Student Government President Speech

Student Government President Speech

Hello, my name is Marisa Henderson, if some of you don’t know me already. I am your current student body president for the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013. I would first like to begin by welcoming all our returning students, faculty, and staff. But more importantly, I would like to welcome our new freshman class of 2012. These are the newest members of our community, and we are all very happy and proud that you have chosen this university as a place to make friends, to obtain your degrees, and most importantly of all, to further the knowledge that you had before arriving to this university, to a higher level that can only be obtained with a university education. Like one of my professors once said, Dr. Meg Rincker, your professors will become the personal trainers of your brain, or the Jill Michaels from “The Biggest Loser,” so to speak. And even when you have to write a painful, fifteen-page paper, they will continue coaching you until you reach the finish line. Though writing fifteen-page papers are not the most soothing or appetizing hobby to most, here you will learn to appreciate and understand, and use these skills to reach another level of understanding and innovation. If there was one word that would describe our community, it would undoubtedly be innovation. And with this, I would like to congratulate Dr. Neeti Parashar for her contributions to the discovery of the most fundamental particle to the whole entire universe, the Higgs particle. Not only has Purdue University Calumet become a well-known and important university to this region, but it has literally made its mark on the world. And for our new students, you will actually be able to sit in a class next to these professors who have won awards in research, who have created new forms of study, and even made new scientific discoveries, and have travelled all over the world. We hope that Purdue University Calumet becomes your home. And also, we hope that you become involved in order to create a better connection to your students and your courses. And what a better way to get involved than actually visiting the student activities office, which has actually been in charge of organizing all of our orientations, and also this marvelous student convocation. And among those organizations is also the student government, which is located on SUL 324F if you want to head up there and we’ll talk to you about joining the student government. And well, have a wonderful student convocation and thank you for letting me speak with you today.

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