because
that is God’s property. Nobody can create the iron mine. We cannot create anything. Even in the economic laws, we cannot create
anything. We can simply transform just like worker or
laborer. That’s all. Suppose we manufacture a very nice table,
but the ingredients, the wood, and the instrument, iron, oh, this is supplied by God. You cannot manufacture iron. You cannot manufacture the woods. So how, why do you claim that it is yours? This is ignorance. This is ignorance. So by culture of Kåñëa science, when we
understand the Kåñëa science, then we become free from this ignorance. And Lord Kåñëa recommends that “By this
knowledge, you can very easily cross over the ocean of nescience, ocean of ignorance.” The whole thing is: we are suffering due to… Just like ignorance is no excuse in the law
court. Suppose you have done something wrong and
if you say to the judge, “So I, I did not know, sir, this law,” oh, that is no excuse. You’ll be punished. You’ll be punished. Now, in the çästra, in the Vedic literature,
it is said that “Everything belongs to God. Everything is manufactured by God. So everyone has right, not only human being,
even the animals, everyone has got the right to live and use things as much as he requires. But if he stocks more, if he acquires more,
he becomes the thief, and he is punishable.” Now, suppose if I say, “Oh, I do not know
this law. Therefore I have accumulated so much things
in my control,” oh, that does not mean that you’ll not be punished. You’ll be punished. You’ll be punishable. This knowledge we require to know. And people at the modern age, they are lacking
this knowledge. So aa.. how do we do then Prabhuji? We did not create anything! You can.. as I sai, you can use but not more
than what you need. See, Suppose if you organize one business. That is for your enjoyment. God has created anything, that is for His
enjoyment. But you are sons of God, you can enjoy the
property of the father as far as you require. Not more than, you cannot take more than that. Then other sons will claim and there will
be fight. You live. You are son of God, you live at the expense
of God. God has sufficient supply. But don’t try to take more and stock. That is folly. You eat, you live very nicely. There is no prohibition. But you cannot take more than what you require. This is Bhägavata communism. If you take more, you’ll be punished. [break] …our philosophy, Kåñëa consciousness. Tena tyaktena bhuïjéthä [Éço mantra 1]. The Indians are trained up like that. He is happy in whatever condition of life
he is placed. He doesn’t protest. Any Indian villager, he’ll say “God has given
me this position, that’s all right.” Therefore the modern man is complaining that
in India, this God consciousness has made them lethargic. They do not do… They believe on the destiny. Actually they do. Actually they do. Therefore from the very beginning you’ll find
so nice philosophy, literature, but you won’t find the modernized economic development. Big, big house, big, big road, no. There was no such attempt. Formerly they were satisfied by tilling the ground, getting food grains. Now they have started factories. At the cost of thousands of men’s labor, some
director is getting money and enjoying life. That is progress. And these rascals, laborers, they are thinking
that “These men are getting the profit, cream of this business. We are working. Why not take ourself?” That is Communism. According to Kåñëa conscious communism,
everything belongs to God. Just as the Russian and Chinese Communists
think that everything belongs to the state, we think that everything belongs to God. This is merely an extension of the same philosophy,
and to understand it one simply needs a little intelligence. Why should one think that his state belongs
to only a small number of people? In fact this is all the property of God, and
every living entity has a right to use this property because every living being is a child
of God, who is the supreme father. In Bhagavad-gétä 14.4 (14.4), Lord Kåñëa
says, sarva-yoniñu kaunteya… ahaà béja-pradaù pitä: “I am the seed-giving father of all
living entities. In whatever forms they may live, all living
entities are My sons.” But they stock more. Just like the birds and beasts. They are living on nature’s condition. The bird will go to a tree and eat some fruit,
but not more than he requires; neither he will take the fruit at his home to stock for
next day or for making black market. No. We have created all this nonsense situation
by claiming God’s property as ours. This is the mistake. But the rascal leaders, they do not know what
mistake they have committed in the beginning. If someone stocks more than needed then he
will be punished? Yes. one can utilize God’s property as much as
he requires, not more than that. Then he will be thief, he will be punishable. Just like father’s property. Each and every son has got the right to live
