Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

Why is the government so bad at healthcare? They’ve been at it for seventy-five years and still can’t get it right. It’s expensive. Access is spotty. It’s mired in bureaucracy. And it’s fraught with waste. Obamacare was supposed to fix all this, but instead, like every other government healthcare program before it, it just made […]


welcome back to the David Pakman show joining me is Steve Siebold author love sex politics religion how delusional thinking is destroying America %uh Steve great to have you make the case in the book that a lack of just basic critical thinking about some other foremost political issues is really driving us in the […]

How The Tea Party Is Splitting The GOP

Since Donald Trump announced presidential candidacy in June of 2015, his unprecedented rise has shocked most of the political world. Despite members of the Republican establishment predicting the collapse of his campaign, he has thus far polled ahead of any other candidate. This support points to a split within the Republican Party, and a lack […]

How two female Republican senators stood their ground and shaped the health-care debate

The Republicans hurried and harrowing effort to pass a bill repealing, and ideally replacing, the Affordable Care Act, faced persistent opposition from two Republican senators: Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and Susan Collins from Maine. Sidelined from the Republican leadership’s main working group at the beginning of the process, the two lawmakers repeatedly voiced their concerns […]

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