hey guys its jenn so a little while back i went to this place called Carmel It’s in California. It’s like north of Los Angeles. I drove there and spent the weekend and then when I got back I discovered that apparently there is a law there that prohibits people from wearing heels that are […]

US Healthcare System Explained

If you look at lists regarding which countries have the best healthcare and landed in rather unsual places seems rather strange I know but hear me out For some reason places turned a dark red and Japan followed cause Japan and another hand fell on the Islands Big list of random facts with a rather […]

Democracy Is Sexy

(percussive music) – Hi, I’m Dil Passings, a representative from your area. I’m here to make all your legislative dreams come true. – Are you a constituent looking for a representative? (echo) – Do you ever stay up all night wishing someone would just listen to your voice? – Call us for some good, legal, […]

How does representative government work?

Etched in stone in the rotunda of the Capitol are the words “Here, sir, the people govern.” Those words were spoken by Alexander Hamilton when he asked what Congress represented. To the framers of the Constitution, the Congress was the first branch of government, the place where the people’s representatives met to decide the people’s […]

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