at the father’s protection. Mä gådhaù kasya svid dhanam. That is spiritual communism. Whatever wealth is there within this universe,
all belong to God, and we are, as sons of God, we have got right to take advantage of
this wealth, but not more than what I require. That’s all. This is spiritual communism. If you take more, then you become punishable. This is the law of nature. Stena eva sa ucyate [Bg. 3.12]. In Bhägavata it is written that everything
belongs to God. You take whatever is your necessity. You take more, then you’ll be punished. This is Bhägavata’s statement. So now the business is to become capitalist. He’s taking more, holding the whole stock,
at least in India. It is not coming to the market, and people
are starving. So they will be punished. The excess grain they are throwing it into
the sea. So they’ll be punished. spiritual communism. Don’t take more. Just like the natural birds, if you keep one
bag of rice here, he’ll come, but they will take three, four grains, and they’ll go away. And if you ask a man, “Here is some stack
of rice.””Ah, I’ll take.” Immediately finished. One man will take it the whole stack, everything. “Oh, I’ve got it free. Let me take it.” But the birds, they’re under natural law. They know, “Ah, I have finished. I have got my belly filled up. I don’t require any more.” So God has given everything sufficiently. If every man takes whatever he wants absolutely,
then there is no difficulty. That is your complication. But why there should be fight? Father’s property of every son. He take as much as he requires. Accept father, his property, and take as much
as you require. Don’t take more. That is real communism. The material nature, the mother, and God is
the father. And we are all children. That’s all. Plain truth. Right. Ans another thing is, spiritual communism
regard every living entity and material communism is limited to humans only. Hmhm. That is not perfect communism. “This planet belongs to the humans, that’s all.” This is your communism. This present communism is defective because
the Russians say that Russia is for the Russians or China is for the Chinese. Why not for others? Why human communism? Living being communism! If you take this world as belonging to human
society, that is defective. It belongs to everyone! It belongs to the tree community; it belongs
to the beast community. They also have a right to live. Why should you cut the trees? Why should you send the bulls to the slaughterhouse? This is injustice. How can you gain justice by yourself doing
injustice? We have no Kåñëa consciousness. We do not know that Kåñëa is our original
father and that we are all His sons. The tree is my brother, the ant is my brother,
the bull is my brother. The American is my brother, the Indian is
my brother, the Chinese is my brother. Therefore, we have to develop Kåñëa consciousness. We talk all this nonsense of universal brotherhood
and United Nations—all nonsense. Either you acknowledge the Father, or else
you have no idea of how to realize brotherhood or humanity. Therefore, they are talking for years and
years. They are the same fools. Can’t you see theUnited Nations? They have headquarters in New York. They are simply talking nonsense, that’s all. That is their business. So unless there is full Kåñëa consciousness,
there cannot be any improvement of the world condition. your Communism is not perfect. By Kåñëa consciousness you can make it
perfect. Take for example that you are sympathetic
to all living beings that they must eat. But why you are eating animals? They must eat also. Why don’t you allow them to eat? That is you defect. We allow everyone to eat. Not only human beings, but also animals, birds,
beasts, they should live comfortably and without any disturbance, they must get their food. That is our Communism. But where is your Communism? You are thinking of your countrymen only,
or in your country also only for the human being, and you are sending other poor animals,
because they cannot protest, to the slaughterhouse. So why do you protest to the capitalists when
they send you to the slaughterhouse? You are sending these poor animals to the
slaughterhouse. So why do you protest? You protest that the capitalist are slaughtering
you. So, if you slaughter others, why should you
be afraid of being slaughtered yourself? Is it all right? Very correct. The Communists are thinking in terms of the
human being, and that also within the state, but a Kåñëa conscious person, he is thinking
in terms of all living beings. Vidyä-vinaya-sampanne brähmaëe gavi hastini,
çuni caiva çva-päke ca [Bg. 5.18]. In the Bhägavata it is stated that a householder,
before taking his lunch, he should invite on the street, “Sir, if anyone is still hungry,
