How two female Republican senators stood their ground and shaped the health-care debate

The Republicans hurried and harrowing effort to pass a bill repealing, and ideally replacing, the Affordable Care Act, faced persistent opposition from two Republican senators: Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and Susan Collins from Maine. Sidelined from the Republican leadership’s main working group at the beginning of the process, the two lawmakers repeatedly voiced their concerns […]

Obamacare in Trump country

This is Whitley County. Like many counties in this region, voters here overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in November’s election. The county has a median per capita income of around $16,000. It’s 97% white and 88% of the residents over 25 don’t have a college degree. It also happens to be the birthplace for Kentucky Fried […]

Corporate Democrats Try to Embrace Elizabeth Warren, She Goes in Opposite Direction

>> Centrist Democrats, notably third waveDemocrats, have certainly warmed up to the idea of Elizabeth Warren as a presidentialnominee. Now, this follows some scathing op-eds thatwere written about her previously. But it appears that they increasingly seeher as an alternative to Bernie Sanders, someone who refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist. Elizabeth Warren, on […]

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