Sweetgreen: Social Movements in the DNA of Business

Sweetgreen: Social Movements in the DNA of Business

we when you think about our business there's no real special sauce right it's we serve organic and local food but anybody could serve organic local food they use our same vendors they can go to our farmers and they can really build and copy us if they want but what we're really investing in int answer your question is creating a really tight culture and incredible brand and investing in the brand and investing in the community you're able to create your bill to differentiate yourself from a convenient place to go to lunch to a destination curr and I think if you do that correctly and as we scale the culture can speak for itself our culture can create those guidelines for decision making our core values are there people believe in this idea of we call passion and purpose this idea of these unusual combinations that surprise people in delight people and our our host our whole mission is its kind of geared around this idea of the sweet life which is essentially creating experiences or past and purpose come together okay and we're trying to not only create a restaurant we're also trying to create a movement behind that I was going to say that that conception of the business would go wider than than restaurant restaurants are just the beginning and the sweet green revolution I guess so like we told you back there we have an entrepreneur a DD that's a very very attempting to do other businesses but you know we're focused on the restaurants we also do a music festival but once we've kind of what we can do now is use this brand layer of the sweet life or sweet green and plant seeds and other business verticals potentially so that one we're ready to do those it doesn't feel like it's forced or we paid for them it feels part of our DNA and we can whether it's a hotel whether it's you know airline whether it's fitness or there is a peril brand we can kind of plant those seeds now by being a lifestyle brand not a product brand and when we're ready we can we can tackle them

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