please come at my place. There is still food. You can take it.” And he should see that in the household even
the lizard he is not hungry. Even there is a snake, he is not hungry. This is Vedic principle, God consciousness,
that “Somehow or other, one animal has become lizard. Maybe he is hungry. So at my house he is. Why he should remain hungry? Give him some food.” Nobody likes snake, but in the çästra it
is said, “Even there is a snake, you should see that he is not hungry, he is given some
food.” So of course, it is very high idea, but it
is the complete ideal of so-called Communism, real. It is not that nation… American nation, they are concerned with the
human being only. Or any nation. Not American, everywhere. And nation means… The definition of “native” means one who has
taken birth in that land. That is called native. So the cow is also native. So why this law, that for the benefit of the
human being, the cow should be slaughtered? The definition of native is “one who takes birth in a particular nation.” So, the cow is also a native. Then why should the cow be slaughtered? The cow is giving milk and the bull is working
for you, and then you slaughter them? What is this philosophy? In the Christian religion it is clearly stated,
“Thou shalt not kill.” Yet most of the slaughterhouses are in the
Christian countries. You talk on reasonable ground, that “You are in favor of giving everyone the same facility. So what do you mean by ‘everyone’? Why you are selecting only your countrymen? Why? ‘Everyone’ means every living being.” So what is their answer? So equal rights, why not to the animals? Well, they’re not as important, they’ll argue. They’ll say that they’re not as important. They’re not so intelligent. They’re just animals. Animals, but it appears to me that there are
many men like animals, so why you are giving facility to them? Because they can be elevated to the point
of being men again. So elevate them to the right point. Elevate them. You are elevating them only on the platform
of eating, sleeping, mating. That is there in the animal. So you have to talk this philosophy. Our philosophy is that expanded—not only
human being but animals also. Our philosophy is, if there is one lizard
in your room, I should see that he is not starving. This is our philosophy. Not only human being but animals, even an
insect. We supply little sugar in the holes of the
ant. That is our philosophy. We take any living being is …, has the same
propensity for eating, sleeping. So your economic problem is that “Supply sufficient
eating, sleeping.” So why not these animals? We have to speak on that platform, that our
philosophy is so perfect that we do not neglect even an ant. Make this philosophy. “Why you are limiting within a country or
within the human society? Expand it.” Right. This is the idea of spiritual communism. In Bhägavata these things are stated, how
to feel spiritual communism. In the spiritual communism… The present communists, they are thinking
of the human being only. And the animals are being sent to the slaughterhouse. Although the human being and the animal is
born in the same land… Actually, they are also nationals. National means one who’s born in that particular
land. So why not these animals, nationals? But because they have no Kåñëa consciousness,
they cannot think so broadly. They think nationalism means it is limited
to the human being, not to the animals, not to the trees. But when you become Kåñëa conscious you
understand that the trees, the plants the reptiles, the aquatics, the human beings,
the beasts, everyone, each and everyone, part and parcel of God. These people are manufacturing communism, but in the Çrémad-Bhägavatam, Seventh Canto,
we’ll find a statement given by Närada Muni that if in your house there is a snake even,
you should give him something to eat. Just see how the feeling. Even there is a snake, what to speak of other
animals. The ideals of spiritual communism, according to Çrémad-Bhävagatam, are based more or
less on the oneness of the entire human society, nay, on the entire energy of living beings.” Right. Now lets talk about the proprietorship. Yes Prabhuji, regarding the proprietorship,
it is accepted that everything belongs to God, but how do we practically manage the
proprietorships? Say of land and everything? isn’t the tendency there to exploit the man
and take more profit? That must be. Not only the capitalists exploit, the laborers
also exploit. Laborers exploit? Yes. One laborer is charging five rupees, another
laborer is charging ten rupees. That profiteering, exploiting tendency is
everywhere. Why the laborers strike? To make more profit. Do you mean to say because he is laborer he
is free from this profit-making desires? No. That was perfect in Vedic system, that you… The land is supposed to belong to the government
