NHS Citizen Assembly 2014

I think fundamental to having a sustainable NHS in the future is making sure that the patient voice is in the room at the same time as the clinical voice and the same time as the commissioning voice. This event is the start of something big, new and transformational for health and social care in […]

2014 Tundra: Tundra Design: Frame | Toyota

(upbeat music) – I’m Colum Wood, the Director of Editorial for Autoguide.com – And I’m Mike Sweers, Chief Engineer for Toyota pick-up trucks. – And we’re here to answer your questions about the 2014 Tundra. A lot of forum members really want to know more about why you chose that particular type of frame and […]

GAO: How Can the Government Be More Efficient?

>>In light of today’s challenging fiscal environment, improving government efficiency and effectiveness is important. GAO’s annual reports have identified opportunities to take action where federal programs or activities are duplicative, overlapping, or fragmented. Doing so could save billions of dollars. Duplicative activities are essentially the same, but are being administered through different agencies or programs. […]

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