or to the king. The king gives you the land that “You make
production and give me tax, one-fourth. That’s all.” So there is no question of profit. If you have produced one kilo, give one-fourth
kilo to the king as tax. That is real social system. Actually, according to our Vedic system, everything
belongs to God and the king is supposed to be representative of God to manage things. So for his managerial work he requires some
money. Therefore I have taken some land for my livelihood. So whatever production is there, I pay one-fourth
to the king for management. This is nice system. As soon as the tax is realized in terms of
pound, shillings, pence, whole difficulty arises. I have produced ten mounds of rice and out
of that one-fourth I give to the government or to the king. So I have no anxiety. If I produce twenty mounds, I give one-fourth. If I produce ten mounds, I give one-fourth. If I don’t produce I don’t give. This is perfect system. This ideology has no struggle. Whatever is produced, you pay one-fourth. There is no question of struggle. If I have to pay some fixed tax, ten rupees,
for this land I have secured, but if I don’t produce, I have no ten rupees, there is struggle. Where I get this ten rupees? Then I have to take loan from somebody else. That brings my anxiety. But if this system is accepted, then I, if
I produce, I give you one-fourth; if I don’t produce, I have no anxiety. That is perfect system. You accept this ideal. So there is no anxiety. If I produce, I pay. If I don’t produce, I don’t pay. Is it not better? Yes. Make this simple method that whatever you
produce, you give me one-fourth. That’s all. Mao aa Prabhuji, hebelieves that whatever
is produced, all should be given. Everything. Why all should be given? That means he’s killed my independence. He says, There should be no proprietorship. There should be no private property. No. Proprietor should be allotted proprietor,
that I belong… You give me… The king or the government gives me this land. So that is my proprietorship. Just like I have taken this house. So it is higher proprietorship. I do not allow anybody to come here. That is trespassing. Even the farms in China are collective. The people work together, cooperate to produce
such and such products. They give the whole product to the state. In return, they receive their lodging, their
cloths. But that will never give them satisfaction. That is artificial. So they need constant ideological brainwashing
to maintain this state of activity. That is foolishness. If I know that “This land belongs to me, government
has allotted me,” so I can develop in my own way. I have got freedom. Wholesale dependence, what is the value of
this? He believes that that’s a false idea, this
idea of freedom or proprietorship. That it only leads to exploitation and misery
for others. Thats what he thinks. Misery for others? If I have proprietorship of something, then
that means someone else is deprived of that. Thats what he thinks. Why deprived? He has got proprietorship. You have got proprietorship, I have got proprietorship. Why you are deprived? Because government has given me some land,
it does not mean that a fellow subject, my brother, should not be given. As I have got, he has got. Therefore our Upaniñad says, tena tyaktena
bhuïjéthä [Éço mantra 1]. “Whatever is given to you by God, you be satisfied.” That is Vedic system. Therefore you find, a poor man is also satisfied
and a rich man is also satisfied. The poor man thinks that “God has given me
this; so I must be satisfied with this and execute my God consciousness.” And the rich man also thinks that “God has
given me this; so let me be satisfied with this and save my time.” There is no competition. See. Right. Prabhuji, if everyone is satisfied with what
God has given to him then where is the equality of all. Someone is poor and someone is rich. How will there be equality? Whats the communistic idea of it all? You see.. The aim of life is not material wealth. Aim of life is to go back home, back to Godhead. Right. And this right is equal to everyone. Hmhm. Either rich or poor. Rich or poor is by Karma. Karma, that was also equal rights. But in present life, everyone has rights to
perfect the human life. i.e. Krishna Consciousness. Hmhm. Prabhuji, can you explain this? Yes. You see, Mäyä is very strong. In the name of philanthropy, altruism and
communism, people are feeling compassion for suffering humanity throughout the world. Philanthropists and altruists do not realize
that it is impossible to improve people’s material conditions. Material conditions are already established
by the superior administration according to one’s karma. They cannot be changed. The only benefit we can render to suffering
beings is to try to raise them to spiritual consciousness. Material comforts cannot be increased or decreased. Aaha!
the living entities are being supported by the supreme father. However, one should be satisfied with the
supplies allotted to him. According to the Éçopaniñad, tena tyaktena
bhuïjéthäù: we should be satisfied with our allotment and not envy one another or
encroach upon one another’s property [Éço mantra 1]. We should not envy the capitalists or the
wealthy, because everyone is given his allotment by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Consequently, everyone should be satisfied
with what he receives. On the other hand, one should not exploit
others. One may be born in a wealthy family, but one
should not interfere with the rights of others. Whether one is rich or poor, one should be
God conscious, accept God’s arrangement, and serve God to his fullest. This is the philosophy of Çrémad-Bhägavatam,
and it is confirmed by Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu. We should be content with our allocations
from God and concern ourselves with advancing in Kåñëa consciousness. If we become envious of the rich, we will
be tempted to encroach upon their allotment, and in this way we are diverted from our service
to the Lord. The main point is that everyone, rich or poor,
should engage in God’s service. If everyone does so, there will be real peace
in the world. the philosophy of the Communist, that everyone has equal right or everyone must take share
of the state equally, that is basic principle of real communism. According to our understanding, God is the
father, material nature is the mother, and we, all living entities, are sons of the father
and mother. So as sons everyone has right to live at the
cost of father’s property. all living entities, they are being supported
by the father. But one should be satisfied with the supplies
allotted to him. That is, Éçopaniñad says, tena tyaktena
bhuïjéthä [Éço mantra 1]. There is no need of encroaching on others’
property. We should not become envious of the capitalist
or rich man, because everyone is given his allotment by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I should be satisfied with my allotment. I should not encroach upon others’ allotment. But the exploitation idea is not there. The same thing, that nobody should exploit. If one has become rich man, that’s all right. That, that is natural. One is born in rich family, from his very
birth he is a rich man. So why we should interfere his richness? But everyone should be God conscious. Either the rich man or the poor man, they
must be God conscious. And God consciousness means that the property
I am owning, or the position I am placed in, that is by God’s arrangement. Therefore my duty is to serve God in my position. Sthane sthitäù çruti-gatäà tanu-väì
manobhiù. This is the philosophy of, of Çrémad-Bhägavatam,
confirmed by Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu. Sthane sthitäù. We should stay in our place, as it is allotted
by God, but our common culture should be çruti-gatäà tanu-väì manobhiù. We should hear about God and act accordingly—it
doesn’t matter in which work—then there will be harmony. If we become envious, that “Why this man has
become rich? I shall encroach upon him,” that is again,
another type of revolution or encroachment. That is not required. You remain in your position as you have been
allotted, but everyone be engaged in the service of the Lord. The, another example is that the, there are
different position of different parts of the body—the head, arms, the belly, the legs. They are different parts of body doing different
function. But the idea is how to maintain this body. So if we, even if we remain in different position,
that is we get from the birth, but we, we should be engaged in the service of the Supreme,
the owner. Just like the hand is owned by the body; therefore
hand must work for the body. The leg is owned by the body; therefore the
leg must work for the body. So we are all part and parcel of God, and
we should, everyone, we should work for God. And how we shall work, that we have to hear
from the position where we are, and act accordingly, then there will be real spiritual communism. So the leg…, the head may be very important
part of the body, but you cannot neglect the legs. If you want to keep the body in fitness, then
the brain must work nicely, the hand must work nicely, the belly must work nicely, and
the legs also must. Catur varëyaà mayä såñöaà guëa-karma-vibhägaçaù
[Bg. 4.13]. So actually classless society means when these
brähmaëa, kñatriya, vaiçya, çüdra, they work for Kåñëa. That is classless. That is Kåñëa consciousness. The idea of classless society can be achieved
when people become Kåñëa conscious. Aaha. Oh this is the same concept as in Varnashrama. So basically Varnashrama is what you are talking
when you are speaking of real communism? Yes. Varnashrama is it. Sannyäsa means he should distribute spiritual knowledge from door to door. That is his business. He has no family attraction, he has nothing
to think for his maintenance, because the society is advised to take care of brahmacäré,
vänaprastha, and sannyäsa. Just see. This is spiritual communism. One section of people, the householders, they
have to maintain the three other divisions. And that is varëäçrama-vibhägaçaù. Spiritual communism. Everyone is engaged for spiritual advancement. Gåhastha has to give alms to the brahmacäré,
to the vänaprastha, and to the sannyäsa. Just see how nice communism. The one twenty-five-percent group, they are
earning, and they are maintaining seventy-five men. Hmhm. So everyone has right to serve and satisfy
the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is equally given. Even a shudra can satisfy Him. The communist say that if you work for the
state you will get satisfaction in return but we say if you work for Krishna and satisfy
Krishna, then you will be satisfied automatically. Hmhm. in any society there must be a leader, there
must be directors, and there must be workers, but everyone should be so satisfied that they
forget the difference. And when you satisfy Krishna, then you will
be satisfied automatically. So the communist teaching that “You love Lenin,” and the capitalist teaching that “You love
Washington,” so nobody’s satisfied. Unless the love comes to Kåñëa, there is
no question of satisfied. Right. So “The ideals of human society is broader
than in the Middle Age, and the world tendency is towards one state or one human society. The ideals of spiritual communism, according
to Çrémad-Bhägavatam, are based more or less on the oneness of the entire human society,
nay, of the entire energy of living beings.” This Kåñëa consciousness movement is meant
for not only uniting the human society but also all living entities. As it is stated in the Bhagavad-gétä, paëòitäù
sama-darçinaù. vidyä-vinaya sampanne
brähmaëe gavi hastini çuni caiva çva-päke ca
paëòitäù sama-darçinaù [Bg. 5.18]
When one is actually paëòita, learned, he becomes sama-darçé. Vidyä-vinaya-sampanne: one learned brähmaëa,
gentle brähmaëa. Vidyä dadäti namratä. Education means one becomes gentle, sober,
cool-headed. Therefore it is said, vidya-vinaya-sampanne. When one is learned, advanced in education,
he must be very gentle, not haughty. So vidyä-vinaya-sampanne gavi hastini. Prabhuji, I think if the everyone follows this principle of equal vision of a brahmana,
then there will be complete peace in world. Yes, whole world. Otherwise its not possible. Communists and socialists are trying to propagate
the philosophy that everything belongs to the mass of people or to the state. Such an idea is not perfect. When this idea is expanded, we can see that
everything belongs to God. That will be the perfection of the communistic
idea. The purpose of Çrémad-Bhägavatam is here
very nicely explained. Every one of us must be satisfied with those
things the Supreme Personality of Godhead has allotted us. We should not encroach upon the possessions
of others. This simple idea can be expanded in our daily
lives. Everyone should have a piece of land given
by the government, and everyone should possess a few cows. Both of these should be utilized for one’s
daily bread. Above that, if something is manufactured in
a factory, it should be considered the property of the Supreme Personality of Godhead because
the ingredients belong to the Supreme Lord. Actually, there is no need to manufacture
such things artificially, but if it is done, one should consider that the goods produced
belong to the Supreme Lord. Spiritual communism recognizes the supreme
proprietorship of the Supreme Lord. As Lord Kåñëa explains in the Bhagavad-gétä
(5.29): bhoktäraà yajïa-tapasäà sarva-loka-maheçvaram
suhådaà sarva-bhütänäà jïätvä mäà çäntim åcchati
It is further explained in Çrémad-Bhägavatam that no one should claim anything as his property. Whatever property one claims to be his actually
belongs to Kåñëa. One should be satisfied with whatever has
been allotted by the Supreme Lord and should not encroach upon the property of others. This will lead to peace in the whole world. So spiritual communism means, as I understand Prabhuji, one must accept God as our Father
and obey and surrender to the His plan. Very good. Surrender. Sarva-dharmän parityajya [Bg. 18.66]. That is real life. Çaraëägati, to surrender to God, to accept
things which is favorable to God, to reject things which are unfavorable to God, always
maintaining conviction that “God will give me all protection,” and remain humble and
meek, and think oneself as one of the members of God’s family—that is spiritual communism. Right. That was Spiritual Communism. And now the western styles of management in
specific the corporate or aa.. the industrial management styles like the systems management,
tqm, etc. which will be talked about by Padmalochan Prabhu. Padmalochan Pr? Yes. He was taught about these topics in his engineering
studies. And he shall then take it further and discuss
also about the implementation part too. So, I shall now pass on the stage from here
on to him. Alright. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare| Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare||

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